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  1. Good luck with rejigging it, Laurie is very helpful and accomodating.
  2. I'm glad that you did Giles, it's a bigger job of work - for you all - than most would comprehend (as I suspected). More strength to your elbow though! Kindest regards and the season's greetings, Martin.
  3. Congratulations Giles, interesting topic ripe for a book. How do such things come about - if you don't mind me asking? Is it a case of, "I've got an idea for a book" or that you were approached? Sounds like lots of hard work? I haven't purchased a WS book for awhile - I'm very tempted now though. Good luck with it all, a well deserved achievement. Kindest regards, CME.
  4. I've had a look - thanks - very nice! The prototype location is full of atmosphere and intriguing too. Good tip off, thank you. Thanks again, very hard to tell in B&W photos if they're grey or cement covered yellow livery. Thank you Paul, dug out the Don Rowland book, interesting photos. Thanks for the update Ellis and the info too. As the photos of them are often B&W and they got dirty, grey or yellow looks very similar to my eyes. I applaud you for taking your time to get these right, your renderings look very detailed. Fascinating subject matter these wagons. Thanks everyone. ATVB, CME.
  5. Thank you Chris - much obliged. Does anyone know how long the yellow livery lasted for on the Blue Circle private owner versions - did they later switch to grey livery? Thanks again everyone.
  6. Hi, These look great - nice effort. Please excuse my ignorance but did these ever travel as singles or in twos and threes? Eg to a small localised railhead depot or moderate-major works site with a railhead? Thanks in advance. Atvb, CME
  7. Agree fully with that, my health and faculties come into play now too - and even the real railways have several coupling types. I'm not surprised re Trevor (Dinghams), like many, he, I'm sure that he wouldn't mind me saying, has had a rough two years. That's excellent news Tim, the GOG fulfilling its reason for being.
  8. Hi Rod, I'm dabbling with Dinghams, they should make shunting other stock easier too. I'm also experimenting with magnetic couplings on other coaches and some cuts of wagons too. Very nice! Thanks for the advice and the additional reply too - all appreciated. Sounds like an easy life owning and weathering them. Can you tell me how the Battery Boxes and Voltage Regulator are attached please (glued on?). Many thanks in advance.
  9. How easy was that to do HN? Is it easy and quick enough to facilitate weathering or would strategic masking etc be quicker? Thanks
  10. Why for, do you ask? Buckeyes or magnets inboard on a train, with dummy under slung pipes would be my preference for such things, especially with gangways/vestibules etc. At the ends then, one's, preferred couplings. Hope that helps a little.
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for the insights - every day is a school day. For me/the layout the wagon is a one off, I rescued it as a part built second hand/slightly damaged project - in terms of the build (or the parts I had to attend to) there's things I'd do differently next time as part of my continuous improvement. Having said that, as a layout model, hopefully it still suffices (I'm my own, biggest, critic). I did copy it, the livery and most of the weathering, from prototype photos - I can't recall which book (sorry). IIRC I chalked 'Spoil' as an antagonistic joke, again, iirc, such loads were forbidden? But that's also from the mists of time and Long Covid, now, hampers me in such matters/my memory. Thanks again, atvb, Martin
  12. That's interesting and perhaps we'll never know why - I came across similar conundrums in the railways but in different areas of operations when I worked for them. A photo (hereunder at the bottom of the Post) of one of my previous efforts (nearly twenty years old). Not a 16 tonner, but a white elephant, the 24.5T - that, so I'm led to believe, wouldn't fit under coal shutes - what were they thinking of?! Lovely cross section and variety, all superbly modelled too!
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