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  1. Good to hear from you, Jim- you got any pictures we can see? Things are at a halt here, doing some studying- but I could use some inspiration!
  2. Finished... no idea what is next: brake vans, passenger brake, open trucks... none of the above? Feel I need to up the goods side of the stock
  3. Just to prove there has been a little progress this week... Gunpowder wagon; Messrs Leggit & Hyde...
  4. One fictional credt will have a go at one possibly, but my feeling is that fine detail will jar with the simple look so far... previous card loco using same size wheels
  5. Thank you! Fictional credts sound good; designed one for my son’s stock, with his own creation of a heraldic “Labradox” I was thinking just a fleur-de-lys - Ivor the engine style... the Ffestiniog lining is lovely but too complicated for me - glad I’m not working in 4mmscale!
  6. Finally finished, bar the controls... although the power is greatly improved by 4wd in the tender! I’m aware the name plates are in the wrong place, but overall very pleased. need to do a building to relax, I think! just noticed... needs a number on the front buffer beam. Haven’t decided about crests and monogram yet - Print, transfer or hand-painted. I suspect the latter, will keep it all in the same style
  7. Tender done, although it looks a little bare without the full livery and number (as yes unnumbered) - also a name plate, if I’m feeling brave. might add brake gubbins, but seems pointless as I am trying to draw people’s eyes away from the chassis! Crew made, so no excuse to avoid making the inside of the cab. However, not much is visible past the rather slim crewmen. Some extra bits ... crew and cab. Please don’t judge on accuracy, you can barely see inside!
  8. Much appreciated, but the original is very ornate. But then, it’s not that accurate a model so maybe I can get away with it?
  9. Some tender action... Chassis is the metal on from IP engineering. Will be operating using a phone app and gubbins. Or string, given my status as a confirmed Luddite! The IP chassis I bought was too short, but perfect for a small shunter or the powered slate waggon. Yay!
  10. Painting done, decided that cowardly actions were appropriate and left the livery simple. Varnish and grime next! As well as the inside of the cab, a roof and a powered tender of course... handrails, pipes and clutter after the varnish to protect things. In real life, the paint job looks darker and more even, but a good coat of muck should help that!
  11. First layer of paint- details not finished, but I wanted to get a feel for if the loco really looked right. Mostly, I’m pleased- but it really needs all those fussy Victorian pipes and knobs! Edit and a slight repaint... equal parts deep violet and cadmium red, rather than just the red. Helped by a cloud over the sun! will need a 4th coat, but much more acceptable, I think
  12. More progress, hampered only by pausing to make a plane from a squash bottle (Cub Scout project with son). Mostly rivets. And then rivets. The joy - maybe that is what appeals about modern gear. Welded together! also begining of a steam dome and, I assume a hatch to put the water it?
  13. Work is slow due to organ playing duties over Easter - online of course, an odd sensation! as as well as the visible stuff, a lot has gone in fitting brakes and a firebox. Still searching for the perfect bit of junk to make the domes. Overall pleased with the chubby appearance, even if it isn’t pure England. An original one would have been better for the period, so maybe that will be the next loco. I’m looking forward to a nice simple gunpowder van (Messrs Blewitt & Hyde) as a bit of light relief next!
  14. Glad you like, thank you! Card is nothing special - just a pack from the Range, doesn’t even give the weight. Glue is runny superglue, generally cheap stuff from pound stores- online suppliers right now. Multiple layers of card to build up a thickness are much stronger than thicker card. Painting is acrylics- mixed bag there, some modelling ones, mostly artists, then whatever varnish I can get on the top. Precision stuff
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