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  1. Thanks again to everyone, its been a very useful learning curve and one I should have made years ago. I seem to have managed to find missing gears for an old DJH GB4. I have two or 3 other gear boxes which I should also try and use (at least 2 styles of Alan Gibson ones I am having a complete clear out of old fashioned gear sets and earlier open framed motors. I have decided to standardise on can motors and gearboxes from the likes of High Level, Comet and Branchlines. I seem to have no luck trying to mesh gea rsets using the older style motor mounts. Motors are becoming interesting with the withdrawal of Mashima motors, Chris at High Level is now selling a coreless motor for under £30, I bought one at Scaleforum just not decided which loco to fit it in to.
  2. In many instances at the end of panels (where there are 12" sleepers and at the ends of turnouts and crossings and some rail joints in between the S1J (large) chair is used. Just a larger chair for added strength at rail joins On reflection I am surprised these were not included in the Exactoscale range. They have been available in 7 mm scale for some times from Off The Rails on the Shapeways 3D printing site
  3. Just thought I would show the new 3 bolt chair sprues which will be available very soon from C&L which will be followed quickly by a new 2 bolt sprues. Cannot remember if they are test shots or 3D prints The new sprue will have 10 x standard chairs, 2x S1J chairs, 2 Bridge chairs plus one standard H shaped fishplate and one reinforced version Bridge chairs still work in progress on the tool but as you can see on a standard sprue 4 extra chairs At the other end a choice of functional fishplates Couple of close ups The CAD Drawing showing the fishplates will also be available separately
  4. Dominion Do feel free in posting what you like, tiebars are the bane of most folk, The 3 way turnout looks very good A big heads up. Exactoscale are going to stop supplying their products directly from the end of the month, in 4 mm scale they will be available from either the EMGS of Scalefour Societies. & mm from the Scale Seven Society
  5. Michael Thank you, I asked the question last night plus looked up on Google and looked at old W&H books Firstly I now know much more about gears Secondly I had a 30-1 gear set in a bag marked 40-1 (most of my Romford gears were either unmarked or loose Some of my W&H books state Romford gears as 20-1, 30-1, 40-1 & 50-1 others 20-1, 30-1, 40-1 & 60-1, thanks for confirming the last one I have quite a few gears with either no or broken grub screws, I think they are 10ba, is this correct and any idea where I can get a few please
  6. Paul Easy, here is a link to the chair details. Just study the plans and the numbers become relevent https://exactoscale.com/track-components/chair-positions/ On the common crossing the center part of the 2PL chairs are missing as in the kits there is a link between the switch and stock rails. Also on some of the block chairs on both the switch and common crossing chairs need a 0.5 mm packing under them Look on the check chair sprues CCL is the left hand end, CCR is the right hand end. Always looking from outside the stock rail
  7. Paul Sounds like you have some of the special chairs either for turnouts/crossings or slips. What description is on the packets?
  8. The first gear has about 20 teeth and the second about 30, I am assuming the ratio means 20 teeth per rotation ?
  9. I am sorting out my spares box and at the moment the gear box is in a mess I am assuming the far right is 60-1 ratio, the small one on the left is 20-1 The second on the left came from a packet with 40-1 on it, but I have a feeling its a 30-1 and that the second on the left is the 40-1 as I dont think Romford did a 50-1 Please can someone more knowledgeable enlighten me
  10. John Thanks, I was very kindly advised to try Ultrascale's website. but I am afraid I have no idea what I am looking for. Also DJH were not available to assist. Then a whole series of little coincidences occured and or lucky breaks happened. It started with paying a bit much on a hunce with a badly presented eBay listing, Stated as 00 gauge parts lot. starting bid £40 + £12 P&P, think the latter put most off. I saw in the background a SR Mogul with decent motion, a Craftsman SR Schools chassis. Pack of HMRS transfers and a gearbox with no start or final gears, a D11 motor. I knew the Schools chassis was worth about £25, a Wills loco anything between £100 & £150 in parts and I have recently sold a couple of D11's for about £15. A fool and his money are easily parted As It happens the Loco is a DJH U class (with a K's HP2M motor and frozen motion) and a few other scraps. I will convert the loco to EM gauge (at a cost of £4.50 for 3 new axles and £5 pack of frame spacers, the HP2M will be disposed of, the D11 and gearbox will be fitted ( I guess Chris will charge me a fiver for the parts) I would have had to buy a replacement 1.5mm bore worm anyway, so my gamble seems to have paid off. Its also made me sort out my box of Romford gears, seems I have about 6 x 40-1 & 60-1 sets and 10 x 50-1 sets, mostly with 3/16" bore as I am selling most of my older style motors I guess they will go on eBay. As I am trying to standardise on can motors and gearboxes, most of my motors have either 1.5 or 2 mm shafts
  11. Richard A very nice looking model, I have a couple of SEF kits and a DJH one to convert to EM gauge, yes if you are building a specific loco and want it as accurate as possible then you have to copy photos of the era you are modelling. It is very debatable how many people would even notice the difference between a N or U class let alone subtle differences between locos in a specific class. I guess the tender may be more obvious than other differences. How have you managed to weather the motion so well without gumming up the works ? I for one just admire both the building and painting skills the model has received.
  12. EUREKA i finally got round to trying the High Level Road Runner + final drive and it fitted A quick twirl and the gears worked smoothly, next up I thought I would try my luck with the worm. The gearbox is set up for the D11 and I though the worm I had in the Roadrunner was a 1.5 mm one, but as luck would have it it was 2 mm, so the worm/motor was tried in the gear box and it turned out to be a bit tight, on inspection there was no bush for the shaft at the non motor end I needed another gearbox so whilst ordering it I asked Chris if I could buy the spares I required A quick look in my draw with 2mm bushes showed I had at least 2 sizes and the 0.125 os diameter fitted like a glove and transformed the working Its now running as sweet as a nut
  13. I have just spoken to Dave Hammersley who owns Roxey Mouldings who has confirmed the following He sells both Markit and Alan Gibson wheels and hopefully by the weekend he should have a good stock of all the main sizes of Markit drivers he carries (expecting a delivery from Markits at the Tolworth show) The reason why only Gibson wheels are shown as 4mm scale option and why there are no wheels currently on his website, is that at the time of compiling the website a great number of Markit loco wheels were out of stock, Markits now have most if not all of their drivers back in stock, those they have not will be available very soon. Dave also told me he stocks more Markit parts than are shown on his website. He is happy to chat (phone or email) to anyone who wishes to buy his own and other products he sells (01932 245439) also has an online ordering system The situation as I understand it, is that Markits have the wheel centres cast and blackened by outside contractors, Markits turn the tyres and drill and tap the wheels, they are then sent to an outside contractor who fits the tyres to the wheels. In the recent past there has been delays in restocking some of the range. Hopefully matters have been resolved Dave is very happy to supply customer requirements of Markit wheels via mail order.
  14. I cannot disagree with you here, as in the past if you wanted an EM gauge layout most items if not converted had to be built. With the advent of EM gauge ready to run track hopefully EM gauge will be be viable to far more railway modellers. Added to this the quality of ready to run/plant is of higher quality than many are able to produce themselves The stumbling block may still be motive power, certainly many basic kit built locos potentially lend themselves to easy conversion. Also I understand both the Society and some manufacturers supply drop in wheelsets for some RTR motive power. Somehow these two groups need to make their availability and ease of use better known
  15. After the realisation that some of the parts do need a bit of packing I have a P4 A5 turnout on the bench A strip of 2mm x 0.5 mm strip was found to which the center parts of the 3 & 4 PL block chairs were stuck to, then separated The microstrip was then trimmed to fit and stuck in place, the stock rail was added The outer parts of the block chairs were then added. I mus admit they are now far more visible. Still have to fit the 2PL slide bases as well as the slide chairs I also did the same at the common crossing with the center part of the C position chair
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