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  1. Hi, I'm experimenting with RC for 'O Gauge' (sic) for my garage-to-garage-via-garden line. On our H&BLR (SM32) layout we run battery and live steam RC, plus battery and live steam free running. No issues or problems to speak of and generally speaking battery installation isn't an issue. But with 7mm batteries, their size, shape, capacity, reliability and safety can be an issue. So one needs efficient gearboxes and motors etc. At stall Heljan motors can draw higher amperages than desirable, especially when it's a twin motor set up. There are several RC systems available and generally speaking they work well. Generally speaking systems from the USA interface with sound decoders. Like you track cleaning is one of my considerations although I'm not going with sound at this time. Atvb CME.
  2. And some more.....mocking up the Ford D Series. Neither the TK nor the D Series is perfect, but with some tweaks and detailing, plus the right 'livery' they should be reasonable. The D Series has had it's damaged tipper removed and I'm going to turn it into a flatbed.
  3. Here are some photos of my vehicular activities......more to follow when data allows.
  4. Hi Rod, Thanks for the invite, kind words and encouragement - all much appreciated. I won't be at Bristol this year either.I hope to get to Reading in May though as I might have some stuff to sell. I hope that your second Op goes well and that you continue to have the all clear. I'm glad to hear that your being taken good care of too. We are no strangers to several 'scares', byopsies, scans etc etc and have had a fair few Ops between us. Small victories, one day at a time, Rod and being the moment sees you through. Good luck - please let us know how you get on. Kindest regards, M.
  5. Nothing much to report. The Indian summer never transpired so garden rly work ground to a halt. Other matters have taken priority and modelling mojo has wained somewhat. I did help the young friend of ours with his trainset and wagons etc. Also fixed a loco or two for him. I've also started to modify (hopefully improve) a Dinky/Atlas Bedford TK, a Dinky Ford D Series and an early Sherpa. More to follow in due course. Atvb CME
  6. Hi John, Thanks for the link and info. You've done some good work - gone above and beyond in fact. I always hope that RTR manufacturers will make an accurate model for a fair price that can be detailed or run as is relative to ones needs/wants. Summing up the Dapol 6W Tanks were a curate's egg, but you've done a good job of fettling the model. Was it still easier than building a kit would you say? Did I miss where you purchased your brake gear parts from? Atvb CME.
  7. They look nice John. Can you give us a run down on what you did and used to do so. I'd be interested to hear about it and see such. Atvb, CME
  8. I've got one very similar - mine came from John Emerson's old layout.
  9. Wise move OB and that supports your local model shop too.
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