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  1. That may be a very good call, as there is a chassis for a L&Y 0-6-0 class 27/28 (from a Craftsman kit), although there is also what looks to be a Bristol Models milled brass GWR 28xx chassis Thank you
  2. Thanks for the guess its made me look at the frames closer I have looked closer and they are not Milled , but show signs of being etched, as the pips which hold it to the fret have not been cleaned up. Has 2 holes for screw spacers at the ends, but its not a SEF chassis I have looked at an old Jedinco kit I built years ago, it has a similar set up of round end spacers which screw the frames together and over large headed axle bearings.
  3. Someone suggested it was a set of Alan Gibson Mainframes, so if its the correct size the 16" Hunslet may be the answer. Though its about 6" out on the wheelbase The Alan Gibson list shows the following and there may be others listed under the smaller companies OVR Sharpe Stewart 0-6-0 Manning Wardle 0-6-0 ST
  4. The K's 1366 footplate is 88mm long these frames are 105.5mm long, I guess these could be cut down and reprofiled
  5. On the chassis they are Romford 26mm, I guess the flanges on 27 mm would be too big.
  6. Jason Thanks, I may just keep them for an 0-16.5 chassis, or incase I get hooked on industrials
  7. I have an etched chassis which cane in a lot I bought, the wheelbase is 23.5 x 23.5 mm and the length of the chassis is 102.5 mm Please can anyone shed any light as to what loco it may have come from. Similar wheelbase to a SR Terrier but it goes on to a longer footplate. I am guessing its industrial, though it may well be of a small tank loco from one of the companies. It could be even a small diesel loco
  8. I was trawling through a box of old RTR chassis on Thursday and in it there was an old brass bar type chassis (similar to an Eames/Jamieson) for a 4-4-2 loco, I am having a slow clear out and was deciding what to do with the chassis Initial thoughts was to find out what chassis it is and as I have no use for it to sell it on, I had no idea if it is a tank or tender loco First thoughts was either a GNR or SR Atlantic tender loco, but its the wrong size, what about a large SR Tank loco, well cylinders rule out several, I looked at LBSCR ones first then at some LSWR without any luck. Then the penny dtopped I looked at the crosshead on the other side and bingo, its a GWR loco, first thoughts was it was for one of the compounds, but no. Then the next candidate was a County Tank and it fits To cut a long and boring story short, Could I kit bash something, was it possible to fit a Wills 61xx on to it, well there are the odd differences, mainly the size of the rear bunker, but all I need is a cheap, Airfix/Dapol body to practise on first, cutting down the top of the chassis to fit the footplate and remove the X03 motor fittings, I may even have a cast Jamieson/Eames/W&H piston casting in my spares box
  9. Phil at C&L found rail can vary quite a bit when he was designing and making his new revised products, I have also noticed some times that the definition between the head and foot of bullhead rail varies a bit. No doubt Wayne will be checking this
  10. For some reason many still do not trust that plastic will hold metal rail in gauge. Just go on and prove them wrong. As for soldering many/most will solder dropper wires on the rail, this is harder to do than soldering two pieces together which are a very close fit
  11. Nu-Cast (old company) had some very basic etched chassis, which some may prefer. From memory Dave (Ellis) said they might be using existing chassis where they still existed
  12. One of the main resistances may be peoples reluctance/fear of soldering. Clear instructions of what materials and tools to use plus an idiots guild (video) is a must For me a decent quality solder and flux is a must, also advice on which Iron to use The up side is that they will be able to solder dropper wires, and perhaps might then venture into kit building of the odd wagon or coach I think getting over the fear aspect is the biggest hurdle, pre-machined parts will take away the difficult processes
  13. Not sold anything for a month or so, but sold 5 smallish items on Sunday, all paid promptly and an email was waiting for me from eBay when I got up saying the payment had been sent, I thinks it hits my account mid morning, certainly prior to me going to the Post Office Secondly whilst I seem to be off the £1 max selling fees, as most of things I sell are under £20 the 80% works better in many cases. I do keep back more expensive items till offer weekends, but even if I sell something at £50 or £60 its great value, I truly believe if I sold anywhere else I would get less and possibly be charged much higher auction fees and that is if they sell Certainly no reason for sellers anymore holding on to the items till they are paid as funds arrive the next working morning. Personally I would rather see the funds go straight into PayPal only as its a convenient place to keep my modelling allowance separate from my day to day account
  14. Phil phoned me last Friday to tell me he had just received the test shots from the injection moulders for the new C&L EM and P4 flexi track bases, These bases have the thicker 1.6 mm thick sleepers, which will match the Exactoscale products. The chairs have keys (single line style) The sleepers are in 60' panel format, with 12" sleepers at both ends and reduced spacing between the first 3 sleepers at each end No photos or delivery times available _______________
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