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  1. Hi Aardvark, Thanks for the video, with your new found skills you should be able to lay a yard of track a week. The track laying should be finished in no time at all! Regards Rodney
  2. Hi Dean, The pattern makers dowels are excellent. I wished I used them on all joining basebaords for my layout instead of 1/4 bolts. Even with my best efforts some parts of the layout didn't maintain the level of horizontal alignment I would prefer. At least I will know for next time. Regards Rodney
  3. RodneyV


    All, I am successfully finding ways to make things harder than they need to be. In a perfect world I wouldn't have any gradients or hidden parts to the layout. However I will have gradients, therefore multi levels and hidden parts to the layout. Years ago I wrote an article on Railroad & Co as a way to control my layout. I have used about 10% of its functionality. Maybe 5%. One of the challenges has been letting the RR & Co know where trains are on the layout. Being the bright spark I am, I did a bit of research and thought all I need is wheelset
  4. Hi Mick, I've also purchased the DCC Concepts above baseboard point motors and decided after a few hours it was all too hard. Rest assured I had them fitting and working and the linkage unlinked itself and that was the end of it. The concept I believe is excellent, the electronics side is great. It is just the robustness of the motor and the link to the point is the let down. I couldn't see them operating reliably. The area I had them positioned will be hidden, hence my desire to change to another mode of operation. Thanks for your thread. Regards
  5. RodneyV


    Hi Folks, I was searching for weights that I had bought previously to ensure my wagons have a consistent weight for coupling purposes. During my search, I discovered a large number of projects from many years past that haven't been completed. Therefore for the next 12 months, that is up to July-21, I am going to concentrate on finishing all of my little projects. The first one linked with DCC and block occupancy is to add resistors to wheels so they trigger the blocks I have in RR & Co. After using the resources of the internet, I completed my first wheel and magicall
  6. Same here. i'm looking forward to seeing the scenery on Andrew (Woodcock29's) layout.
  7. Hi Baz, Great to see the progress with your layout. My first gradient has an A4 easily moving 5 Bachmann Mk 1's out of the part of the layout I call Rest of the World or London. I have a Hornby B17 which didn't pull the 5 Bachmann Mk 1's at all. I think it could manage 4, but I haven't tested it yet. The gradient is about 1 in 60 by the way. I suppose the next step for me will be to add weight to the B17. Then I thought I should just make it a regional train with a 4 coach limit. Take care. The UK seems to be a scary place to live at the momen
  8. Hi Anthony, It is coming along nicely. Well done. Are you planning to have your layout be on the BRMA Brisbane Convention layout tour next year? It would be great to see it with trains running. I think it will be about 18 months away. Thanks Rodney
  9. I think we should encourage Barry O to holiday in the more parched parts of Australia.
  10. Hi Kym, Surely this could be an article for the TCH. You have enough words and picures for a couple of pages. Regards Rodney
  11. RodneyV


    Hi Folks, It has been an interesting few days in sunny Sydney. During my time being "occupationally challenged", I had an old work colleague Matt (a professional landscaper), install some drainage at the front and down the side of my house. The aim was to ensure the garage didn't flood during the more extreme wet weather. Unfortunately, it did. But I wasn't surprised, as water went everywhere. Parts of the house that have never had rain come in leaked. The mailbox had about 10mm of water in it. The garage door never gets wet on the top half and it was soaked.
  12. Hi Anthony, Sorry for creating all of this work for you. Your revised plan looks like it will solve all of the potential issues I suggested might arise. Well done to you. A question. Is Holyhead the same as Bangor. I'm just trying to get my head around how it all fits together. Thanks Rodney
  13. Hi Anthony, I've been thinking about your track plan recently. With my layout in its first guise, I had loco's supposedly go to the end of the storage road, uncouple, reverse on turntable and go to start of the train, recouple and head back to the layout. All good in theory. However, the uncoupling was haphazard with Kadee's. The Kadee shuffle was required, the turntable a very expensive (to me), but not very good Heljan and the risk element was very high, as the whole section was to be under another part of the layout. My new very elegant solution (tim
  14. RodneyV


    Dear All, Today has been very successful, the bottom bit of the layout is now wired up. Everything is also talking to RR & Co perfectly. I'm very happy I can assure you. The next part of this process will be to test. I found two short circuits which I have now corrected. These were from droppers that weren't connected to the buss (or is it bus?). On connecting them they short circuited. In theory to fix them correctly, I should rewire the two turnouts Tortoise connections. However, soldering underneath the layout is not my favourite activity. I might
  15. RodneyV


    Hi Baz, Thanks for that. No rush, it will be about a year before I plan I will need the turntable. I want to try and get something that looks like an Ex LNER turntable. Being on Grantham it should ift the bill.
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