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  1. The following pictures show a journey down the layout
  2. To start the process of constructing the new layout we had the opportunity to make use of some 8ft x 4ft sheets of otherwise scrap 12mm MDF to construct a full sized mock up of the layout in terms of baseboard design. This has allowed us to refine the layout design. The picture shows a view down the layout
  3. The industrial 04 came about as I decided to get the 03 we use as the station pilot sound chipped. I thought the easiest way was to buy one of the latest Bachmann class 03 models which has sound and swap the bodies. What I did not realise is the hole in the metal chassis where the drive unit fits through is a totally different shape to accommodate the sound chip. This resulted in more work on the 03 to reuse the chassis block off of the sound chipped loco and transfer all the body from the existing loco. With a surplus 03 chassis with a dcc decoder I modified and repainted the 04 body to crea
  4. Hi Rob thanks for comments on the layout. All being well we will be at the NEC show in December with the layout
  5. Hi Phil - We are keeping well in at Redditch been allot of stop start with modelling projects over the last year for obvious reasons - How is the new Abbottswood coming on
  6. Attached is a picture of the latest lockdown loco project for Smallwood. The lower sidings connect with a number of private sidings that are off stage. To haul the trains to and from the oil terminal this loco has been created. It started life as an early Bachmann class 04 that is now running on a more recent class 03 chassis. The loco has been sold out of BR service and is in an industrial red livery
  7. We have spent the last few months refining the design for our Norgrove layout. We started with an eight board configuration that would have been very similar to what we have previously used for our Chilcompton and Oakenshaw exhibition layouts. This arrangement gives boards three feet long which makes it difficult to fit self contained folding legs to them to support the layout. We revised the board design to use four boards two 5ft x 21/2 ft and two that are 4ft square. This also cuts down the numbers of baseboard track joints to hopefully make the eventual layout operate more reliably. The a
  8. The layout is set in the mid 1970s so will be blue diesels class 25s, 47s, 50s, Westerns and Peaks on a mixture of passenger and freight workings. All will be DCC fitted with as much with sound as possible. Some of the more relevent locos and stock on our Smallwood layout will also see service at Norgrove
  9. Welcome to Norgrove the new exhibition layout Redditch Model Railway Club members are now constructing. This new project builds on the experience we have gained from constructing our other exhibition layouts. Norgrove is set in the same mid 1970’s era that our Smallwood layout is. This new 4mm scale layout is based in south Birmingham where the real station of Northfield is. It will feature an island platform, a parcel depot and oil terminal. All this will be in an urban setting with many planned buildings for our club members to scratch build. This concept is very simi
  10. Sorry there has not been much action on this layout thread in recent months. The layout has been packed away in the club room for much of the last 12 months. However, we have when covid restrictions allowed started our new much bigger 1970's based exhibition layout. More about this soon!
  11. Hi Paul Hope you enjoyed the layout
  12. See our Smallwood layout at the Stafford Model Railway Exhibition over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd February 2020 at the Stafford Show Ground
  13. We realised whilst operated the layout at the Gresg Electric Train Show that having three three way points on the lower section of the layout was causing us reliability issues so in readiness for the next outing to Stafford Show in February we have relayed much of the track work on the lower section to remove the three wah points as the pictures show
  14. Thanks Phil the layout has created much interest today with many visitors enjoying to be taken back to the 1970's All the best from the Smallwood team
  15. We are all set up and ready to go at the Great Electric Train Show
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