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  1. Thanks Rod, Funny old game really, bit like snakes and ladders. Doing better than some though, so God willing it'll all come good. How are you these days? Well I hope. Kindest regards, CME
  2. Superb! Chris. How are your radio controlled experiments progressing? ATVB, Martin
  3. Thanks OB. We had a cost effective garden contractor to do the front garden, local chap, excellent. But that'll need remodelling too in a year or two. I've had another relapse, seems like even light duties are beyond me. I'll keep bouncing boundaries though, even if I get it wrong from time to time. Another photo, my 10mb allowance is back, I must have been a good boy Stay safe and well all, the restrictions are lifted and the madness descendeth. TTFN, CME
  4. Thought I'd post a few photos. My, thankfully spritetly, 86 year old father came and did some work on our Covid 19 garden. We helped, with ultra light duties and were halted by breathlessness, burning chest pain and extreme fatigue. Week 17 of this now. But we've survived into the new world order, comrades More photos to follow as I'm up to my 10mb allowance - sorry, beyond my control. Oh and our paving plus patio is split assunder due to rain, frost, wind, and Swinedown clay shift - oh b#gger! Dare not look at the baseboards and track - until I'm more sustained and recuperated. Good news though the privet had realigned with previous remedial prune and although battered didn't require cutting down to half its size. We will get some more height out of right hand hedge in late September.
  5. Well done Steve nice to see your interest sparked again.
  6. Amen to all of that OB. You're a wise man. Good luck with it all, times are a changing, the 'great reset' is upon us (and the fruition of other agendas). So find peace and happiness where you can my friend.
  7. That all looks wonderful OB, superb in fact. We are still building up our strength to fettle our, once, lovely garden. What a year! I'm sorry to hear that OB. We are in a similar boat, not quite as bad, lord knows when/how but every little we do is the next step to a move. We have ASBOs, hypocrites and sheeple hereabouts. Non of us want to be driven out, but anything for a better quality of life. Good luck with everything mate. Chin up. ATVB, CME
  8. Thanks D17, every day is a school day.
  9. Yes, indeed, OB.....sadly........not sure if our health will ever be the same, it's an unknown and at week 12 there is improvement, but its three steps forward and two-four steps back. But we are luckier than some, even if it doesn't always feel like it... Sadly the wind, rain through winter has bent one privet hedge double and messed up taller Lonicera, bent that double too. Swmbo pottered for 15mins, made a slight dent in it, left us feeling [email protected] and struggling for breath. I may have to chop one Privet hedge back to brown wood - not sure if it'll come back from that or not. I usually cut the tops out of new privet to strengthen the base, this winter one privet stood firm, the other lost all it's leaves then sprouted all over the joint and I got ill so it got left.... That happens, all the wind and rain on clay ground? Like a quagmire. Then the heat wave through May? Mullered some plants, split asunder the patio and steps, split bricks. All the while we were indoors battling away with the you know what blissfully unaware. Now I'm having to reconsider lots, including the garden and railway. I'm hoping for the best, but best start planning for the worst.
  10. Hi Alan, I agree, I like those features too. ATVB, CME
  11. I heard it pronounced that way on a documentary once.
  12. It's a Marxist cull! Art of War (Sun Tzu) old chap! And yes their spies are everywhere masquerading as do gooders, wolves in sheep's clothing.
  13. Before CCP bioweapon infection (I crack myself up ) otherwise known as 'Long Tail' Covid 19.
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