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  1. Hello all. Could I quickly inject some facts to quench the speculation. For personal reasons that I would rather not go into, I am unable to continue to run the company, at least on my own, and therefore I’m offering it for sale. LLC is not in administration. Of course, I will try to secure a positive outcome for all of my customers, whether they have committed financially or not, and it is with you that my priorities lay. Regarding communication briefly, outside of my family and one other person I have not communicated with anyone, so I have not been selective or biased or trie
  2. Dear all. Over the past few months I have been unable to progress any Little Loco Company projects due to personal reasons. I have now come to the realisation that I can no longer continue to operate LLC and I'm inviting offers among the model railway community for the sale of the business in whole or part. Please feel free to share this statement. Offered for sale is a complete tooling set (injection moulding and die-cast) for the Ruston 48DS in two styles ready for production, costing over £140,000 in total for machining, EDM on all parts, and developmental testing. In addition,
  3. Sorry all, I don't really like communicating no news. I've been ill over Christmas and January, almost ended up in hospital. A bacterial infection followed immediately by a viral infection. I was just too beat up to do much at all I'm afraid. I'm better now, thankfully. As Nikki kindly conveyed for me on FB (she's not a member here yet) we had confirmation from the plastics factory that the superstructures of the open cab Ruston will be here in no more than 8 weeks, very possibly sooner. From there they go straight to decoration and sub-assembly. Likewise with the die-casting, we are look
  4. Season’s greeting to our customers and followers. As the new year gets ever closer I’ve been reflecting on this current year – and what a tumultuous one it has been. I’m not ashamed to say my continuing desire to be a model railway manufacturer has ebbed and flowed to some dramatic extremes this year. The primary concern has been bringing the Rustons to a quality position that I can approve and be proud of producing. The fact is that I could have approved it much earlier this year, but it would not have met my standards and, most importantly, not yours eithe
  5. I have been observing this thread for a while now and have worried a little about some of the posts' content. It is only fair that the record be set straight before any real damage is done to either company. Instead of posting here I have posted it in LLCs section, the direct link for the post is here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/135191-class-50/?p=3338403
  6. I’ve been reading the thread concerning another manufacturer’s Class 50 model on and off for a while and so to correct some inaccuracies mentioned in it I’d like to put our version of events forward. Most will not be aware, and it will prevent some unwarranted criticism of our competitor. A new Facebook group was started for LLC (this was not asked for) by an individual (let’s call him Mr X) who did customer decoration and repaints for us. One of the first posts in the new FB group was a poll started by Nikki (our design engineer) asking what we should produce next. The Class 50 won the po
  7. Thanks for the compliments and Paul's help in answering questions. The tail lights were deliberately left non-working because they were never allowed to be used during its operational life, so it would have been silly to invent a lighting mode. As Paul said, a working tail lamp was planned and designed but the factory refused to make it so it was left out. A shame.
  8. During the summer holiday season when most of our production partners were closed for the summer, we took the opportunity to revise some of the model and increase detail levels even further. As the cabs will be removable (to add a crew or detail even further) we took the opportunity to revise some elements of the design of the cabs. We have also been working with Detailed Miniatures who will be producing a bespoke crew just for our model. The figures will be fully detailed and painted and available exclusively from DM (prices to be determined). We are also having a look at i
  9. The bogies on the 22 are very open, so a traditional gearcase within the frames would have been very obvious and not very attractive at all. In fact, it would have been a pretty major fault. On this model we had no choice but to produce a fairly accurate bogie. As we had spare capacity on the toolset we added in a few more parts to make it almost an exact replica. It only added a few extra hours onto CNC time and a few pence on the materials cost. We thought it was worth it.
  10. With larger storage facilities I won't need to create space any more. The new space is more than 50% larger than our current space, and is more convenient too. The Rustons will be available through retailers but the 22 won't be. Direct sales only for that one.
  11. An absolute bargain! We're offering full support for these, including spare parts shortly, so fill your boots. This is not normal LLC practice, but we needed space in our warehouse for the anticipated arrival of the Rustons and Hattons generously obliged. We move into a larger warehouse in the middle of next year.
  12. I know a commercial landlord. When I say know, we simply have a mutual friend and see each other at the occasional bbq. At one of these events we asked why so many of his lock-up shops were empty, when he proudly boasted it was to eliminate his tax liability, while still increasing his asset value. He intentionally keeps 15-20% of his commercial portfolio empty specifically to offset his tax bill. Everyone went quiet staring at him with open mouths.
  13. Thank you to all of those who came along for a chat. It was really good to meet you and showcase some of our developments we are working on; the Rustons, Class 22, some of our electronic technology and the Z gauge test track display. For those who couldn't make it, a couple photos. The Rustons are a whisker away from production. All machined and die-cast parts are approved, electronics and drive systems have also been approved, there are just a couple more tweaks to do on the mouldings. We also had a test print of the Class 22 bogie. This is a very complex structure containing 103
  14. Hello David, yes, progress is being made all the time. I don't have much time to post about it and the progress is sometimes very small or not very interesting. New samples from the injection moulder have arrived, a new die-caster has been sourced and samples 'should' be here in time for Telford. The machined parts supplier has come up with a machine tool small enough to create knurls on the axles to prevent the possibility of slippage (has not been evident, but is theoretically possible). The new electronics factory have provided samples of new interface boards and capacitor boards with s
  15. Apologies, but I'm off to France on holiday in a matter of hours. I'll be back next week. If you do not require sound, simply purchase the standard model and sell the cap board and speaker driver. They should net you about £20-30. Fit your batteries and receiver depending on the requirements of your chosen supplier, replacing the feeds from the pick-ups with those from your battery. The common interface board can stay, and if you choose a solution that can utilise the decoder, keep it. Otherwise sell that too for another £20 or so (non-sound). The decorated option has all decals ap
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