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  1. Lovely work Brian, you've been sorely missed. Glad your keeping busy and well.
  2. Hi John, VERY nice work. Thanks for the links and instructions, much obliged. When I get to a computer I'll download them properly (I can only see one page on my mobile device and that's just text, no diagrams etc). I'm trying to get photos of the prototype's roof, but that's been ongoing for years. I have a feeling I'm missing out on pipe runs?? Kindest regards, with thanks, Martin.
  3. Thanks, HN, I purchased it from Tower originally, do you know if they supply photocopies of PSD instructions? I was pondering a couple of purchases from them anyhow. Atb, CME
  4. Hi John, That looks really good, please excuse my ignorance, how does one scale and print such - aren't most of their kits in 4mm scale? ATVB, Martin
  5. Hi all, Can anyone help me with instructions for this kit please? I started one a few years ago now, making some mild upgrades, took notes, drawings etc. Had to set it to one side, when my partner became seriously ill. I dug it out, today, to see where to start over again. And, despite an extensive search I can't find the instructions - which I need to figure out the brake assemblies etc. I'm baffled as to where they are - possibly picked up with something else I'm guessing. I have the feeling that Peco (Parkside/Ratio) might still be in shutdown
  6. I hope that all is okay now? I've not had alerts from your thread for months, until today. I shall keep following with interest.
  7. Id agree with that assessment too.
  8. Hi thanks Steve, much appreciated, gift that keeps giving, hopefully it'll all come good soon.
  9. Thanks Barnaby, wise, kind words. Strange times aren't they. Maybe we will have sun and warmth until November and that will give me time to work outside, with baby steps. Fingers crossed. You're right we have to take pleasure where we can. Stay well and safe everyone, we can but look out and look after each other as no one else will. Best wishes, M.
  10. Hi HN, Thanks, roger Wilco! I didn't mean, I was the exception, just that you were all the exception, here, when it comes to being kind, helpful, interesting, supportive fellows and you being such. I suppose though that this long tail element of Covid it's so, so drawn out, myriads of weird symptoms, extreme relapses etc etc. awful fatigue, etc etc. It's tough atop of other more mundane health challenges. Then there's this weird, almost untreatable, antibiotic resistant bacteria that my other half has contracted and no one knows how or why - other than deple
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