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  1. Another project we are working on are the oil storage tanks for the oil terminal we are creating for the layout. The tank on the left is the raw plastic pipe and the one on the right has been clad in plasikard to for the tank detail. Getting information on how these tanks are constructed is proving difficult and we would welcome any detail readers might have
  2. With all of the track laid we are now staring to look at some of the key structures. The station will have a single island platform with a subway at each end to access it. We have made a start on one of the subways We have made the stairs from strips of MDF that have been cut to size as shown in picture 1. Picture 2 shows the hole in the baseboard where the stairs fit on the platform end Picture 3 - the hole in the front of the baseboard where the subway from the stairs will end up
  3. The platforms start to take shape. On the left is the one for the parcels depot. This modelled with concrete sides and tops. Whereas the one on the right is the main station platform. As yet to gain a top and sides. With both platforms we have used the peco platform sides. We file the back of them flat and glue them to a timber frame
  4. We have now reached a significant milestone with Norgrove - we have now laid all the track
  5. Latest progress on the layout with around 85% of the track laid
  6. Hi Micheal Yes there will be no physical connection between the up and down lines. At exhibitions we have found with our other exhibition layouts having on operator in each direction means they are effectively running two self contained layouts. Both our Chilcompton and Oakenshaw layouts use Midland Railway practise of having a trailing cross over where freight trains were reversed into the goods yards. At exhibitions most of the spectators just want to see trains running and are not interested in movements that bring the rest of the layout to a stand. There will be a s
  7. We have now got all the cork underlay down which can be seen on this view down the layout ready for the track
  8. We have moved on significantly with the layout and have now made the permanent boards out of plywood and are preparing to do some track laying.These two views show recent progress. As we gone along we have painted everything in a grey base coat though the white areas in the pictures are the roads which we have formed from hardboard
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