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  1. Thank you Jwealleans, I'll get an order underway shortly. Regards, John
  2. My Daughter kindly bought me a couple of the 20 Ton Hopper kits recently and looking through the instructions I see that axle bearings are required. The only ones I have are unsuitable for the kit, being too great diameter, both inside and outside dimensions, so I'm looking to source the most appropriate ones, probably from Wizard Models. My query is :- which bearings are most suitable for this kit, between the plain , unshouldered cylindrical pattern, Top Hat, or shouldered pin point variety. Any guidance will be gratefully received. Thanks, John
  3. One of the most attractive and impressive pieces of modelling I've seen for quite some time and additional kudos given the provenance of the base model BTP. Regards, John
  4. Sorry, to the best of my recollection I didn't notice a Bachmann demo layout, just their items for sale displayed in glass cabinets. Regards, John
  5. I don't have an N Class, originally because I was put off purchasing due to reported Mazak Rot problems years ago. See pinned topic at the head of this section. The problem appears on 'The List of affected models' described for " Bachmann 31-152 Southern N Class 31813 - Mainframe disintegrates". I don't know if that was exclusive to the particular model, but another early symptom of Mazak problems has been generally described as 'swelling of chassis castings, causing axle journals to close around the axles making movement stiff.' I sincerely hope this isn't the problem being encountered by the OP, but might be worth trying to check for. Regards, John
  6. The layout at Locomotion Shildon was still in place and operational with at least one of the budget 0-4-0 tanks running, the last time I was able to visit before lockdown.
  7. Thanks for your attention to this Andy, I had no idea there was any controversy involved and am sorry you've had to be troubled and involved in this manner - especially on A Sunday. I hope the thread continues in a civilised and informative way until and when the models are produced. Best regards, John
  8. As highlighted by members 'Tramshed' and MGR Hooper in recent posts to the Hornby Engine Shed Topic, the dedicated Topic/ Thread about the forthcoming Hornby models of Thompson Class A2/2 and A2/3 Pacifics is no longer present or accessible on RMWeb. Is this known to the Admin team and has the thread been removed deliberately or through a fault on the forum please ? The models were originally scheduled for release Approx. Winter 2020 to early 2021 but those dates could possibly slip due to the pandemic situation. There would seem to be ample time and scope for information and discussion prior to release, so it looks unlikely that the topic would be removed deliberately . Any information or explanation about this situation would be appreciated. Regards, John
  9. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery and power to your modelling elbow when you get back to the bench. In the meantime, take it easy. Best Wishes, John
  10. Thanks to MickLNER, Micknich2003 and Sjp23480 for the information and links to photographs. The usual problem with photos in the vicinity of the whistle is that there's usually steam issuing from the safety valves or whistle which obscures the detail you need to see, or that the viewpoint from which a picture is taken blends the specific subject into the background or obscures the detail. There is one photo of 62396 with early BR tender totem in the second set of Flickr photos linked by Sjp23480 in which it looks clear to me that the whistles are mounted through the cab roof, so I appear to be ok with my previously uninformed choice. I'm hopeful I shouldn't need to have gone to … (enter your choice of optician) Thanks all, we can return to following Brian D's build. Regards, John
  11. With Brian D's indulgence, talk of the safety valve seating has brought a long standing question to mind which perhaps the collective might help me with, that is the whistle(s) [?] on 62396 in BR Early totem days. A white metal item resembling a curvy letter Y, with whistles of different heights was provided with my kit and it appeared this was intended to locate behind the safety valves. There were however two uncleared locating holes at the front of the cab roof which I think indicated alternative sites for individual whistles. I think choice of style and location was intended to be determined by period , LNER or BR. In my naivety I decided the double whistle looked ungainly and separated the whistles for location in the cab roof for my early BR No 62396, the number plate for which was manufactured to order by the original proprietor of 247 Developments. (I wonder if this is now a 'stock' item with the current owner ?) I've never been able to find a photo which clearly shows the design and location of the whistle on this loco in early BR livery and wonder if anyone can clarify this for me. (Not even able to discern this on the cracking photos posted here by Mikemeg and Micknich2003 ) Additionally, does anyone know if the Y shaped whistles are available to buy from any source, should replies to this query suggest I should change my model ? Thanks and apologies for the thread hijack Brian D. Regards, John
  12. I've searched and found this thread due to my concern with the animated ads moving the screen content and causing me to click on ads or topics unintentionally. I note this has been mentioned a number of times throughout the course of this thread. I completely understand the need for advertising and that the selection of ads and their placement is largely down to Google. I am not particularly bothered by most advertising in itself , targeted or otherwise. Can I add my hope however that when changes are made, as has been trailed above, something will happen to prevent ads from moving screen content outside users' control? Its been getting beyond irritating recently causing me to curtail my browsing of RM Web in frustration, not a situation I want to become a habit . Regards, John
  13. From the photo and the dimensions you give, I'd say that this is a classic Tri-Ang/ Hornby Xo4 or perhaps one of its derivatives. If the armature has 5 pole pieces, then its almost certainly an Airfix (MW005 I think?) which was an almost drop in replacement for the X04. The slightly chunky appearance of the brush pieces does incline me to think it is the Airfix motor. The real experts in this field will doubtless be along shortly to give you a definite ID. Regards, John
  14. John, I read your post above about comments you've received (PMs?) with disbelief. If you want a confidence booster, just look back through your thread and note some of the names whose interest, support and input you've attracted by your efforts. Accentuate the positives and in your case ignore the negatives, your work is fine and all your own efforts, with some help and advice of worthy modellers thrown in. Regards, John
  15. Another chapter in the book of something new learned every day on RMWeb, thanks Headstock. I think what my photos illustrate is how easily the camera's or eye's perception of colour and shades of it can be so easily altered simply by a slight change of viewpoint. A veritable minefield and I wish Hornby well with this aspect of what I'm sure will be a wonderful model. Regards, John
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