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  1. I've mentioned this before in a previous similar topic, Pentangle's 'Train Song' on the album 'Basket Of Light' has wonderfully evocative rhythms, both fast and slow, which bring steam power to the mind, before concluding with an almost menacing acoustic image of the onset of modern traction. Regards, John
  2. Re reading the OP, I note that you are looking for a recommendation for someone to do a repair for you , rather than suggestions for a DIY fix. I should have read it again before I started typing yesterday. Redgate Models on this forum may be able to offer a repair if you try a PM to him. Regards, John
  3. Hi, I'm assuming you are talking about one pair of driving wheels on the model and I'd doubt if you could have a bent driving wheel axle unless the model has had a pretty hefty knock to the affected wheelset. Is it possible to remove the fittings from the coupling rods (screws?) so that you can check the affected wheels on their own? If you are able to turn them at all, do they show signs of not running true. At a guess, I'd suggest that if the wheels run in brass bearings which seat in the chassis frame, one of these might have shifted out of its correct position.
  4. My Daughter kindly bought me a Gaugemaster / Piko track cleaning wagon for Christmas and while a quick trial indicates that my Bachmann 9F has enough grunt to move it, I've hesitated to use it yet. The reason is that I have Gaugemaster HF track cleaners in use on my layout and know from experience that the 16Volts constantly output to the track can give quite a jolt if accidently touched. Its intended purpose is to 'burn off' dirt deposits from rails and stock wheels and my concern is that, unless disconnected the HF Cleaners will burn into the cleaning pad on my new wagon.
  5. You say the loco is TTS fitted, so I assume your control system is DCC, which I'm not familiar with, but am vaguely familiar with the principles. First thing to check is does the plug and wire connection between loco and tender come under any additional strain when negotiating curves in the direction you have the problem with. Are you able to run the loco with the tender top removed so you can see if anything in the area of the chip is disturbed when the loco is moving in that direction? As Butler Henderson has said above, can you check if the wheels are free to move an equal distance to
  6. Reminds me of a visit with friends several years ago, a highly enjoyable venue of which I have happy memories. Thank you Dave and I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. John
  7. Reading your post got me thinking that there were at one time two shops in the Micklegate area, on opposite sides of the road. Walking out of the City Centre the shop that became Puffers (I think it had an earlier trade name which I can't recall) was on the right and had quite a large frontage. On the left side of the road was the other more compact shop to which I think you are referring, a veritable Aladdin's cave of vintage kits, diecasts and everything to appeal to the 'Collector'. I recall discovering this shop by chance at the end of a holiday in York when funds were very much deple
  8. For information : I and I assume everyone on their email contact list, had an email from Derails on Christmas Eve, notifying that due to local flooding, none of the staff had been able to reach the office and there would be an impact on dealing with enquiries and orders. I don't know if that situation persists, but it might be worth bearing in mind if folk feel they're not experiencing the usual level of service. Regards, John
  9. My thanks to you Dave for the wonderful variety of photos you post each Day. Best wishes to you , yours and all the regular contributors to this most enjoyable thread, for Christmas and the coming New, and I hope much better Year. John
  10. Thanks to Steamport Southport for identifying the Jubilee pictured climbing Lickey. I was bought a print of that painting many years ago and until now, thought I'd never know the loco's name or number, which just can't be distinguished on the painting. Being a print which probably sold in thousands from general dealers there are no clues on the reverse or elsewhere. Now at last I know, thank you. Regards, John
  11. Hi RyanN91, agreed its very annoying and stressful at the time, but on reflection the bank is acting in your interests. It can also heighten your awareness of the possibility of scams making you more alert when an 'unusual activity on your debit card' text arrives out of the blue, (scam) but that is a different topic. John
  12. Hoping I've read the intent of the OP correctly, and apologies in advance if the following is out of intended scope. At one time circa 1970s to at least 1980s, Newcastle Upon Tyne Boasted 'The Model Shop' on Blenheim Street (Later relocated at Marlborough Crescent until closure), Northumbria Models at Waterloo Street, Two Beatties stores, one on Northumberland Street, the other in Eldon Square, plus another shop, the name of which I can't recall on Dean Street. In addition Fenwicks Department Store had a Hornby concession at the time and, again in later years there was a Modelzone stockin
  13. Afraid that's now standard security procedure and you will almost certainly have had advance warning of it buried in small print on your statement or other communication from the bank. It happens thankfully infrequently and the transaction the extra check is applied to is 'selected' totally randomly. No doubt there'll be an algorithm at work somewhere behind the scenes. It happened to me when I was buying a new 'phone earlier this year and circumstances conspired to have both my Wife's and my own Debit cards blocked. I had to phone Fraud and undergo the Spanish Inquisition (best to have a
  14. Agreed Legend, I think this one is moving us nearer to the era of the 'Train Pack' concept, which featured Loco and stock only, no track or accessories, but with the option of add on stock packs as an after sale item. more definitely aimed at the adult collector market. Regards, John
  15. A quick note of thanks to High Level Kits as the Gearbox I ordered last Friday arrived safely this morning. Given that I'm sure it was me who gave the incorrect expiry date with my payment card details, rather than Chris recording it wrongly, I'm much obliged for the call back and impromptu chat, excellent Service. Regards, John Jones
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