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  1. RodneyV


    Hi St Enodoc, Thank you. It is coming along. Hopefully tonight will be the completion of the bottom RHS of the control panel. Yes, the mysterious Track 9 is the one marked Right Middle Left. As you may be aware, I have been successful in making easy things more challenging than they need to be. Track 9 is for Railroad and Co for speed profiling of locomotives / stock. The characteristics of each engine are recorded by the system, so they will stop at a specific point on the layout. That is the theory anyway.
  2. RodneyV


    You know you need to get a wriggle on with your layout when it is 2020 and the layout is about 10% finished. Below is the control panel I have been working on. This is for the bottom part of the layout which will be the staging yards. I'm not sure if this is the correct British expression, but I'm sure I will find out. I don't believe it is a fiddle yard as none of the stock is to be handled when in this place. The control panel is about 80% complete. The bottom right hand corner is the last part requiring work to complete. I used to have red switches, but I believe they should be black. Red is for signals. Nearly all of the track is laid except for the reversing loop which is called Track 15. That will be tricky as the space for the loop is currently occupied by a car. Where it says Track 1 to 14 that is the block occupancy LED's. I need these as this part of the layout will be unseen. All of the other other LED's and whole numbers are the turnout DCC numbers.
  3. RodneyV


    Hi Folks, I haven't posted anything on this website for a few years. So a new decade and new opportunities to contribute. What has happened in 2019 for Radford. Actually, quite a lot of thinking and some doing. I'll upload a plan with the current vision soon. The most recent work on the layout has been the combining of the control panels. I had one and half built and thought operationally they weren't as good as they can be. Therefore, I may have had 6 control panels when the layout was complete, which for a layout in a single garage was crazy. The new plan, is to have one for the bottom part of the layout which is storage sidings. Another will be the newly planned storage sidings, which is essentially all of the bits that aren't stations. The final two will be the two stations. One is a through station and the other a Terminus. The through station will be built first. However, I need to finetune the track plan. I will discuss this when I get closer to starting it. The last two weeks, I have spent tidying up. The amount of mess I have created has been destroying my model railway mojo. Tonight at 11 after watching the Thunder win the cricket, I feel my mind is free from the clutter. The attached pictures are my attempt at building a rack to hold all of my tools. I used it operationally tonight and it worked well. I hope everyone has had a great 2019 and I will see you in 2020. Rodney
  4. Hi All, I have a touch screen monitor for RR & Co. The monitor plug is HDMI and it has a USB port back to the computer. Conceptually it is great. However, you need to have the monitor to be close to you if the image on the screen is small. The bigger issue for me, is getting the turnout to move when I touch it. That is you need to have a large image to touch or use a pointing device to make the exact contact.
  5. Hi Billy Boy, Thanks for the heads up. Years ago I bought a batch of the first generation of Cobalts and they weren't very good and I sold all of them. Hopefully that won't happen with this product. I'm a bit nervous now. On Ebay, I found some Stepper Motors with 10mm of travel. When they arrive, I will try them out. Maybe they are a better motor than these ones. On a positive note, the presentation of the product and the bits in the box is sensational. From a marketing and product development viewpoint DCC Concepts are rattling the cage.
  6. Hi All, I ordered the Cobalt SS Point Motors before I read this thread. Could be interesting to see how they go! They will be used in an area with no space available below the points and only the height of an engine above. I will report back. Hopefully with no frustration.
  7. Hi Jesse, I hope everything goes well with the operation. As far as Adelaide is concerned, I would definitely try and go. I have been told by reliable sources who are not from Adelaide it is an excellent convention. One of the guys in the BRMA is Gavin Thrum. Google his name and see his creations on you tube. The detail and quality are amazing. You will recognise some of the operators on the video as well. I believe he puts a layout together in two years and will have a new one for the convention. Rest assured, at present I won't be able to attend the convention due to it being the same weekend as a wedding I will be attending. The only I have been invited to for the last 15 years or so and it on the same weekend. All the best Rodney
  8. Hi Anthony, Congratulations on your retirement. Great news. Now you can relax. Regards Rodney
  9. Hi Jesse, The BRMA meeting at your place is one the 01st of June. My next BRMA challenge will be Forestvillew on the 02nd and 03rd of March. Cheers Rodney
  10. Hi Jesse, I'll be in touch about a meeting in 2019. I have two slots available for the year. John, I will be in Noumea on the date of the next get together! Regards
  11. Hi Jesse, I bought the BRM for November 2018 and it featured the LNER 1938 Weekend on Little Bytham. Your name is featured in the article. You are now known around the globe! The magazine also has a DVD with it with the running session on it. Well done to you. Hopefully we will catch up in 2019. Regards Rodney
  12. Hi Anthony, Thanks for looking after Derek When he was in Sydney. You need to put a countdown in days before retirement. It must be less than 50 to go! Regards RodneyV
  13. RodneyV


    I think I need an exorcism expert for one of my engines. A while back one of my engines that I will call Guillemot for the purposes of this conversation, set alight. It was on the turntable and a short circuit fried the DCC and hence the chip was on fire. The body near the chimney was ruined. After much searching I found a replacement. It had a challenge. When sitting in a block on the layout, it didn't draw any current and couldn't be seen in the block. After replacing the decoder, it was running sweetly. Then stopped working. I can feel the motor pulsing but it doesn't move. That will be a challenge for tomorrow. Today the BRMA had a meeting convened by St Enodoc on changing the numbers on your loco's at my place. A range of ways to change the numbers was discussed and applied. All up 9 people turned up for the meeting and I thought it went quite well. Changing the numbers on stock is not hard, you just have to have a go. Radford was on display and behaved well. Thank you to Charles for all of the help. The next skills meeting should be on DIY loco exorcisms!
  14. When visiting a hobby shop at Blacktown in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, a gent walked in and asked if they had the Flying Scotchman in stock. He was quite insistent that is what the loco was called. Believe it or not!
  15. RodneyV


    Dear All, Attached is the first control panel for Radford. To explain what it all means. The numbers indicate the point number. The arrows the up / down lines. The LED's next to the numbers are green and indicate with no misunderstanding which way the point is set. The LED's on the far LHS indicate track occupancy. This whole area of the layout is hidden, therefore the track occupancy will be useful. The whole bottom level of the layout is a circle with a reverse loop included. I will post the plan when I get a chance. Regards Rodney
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