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  1. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Would you believe the Hornby Tornado? The shop recommended it because the need was for a decent 2 cylinder chuff rather than absolute accuracy. Personally, I think it sounds great, just what we were looking for. Will be fitting the same to another pug, as I really like it, especially as it goes under the tunnel! I am plucking up courage age to fit a chip to the peckett too, but would need to be a brain surgeon to fit it in!
  2. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Next building- the pub for son’s village- the Tower Bank Arms. Interesting structure; it is on a slope and isn’t square (to be fair, nothing I build is square, but this time it is deliberate) the church is is largely completed- it has memorial stones in the yard and just awaits trees and a gate when we get back home to the rest of the modelling resources. I could cut out a gate, but I think the silhouette cutter can have that task! Below are are pictures of the train set layout. Curves are very tight so all stock must be 4 wheel. Rather proud that I managed to squeeze a decoder and sound chip into the pug...
  3. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Thank you, Neil; just don’t have the space, I’m afraid. And wanted an excuse for the peckett... I’m hoping to develop a whole stone complex and canal wharf for my fictional company, and reproduce the 7mm stock in 4mm, with plenty of extras from local railways. The forcett coach (was in beamish) is a must, for instance. I’m keeping the period a bit fluid so that I can mix and match freely! The Church is for my son, so is built to exacting requirements - gravestones went in last night and apparently the lychgate needs working gates... next on the list are the Tower Bank Arms and Hill Top Farm (Beatrix Potter’s house) from Near Sawrey in the lakes. No stress then...
  4. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    also available with lychgate...
  5. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Young is definitely stout; although I would like to think of myself as full bodied perfection... barrel shaped, in fact the advert was not an accident...
  6. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Some ecclesiastical progress...
  7. cornamuse

    Barnstaple Town

    Very nice... very jealous of the new loco, but then I guess I’m building a layout to justify a little peckett, so I fully understand your need to create more Railway...
  8. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Finally, some progress at t’ mill. Some boxes made for the top floor, joists, and a start in the roof. Roof lights planned so you can see in once the lights are fitted. Need to find a little man to potter around up there too... I hate making tiles, but there is nothing for it!
  9. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Just to prove I haven’t been totally lazy (been a bit poorly and busy with music) anyway, son’s layout needs to take precedence; 7yo patience is limited and I don’t want him getting bored! So, a church was called for, on a very tight footprint but to match the style of the Metcalfe kits due to populate the layout. Here is St. Kira’s Church, Metcalfe card sheets for walls, my details cut out on the silhouette cutter. Hopefully will look ok, been a fairly entertaining and low detail project. back to to the warehouse next; got a blinking roof to make...
  10. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    It has another floor and a few other bits. Oh and I learned how to burn out a solenoid on sons layout. aaaaaaaa Makes the peckett and truck look even smaller, and this is one of the smaller buildings...
  11. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Slow progress, been wiring up son’s layout... Here we go- the factory end wall to go behind the warehouse. Less of an advert, more of a description of the builder...
  12. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    I know, I have sold out to 00... largely because of space, and my son’s decision to build a layout. What will happen to the 7mm chapter remains to be seen, but I want to reproduce the stock in 4mm. The mill is based on a scalescenes product, but I’m glad it feels local. Unfortunately mos5 of the large local mill buildings seem to be brick, so I may have to draw on the ones around Leeds for inspiration. I’m glad you are enjoying it, happy new year to you too!
  13. cornamuse

    Gainford Spa

    For those who remember this layout, the saga now continues in 4mm scale here... http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/140318-piercebridge-mill/&do=findComment&comment=3414830
  14. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    THAT is very very useful knowledge; although I usually take the skinflint route. However, making these is going to get old really fast!
  15. cornamuse

    Piercebridge Mill

    Further developments at t’Mill... Lintels (brick, eeek, going to have to develop that) and sills Loading dock First floor, floorboards and beams underneath Yellow light underneath so I can see what is going on... and... that tiny blob is a tea chest, mk1. Need hundreds of boxes to fill up the warehouse. Woo hoo...

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