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  1. Hello again. Had another track laying session on Thursday night - had to cancel previous Tuesday. Just to finish off the shelving units - 3rd miniature unit made from offcuts I also further modified my stock box rack to have the same low friction feet so it too can now be moved around without having to empty it. Much better! Now, track laying Here is the current state of play, the double track junction on the foam is now loosely pinned down with all necessary dropper wires in place and holes drilled for point motors. The next phase will be working towards the station on the Western Region side including the facing connection to the Southern Region side, once that point top left is in place we will be able to fill in the gap back to the double junction. Dale
  2. I could have done that but I would have needed to buy another 1 maybe 2 sheets of 18mm MDF and another 6mm sheet. Cutting 1300m lengths from an 8x4 sheet is quite an inefficient use of the material as it left me with some quite big offcuts that weren't quite big enough to make another unit. Plus I'd already cut the pieces I needed before I read your post last night, better still I've got enough bits left over I'm thinking of making myself a spary booth. Dale
  3. Good Evening A job that has been on my to-do list for a while - building a pair of shelving units to fit under the layout. I spent a whole afternoon measuring up each different type of box used by each manufacture and how many of each type I had so that I could design the units to hold as much as possible. First unit built and put in situ - all 18mm MDF with a 6mm back. Had to cut a hole in the backs of both units to allow access to sockets. Second unit built and in situ, first one partially filled. Both units sit on 8 70mm diameter low friction Teflon feet which means I am able to slide the units out from under the layout relatively easily even when full I've still got a few boxes mainly wagons left over so I may build another smaller unit using some of the offcuts of MDF. Possibility of some track laying early part of next week. Dale
  4. Hello again - I'm still alive! Not much to report on the layout of late but progress is starting to be made once more. With the help of my friend Simon (occasional visitor to RMweb and mentioned repeatedly on this thread over the years) we have formulated at track plan of sorts and started laying out track. It all hinges on the double junction at the end here, where the 'Western Region' lines (Left hand pair) and 'Southern Region' lines (Right hand pair) diverge, the plan is for the scenery to continue on the Western region side around the corner with the Southern region lines disappearing under a bridge/into a tunnel and giving the impression that they curve away to the right. There will be other crossovers leading into the station throat but exactly what goes where is still a bit fluid until the junction is laid. Track will be laid on Woodland scenics foam underlay with the larger 2'x1' sheets used under pointwork. Hopefully more progress to report more going forwards! Dale
  5. I think this particular bridge is on the Spa Valley Railway just out of Tunbridge Wells West as the A26 doesn't cross the Hastings - Tonbridge mainline - currently closed between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Dale
  6. I'd like to see this formation for real...... https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/W68336/2020-10-25/detailed Dale Edit - has now been corrected was showing load 18 9 car 801 + 91 set throughout.
  7. It'll either the LED refresh rate vs camera shutter speed or the unit is Aux tripped and drops to 1 tail light to prolong battery life. Dale
  8. Good Afternoon. Backscene framework is complete. And clad in MDF. I wasn't planning to have anything joining the backscenes between boards but as is the way with wood one backscene leans forwards and the adjacent one leans backwards so I have fitted a pair of small wooden dowels at the joins much better while not 100%. More track planning this evening and over the next few days. Dale
  9. Hi. I didn't draw up any plans I just made it to fit around one of the boxes. Boxes are of the 10l size which are marketed for A3 paper size. I have allowed 510mm depth, 350mm width (could probably have got away with 345mm) and 90mm in height. The aluminium angle used is 7/8 inch square. Total dimensions including framework are 550mm deep, 1150mm wide and 950mm high, having expanded it to take the 3 extra boxes I have cut 90mm off the legs so it is still the same overall height it was beforehand. Hope this helps Dale
  10. Good Evening A couple of bits and bobs from the last fortnight. The Stock box rack rebuild has been completed and I am much happier with it. And onto something new, backscenes. I wouldn't be lying by saying the backscenes on the old layout were a bit of an afterthought compounded by making them out of the last couple of warped sheets of ply in stock at Trago Mills. Not so this time. This time they will be mounted to a lightweight frame screwed to the top of the board, the backscenes themselves will be made of 6mm MDF. I have started to work on a track plan (Lining paper in above picture) but its not finished yet although the basic principle remains the same as the old layout. Dale
  11. Good Evening. Baton fitted between the legs with the board just resting on the top Also an ideal place to mount an LED strip light for my Workbench, I've also fitted a 6 way extension lead underneath useful for soldering iron, controller and such. In other news Wickes have come good on the timber front so I can finally finish off the corner boards and rebuild my stock box rack to take 21 boxes (previously 18) and the boxes will slide on aluminium angle runners rather than the angle brackets and bits of steel wire. Dale
  12. Admittedly that would be the ideal solution but having just been up and looked at it again, if I were to do that the ends of it would be right in the middle of the large holes I pass the electrical connections through (I also don't have a suitable piece of timber to hand - see previous complaints about lack of stock in local hardware stores and nothing leftover from the old layout is long enough). Another thought that has just occurred to me is to fit a piece between the two top cross-members of the legs which the board could then rest upon, I do have a suitable piece of 2x2 timber to do that. Dale
  13. That's Excellent Rich, I'll get myself something like that when the time comes. While working at my new workbench on my 153/155 yesterday sat on a chair with the layout pretty much at eye level I noticed there was a considerable dip at the rear of the board that I have built around the air vent. I think part of the problem has been in the way i built this board further compounded when I put the top surface on in situ to avoid having to take half the layout down (as it is one of the two with 4 legs) well my laziness has resulted in substandard job so this morning I set about putting it right. I took the board right back to its frame and where I had previously used a pair of 90 degree angle brackets on the bottom corners I have replaced them with a pair of wooden blocks same as used to strengthen all 90 degree corners and I also did the same on the inside edge where previously I just relied on the screws being tight to do the job, I then nailed the top surface back on while it was on the flat(ish) floor, result much much better. Dale
  14. Workbench time! I've never really had a proper workbench before, Before I bought my own place any project on the go was undertaken on a couple of off-cut pieces of white Conti-board and an old wooden breadboard to which I bolted a small vice! All change now as now though Yesterday I picked up this desk at a reasonable price from a Charity shop, the drawers will come in useful for any modelling tools and part finished projects, It fits perfectly under the layout, I think a light of some sort might be required though as its a bit dark under the layout! Here is the basis of my 119. A Lima 117 but has a chassis transplant with a Hornby 121 as well as Hornby wheels on the trailer cars, I also have Peters Spares exhausts and Black Cat Technology Head and Tail lights to go in same as my Blue Grey and NSE 117s featured previously. This picture taken on my phone doesn't show how shiny it is! A trip to some paint stripper can't come soon enough then I will need to sand down all the 117 door handles and hinges, modify the headcode boxes, test fit the 119 sides and then I can mark up where I'm going to need to cut away for the 119 windows. The 119 overlays come with clear acetate foe glazing although I might retain the Lima glazing inside for a bit of extra strength, Cab side windows and Windscreens will be flush glazed. The first actual item on my workbench is a spot of backwards engineering sort of. Almost a reversal of reality converting a pair of Hornby 153s back into a 155 using the older style Hornby ex-Dapol bodyshells which need about 4-5mm* cutting off the bottom to marry up with the newer chassis which has far better solebar detail. One of the chassis is unpowered made up of spare bits. *3rd unit lucky, 2 others where sacrificed while I got this right with an alpha cutter. The motorised car retains all the original circuitry and I am currently trying to get the lights to operate by jumping a plug and socket across to the trailer car making use of the redundant contacts at the no.2 cab end although this doesn't seem to be working I wonder if I have broken wire somewhere. Going back to the 119 a moment, Paint stripping a complete model is something else completely new to me, I think i will use IPA from looking at various other peoples threads and obviously I need a suitable vessel to put it in while in use. Dale
  15. Thanks Rich! Thanks Ian, I am a complete scenery novice, but then I was a complete carpentry novice when I started this 7 years ago! Would anyone be interested in a bit of rolling stock workbench content? Lots of projects started and then forgotten about when it get difficult, started refurbishing a 4CEP into NSE, also got the bits for a 442 powered by a Bachmann 158 and a Silver Fox 119 to be built on a Lima 117 with Hornby running gear amongst a few other things. Dale
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