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  1. Nice subject matter Keith. The 'ghost/ley' story I recounted on the other thread, did actually pertain to this line, near to East Garston. Also I'm quite 'familiar' with Welford circa 1980s/1990s.
  2. Weathering them too - it'll all look great and, just as importantly, work great as well.
  3. The boards and timbers have to be treated thoroughly.
  4. Hi Martin, Thanks - very true, however I'm not sure if my hands, eyesight etc is up to track building, since the gift of Long Covid. I'm 'working' hard to remedy such however it's rather like wading through treacle up hill. I am hopeful. With thanks, M.
  5. Wheel drop through 7mm FS proprietary crossing nose V's is a pet hate of mine - thus far, for the small garden section of our/my line, I've rebuilt them. Some wag once suggested that I try S7 for my garage-garden/loop/U-garage line. With a small urban garden that has a fall in three directions and being able to barely achieve 6' radius? Hardly a chance. My best effort to date is 5' 6" - 6' radius. That layout too is a stalled project for a myriad of reasons. I stuck with 7FS standards as I thought it would make life easy - I was wrong. Poor running is a pet hate of mine,
  6. Please post a link and/or photos. I always thought that EM was a great gauge to work in too. Good luck. Inspiration, inspirato, in-spirit, to be of breath/breath in (meditation/mindfulness), from heaven sent to inspire. Always something magical about railways and model railways. For me model railways have nearly always been more than the sum of their parts, a vehicle for charity and brotherly/sisterly love. Even if, sometimes, we argue passionately about different aspects from time to time.
  7. Well done Keith - another interesting railway and topic. I know very little about the Faringdon Branch, other than the things that I outlined on the Highworth Branch thread. I have fond memories of standing in the old station yard at the nearby Shrivenham station (by then just a platform with a prefab warehouse atop) and watching protype HSTs then in service HST's fly by - very exciting for a young boy. We later took my friend's son to the same spot for a similar experience when he was very young too - a good lad who's just turned 18 now (how time flies! Eeekkkk!).
  8. http://highworthhistoricalsociety.org.uk/2020/01/30/haunted-level-crossing-of-cricklade-road/ As Keith pointed out with the above link, several stories abound. The talk of a blackspot may have some merit. There are several similar stories whereby 'leys' have been cut with the building of modern roads etc. I've always felt railways didn't have such an effect, until a few years back I came across another local line - several deaths, some bizzare in the same area, also severe 'un-neighbourlyness', there was talk of black magic in that case. Several esoteric groups were ask
  9. It's an easy interesting one Dave, I've, sadly, no clue. I wonder if crossing gate paraphernalia was kept in there? You're correct in saying 'Cricklade Rd', locals often call it, incorrectly, Blunsdon Rd. I well remember my father, telling me, that his boss (a Highworth agricultural engineer) did not believe him for being late (Dad's never late!), Dad's reason/excuse being a de-railed loco at Cricklade Rd crossing one morning. Dad was put on a warning. His boss later found out he was telling the truth - he didn't remove the warning lol, even though he really liked dad!
  10. Sounds good to me Keith - will I get a Winnebago, or can I have an artic based 'trailer' with auto wall extensions? I'm guessing that Coleshill station would have to be some way from the village - due to terrain. Similar issues to Highworth in fact. Also members of the Last Ditch ended up at Highworth Post Office (later the Drs surgery, estate agents, now a vet's - or is it an opticians?). The post war PO closed a couple of years back with the new PO now being in the COOP supermarket. When the LD candidates arrived they were - IIRC - blind folded and taken around the houses to
  11. All down to costs and shoestring light railways. Lots of schemes in the area were intended to link up (but ran out of funds). For many years the station wasn't all that close to the town - a couple of fields away in reality, but not as bad as Hannington.
  12. Please do Marc and keep us informed via a thread and photos when you do. More strength to your elbow!
  13. I wasn't aware that SBC bothered with planning permission - the heritage of the area is, at best, a tertiary consideration. Last I heard - after palms are greased - contracted out planning/regulatory officers from Hull 'over see' works in and around Swindon, Highworth et al (probably from Google Earth). Knowing some local builders who've worked for SBC there's lots more I could say about the matter. Suffice to say the days of the once powerful and honourable HRDC (Highworth Rural & District Council) and Stratton Council are long since over and it shows! HRDC used to manage parts of Stratto
  14. I suspect Keith, that positive and negative vetting played it's part in that too. Around Highworth and Swindon as well as known military bases, there was all the cold war hidden in plain site places, such as farms with landing strips suitable for RAF transports etc.
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