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  1. Its also got the horizontal replacement section along the bottom that is a regular rustrap on these coaches and i remember on 55000 [bubblecar] some years ago.
  2. Since returned mine to Tower Models, they tested it and there is a fault with the decoder on dcc but not dc. Awaiting news as to the solution, seems others have had this as well. Also there is issue with the motors seizing up could be related to time spent on Ever Given? Am going to wait for the Heljan model due out early next year, that will have just one power bogie like the 128.
  3. I have a dcc fitted blue one but it isnt working very well. Initially it was just humming and not even moving. Now it does move but jerkily at slow speeds and occasionally only the wheels on one bogie are turning. Then it shoots off and on every curve slows down and sometimes stops altogether. Seems i am not alone with these problems though on both dc and dcc versions.
  4. It is a good model, i have a blue dcc ready one, which decoder with sound would you recommend?
  5. As you said they were probably plugged when shortened. We cut slots in the cantrail guttering along both sides to help water to drain away as they were always getting blocked. Luckily the rot was minimal in this area of the body mainly confined to the bottom of the sides again not helped by blocked drains from the windows. Plus leaky window rubber surrounds, new ones were a sod to fit!
  6. The handrails on 55000 were solid brass.
  7. Having worked on the real thing on the SDR, the vertical handrail is way over scale and too tall. It goes to just past the top of the window. Nice looking model though await my sound equipped one.
  8. The BR1 bogie has a huge amount of play in the bogie, the sideframes are fixed to the main frame by just one screw which although tight has a degree of slop in it.
  9. Is there an alternative to this as its quite expensive for cleaning brushes?
  10. Others have had to insert plasticard strips to overcome an issue something to do with the top hat bearings but i cant remember where i saw it, my memory is poor these days so frustrating. My wife is the same with mislaid glasses or car keys!
  11. Not been able to replicate it today, only thing i have done is tightened up the nuts on the bogies.
  12. Yes but they have now landed on british soil!
  13. This is o gauge by the way and they are ready to run coaches.
  14. They are Mk 1 coaches with commonwealth bogies.It is a BSK next to the loco on this pic It seems to occur on plain track in the garden and shed. It goes away If i remove that coach.
  15. I keep seeing an overload on my Prodigy controller which relates to one of my Darstaed Mk 1s. I have seen this mentioned elsewhere but cant remember where, i think its an issue with the bogies but cant see anything obvious.
  16. They dont show up very much on the maroon ones i have.
  17. Will they examine the contents of all the containers before reloading as some must be damaged surely?
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