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  1. It is topsoil, isn't it? Just the inspiration I've been searching for... for my last three 16 tonners!!!
  2. I can see why you're so pleased! What brush size did you use... particularly for the curved roof?
  3. Really useful, Tony. Good to see the 'shape' and type of the loads, as well as the interior sides.
  4. I'm gonna break the rules here and post a photo that could include a 16 tonner, but I can't be certain! Thing is, I like it so much for all the 'line-side interest', I really want to/ought to share it. I took it a few moments before the one in 2305, above, in the opposite direction. Hope you like it... and can find a 16 tonner!!
  5. Merry Christmas to you too, Adrian!... and welcome. Not an answer, but I think the first thing you'll need to explain is exactly where your layout is to be 'located'. Cheers
  6. Brian... I'm now pretty sure that the third of the 3 photos is of Tamworth High Level, and the second one Tamworth Low level... taken from the High Level station! Signal Engineer... what a fantastic memory you have!!! Can't work out where the other photo you mention is located, but, yes, that is Lawden Road in the photo, and I've since wondered whether I must have been 'trespassing'. Totally changed now, of course!
  7. Hi Brian. I thought exactly the same... then 'noticed' the overhead power lines!
  8. Found another! Same time, probably somewhere near Tamworth or Lichfield. Looks like I must have thrown down my bike, grabbed my camera, ran into the field, pointed the camera in the right direction and hoped I got the engine before it completely disappeared!
  9. And another about the same time... at Tamworth. I must have cycled there!
  10. Taken by me in my yoof. Early 60s, just south of B'ham city centre.
  11. Worse still. it'll be held in place with a spot of glue!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. As one who butchers peco points and re-spaces plain track sleepers... I'm certainly supportive! I'd also be happy with non-metal check rails, which get the rust treatment anyway, and out of preference, I'd go for sleepers of peco thickness.
  13. You don't do your modelling justice... there are some really nice scenes in your gallery! Keep up the good work in the future. About your intended 'baseboard'.. is the thin piece of ply on top of the extruded foam for attaching point motors and the like?... and are you thinking of gluing to the foam... with a few additional fixings to the ply edges? Tell me to go way if you haven't yet thought it all through!! Best wishes
  14. That sounds very interesting to me, Vistiaen ... the kind of of subject that deserves a new thread of it's own!
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