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  1. I understand from Lightmoor that Volume 3 is now due late next year (2019).
  2. As a former Driffield lad,I'm loving the images which are kindly posted on this thread. I wonder, does anyone have a shot of the former WR Class 14 Teddy Bears on the daily trip freight out to Brid? I remember them so well, but photos are like gold dust. Thanks Steve
  3. ...Hopefully not before a 'sneak peek' ? ;-)
  4. The WSRA shop at Bishops Lydeard is expecting it in stock within the next two weeks.....
  5. Paignton portions of Paddington - Penzance services....:-)
  6. That's probably what's happened at multiple WH Smiths then - thanks for the info.......I gave up in finding one and ordered via mail order...
  7. Nothing in WH Smith in Taunton yet :-(
  8. You've answered your own question Trevor. It is a cab ventilator. Locos fitted were D1012, D1028, D1039, D1056 and D1071.
  9. Trevor, Really enjoying seeing these photos. D1069 on 4A13 is the 1445 Penzance Paddington perishables, a long standing Thousand hauled train in the west country.....Steve
  10. Great photos Trevor - thanks for posting, and if you have more, please keep them coming. The shot of D1022 and D1010 is almost certainly 1M74 1400 (ish) Penzance - Birmingham. This was usually double headed, and quite often with Westerns. The time on the clock is spot on for their arrival. They would both be removed at Plymouth for a Peak or 47 on to Birmingham... Steve
  11. Hi Andy, Don't forget the ex WR Class 14 diesel hydraulics which were briefly transferred to Dairycoates 67/68.....operated both singly and double-headed. Cheers, Steve
  12. Looking forward to getting stuck into Volume 1 very soon Freddie. As a newly arrived resident in Cotford St Luke, I have plenty to learn about the Devon & Somerset. Westerns? - agreed.....;-)
  13. One of the good folks on the Lightmoor stand at the NEC today said that Volume 2 is due about this time next year......looking forward to getting stuck into Vol 1....
  14. The following has appeared on Facebook - It is with deep regret that we announce the closure of our Book & Model Shop in Manchester on 30 June. This is due to the expiry of the shop unit’s lease and failure of negotiations with the landlord to agree an acceptable rent. It is very sad news, but we would like to take this opportunity thank our staff and loyal customers in Manchester for their support over the past twenty-two years.
  15. As a kid born and raised in Driffield, I'm really enjoying watching this thread - many thanks to all contributors. My 'holy grail' photo-wise is to see a shot of a Class 14 hydraulic somewhere between Beverly and Brid.....I don't suppose anyone has one that would be kind enough to post do they? Thanks.....
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