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  1. Thanks both John, your thread was one that encouraged me to have a go at this model. Phil, that’s an interesting collection of barges there, gives me some ideas thanks. Roger
  2. Hello I’ve recently built up one of the scalescenes steel barge kit, scaled up to O gauge. Does anyone know of any photos of the prototype ? I am trying to work out a couple of things, the mooring arrangements when the wharf is higher than the barge and also the towing arrangement. The suggested bollards don’t really make sense for either of these. thanks Roger
  3. Hi all finally finished an MPC 1/48 Space 1999 Eagle. lots of repetitive cleaning up of individual bracing tubes but I got there in the end. Roger
  4. Hi i think the 04 still has the bachmannn split chassis, the 03 I have has a 6 pin socket so obviously not the more recent one. Roger mainline, Bachmann split, Bachmann 6 pin
  5. Hi all MPC models if Space 1999 hawk and eagle. The eagle had a lot of work gone on the framework above the end modules, cutting out the solid mouldings and adding cross members etc. And two eagles…. Roger
  6. And I’ve just noticed, the ad at the top of the page is for….. Land Rover who says they aren’t watching us…..
  7. Well my NRM one finally arrived, delivered to the neighbours.. First impressions not good. Missing a coupling hook, side step broken in half and tender buffer loose in package. Running is inconsistent. The wheel back to backs appear too narrow as the loco jams on some of my peco points. And as it has traction tyres any slight power interruption stops the loco dead instead of sliding. I will try the other wheel set, but the running at the moment leaves a lot to be desired. Roger
  8. Well I’ve just tried pushing a wagon with it, a lot of wheel spinning but it does move. I think the prototype picture I found with about 8 16T coal wagons may have been staged… Roger
  9. And back on the rails. I was thinking of DCC sound but the motor is quite loud, a bit of running should help, and I’m not sure where I could get a Land Rover sound file anyway. Roger
  10. So the model was disassembled again, a 1/8” axle fitted to the front with brass bearings which with a bit of filing slotted into the plastic chassis just fine.
  11. And running under DC control was now possible. a secondhand DCC decoder was fitted, needed a bit of work as the wires had been cut very short when removed. About this point I realised that I’d not included the brass bearings and that the axles were just running in the plastic, the front wheels weren’t turning very freely….
  12. and starting to come together. Next was some pickups
  13. Hi all while idly looking at the OO Oxford / Golden Valley Land Rover on rails I wondered if I could motorise it. Not really I thought, but what about one for my O gauge layout ? I had an Oxford Land Rover 80” mk1 already so took it to bits to see what might need to be done. It looked as though there would be plenty of room, so I ordered a dark green 88” mk1 with a canvas top, similar to pictures I found on the internet. When it arrived it was of slightly different construction, more metal would need to be cut out, but that was fine. the Land Rover wheels were removed. 16 mm OO gauge wheels were about the right size, O gauge wagon axles were appropriate and the OO wheels fitted on the shouldered ends perfectly. The Land Rover chassis was bored out for the 3 mm diameter axles and the whole lot put on the track. It looked good. Next was the motorisation. I had a small open frame motor with gearbox that was bought secondhand with an OO terrier chassis a couple of decades ago, it would fit fine but was for an 1/8” axle. Looking at my supplies of O wagon wheel sets I found one with the correct axle so that was used. the component parts. the base of the Land Rover tray was chain drilled and removed, and a slot cut in the chassis to fit the motor. Roger
  14. Hi all is it possible to change between two phones, using just one HM6000 ? I’ve got it running well using my iPhone but was wanting to use an old android phone instead some times and it won’t connect. thanks Roger
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