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  1. I like it, I wants it... although might be a bit of a challenge for our rather incredible pianist to render the entire orchestral part alone!
  2. In response to this, having come late to t’thread... I have a choir named Sans Pareil; based near Darlington... a few years back we worked with Making Music and BBC radio 3 and a composer. He was fascinated by our name, and set the rainhill rules and regulations to music. I can confirm that they do not lend themselves immediately to being sung, but the project was interesting and exciting! The music was in 5 movements, named after the 5 main protagonists. Memories return... nurse, the sedatives!
  3. Very nice- where did you get the plan?
  4. Can always visit Thornaby.... with apologies to the denizens of said metropolis
  5. A fairly down-and-dirty kitbash of the metcalf stone cottages to produce a village shop for my son’s Lake District based layout. Shop is based on the fantastic co-op in Chapel Stile. The windows are lit from above and sport this seasons fashions and some housewares felt this was worth showing as it is an easy first step towards scratch building- the metcalf kits go together a treat! The different colour stones’ tones are an attempt to vary the stonework with felt pens, I might do the whole thing tbh as the original building is much darker slate edit to show evening in his little world
  6. Externally finished, I think, other than bedding in a bit around the base, but needs some internal lighting and clutter. Maybe a vent on the roof as it is a loco shed would be a good idea! Want a fancy one, just because - any suggestions? A little coaling stage and water crane should finish the loco servicing area nicely. No space for anything chunky, looking at how tight the shed door is!
  7. With paint and daylight. Avoiding tiling the roof again... intend to to put a fair amount of internal clutter, too...
  8. Thanks, Jerry, yes. Mounting board, card overlays, superglue. Used my silhouette cutter because I’m lazy, though!
  9. Water tower, windows and inside walls. Windows are printed on acetate, which was ok, but a little transparent, so I have glued one sheet over another with superglue. Might go cloudy, but I bet they don’t often clean them...
  10. Added the left hand end and exit. I like how tall it is, so might beef up the right hand complex to match
  11. more progress... mocking up buildings to get a feel for the layout. Perhaps should have done this first... The style is is supposed to evoke the mills of Leeds, there will be an arch and large building behind the loco shed.
  12. Latest couple of buildings; tower bank arms, a warehouse and the start of an industrial engine shed -
  13. Thanks- it is mount board, layered up (5 layers in places) - the black is 5mm thick foam board, just to save on mount board). The models are pretty heavy and fairly seriously robust!
  14. Starting an engine shed; based on bits from ones I like, hopefully not too unbelievable once finished. I thought I would post photos showing the stages... again... draw it out, press the mortar lines in hard basic all over colour to kill the black and white paint the stones ones one at a time use white pen pen on the mortar build... and add bits; e.g. a water tower because I messed that gable end up... I think i might need to darken the stonework on the original bit.
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