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  1. Firstly to re iterate thanks to Andy Y for his efforts to get some kind of resolution to the annoying aspects which have arisen over the past few days. I think those responsible for the format and placement of the Ads need to appreciate that the last thing an ad needs if it is to succeed, is to be so annoying to the target audience that its totally ignored while a way of removing it is sought. The one at the top of the screen which shuffles downwards and moves the topic options you are trying to click on is a brilliant example. I don't think anyone should be interfering with my control of my laptop for any reason. Regards, John
  2. This is the situation I raised at 19:41 last Wednesday and the 'discussion' has gone into some depth. Simplest way to dismiss the screen obscuring advert is to click the back arrow on the top left of the topic screen, select required topic again and you should be ok. Thanks to previous contributors for this advice. Regards, John
  3. Ah, its back when I've accessed the forum this time, easily dismissed now though, so no longer a concern. Regards, John
  4. Noticed the absence of the pop up ad obscuring all else last night and this morning, perhaps the nature of it hiding all other adverts, as well as forum content is being looked at ? The suggestion about an 'advisory' notice when a new format of Advert is going to be introduced is certainly worth consideration by those who do control such things. That would save the likes of me wondering if it was something wrong with my laptop etc. Regards, John
  5. At least I now know this is not some malfunction of my laptop or O.S., which is what concerned me most. I just find it a little illogical that an advert for an 'ad blocker' is effectively preventing me from seeing adverts placed and paid for by other companies; is this partially the result I'd get if I obtained said Ad Blocker which might presumably allow viewing of content without any adverts at all ? Puzzling. Regards, John
  6. I'm experiencing a new(to me) problem with ads, but before I continue may I please be clear I understand the need for ads to help finance RMWeb. What is happening is that I select my first topic on the forum and instead of the expected content, I'm presented with an ad, ironically for ad blocker, in the middle of the screen, but the whole of my screen behind the ad is 'opaque', no content visible at all. I have to dismiss the ad before I can see the forum page or even other adverts in their usual position on right side of the screen. My question, is this ad appearing and functioning correctly ? Regards, John
  7. Pizza Pot this year though, after the previous season's winners had held the trophy for ....... 24 hours.
  8. Mother used to refer to Miners' talk as 'Pitmatic' it being almost incomprehensible to those outside the profession. Terms such as 'Hewers', 'Putters' and 'Marras' were the most commonly known amongst the none mining members of the community in Brandon , but there were many words which remained a mystery. Possibly just as well. Going back to the Hartlepools, when I played Rugby Union at the Junior team Levels for Durham City (Citizens), the Colts manager delighted in using what he considered the abusive nick name, but pronounced it most carefully as 'Monkey HIngers' to emphasise the derision. This applied to any team from Hartlepool regardless of specific geographic location, Hartlepool Rovers were simply 'Rovers' (British) West Hartlepool were 'West', there was another team I'm struggling to recall, but without distinction to Ned, they were all 'Monkey Hingers'. To round off on topic, I'll mention that My Early Crest BR J27, pre ordered with Rails Of Sheffield the day they were announced, duly arrived, complete and sweet running during the first delivery of that version. Finding the tender to be so light as to routinely derail when running in reverse, I found ample room inside the tender body to add two strips of ballast to the inside, but did have a struggle to release the rear of the tender body from the chassis. As a consequence I managed to dislodge two of the lamp irons from the tender frame. Fortunately I did notice this happen and retrieved the parts which were surprisingly easy to refit. Very pleased overall with the model, especially good value considering comparable products from other brands. Regards, John
  9. While apparently, we natives of Durham are 'Jimmys', though where that came from I've no idea.
  10. And belated Birthday Greetings from me too Dave, really appreciate your posting photos each day, such an interesting range of locations, subjects and vintages in your collection.. Regards, John
  11. E-mail from Rails Of Sheffield yesterday evening, Early crest version is on its way to me. Regards, John
  12. GWR-fan, Another informative and useful post, thanks. Any idea why the option of 'React' buttons (Like, etc.) aren't available on your posts ? Regards, John
  13. To add to Right Away's comment above, I have just had the most helpful and courteous customer experience with Derails. I must make particular mention of Julie, who not only patiently helped me placing my order for their last available NCB Peckett 'The Earl', but has emailed me regarding my comments about the difficulty I had removing the loco from the Hornby packaging. Top marks as ever for service and 'plus' points for interest in the customer. Regards, John
  14. GWR-fan, Don't know why I haven't got the option to 'React' to your post above, but "Thanks" as that is "Informative, Useful" and I "Agree" about the Transparent sleeve. I know the model is aimed at the Mature/ Collector end of the market, but I'd hate to think of the difficulties that could be experienced by a 'frail elderly' or 'impatient excited Junior' just trying to get one of these out of the box. Regards, John
  15. Just had the same experience with my NCB liveried version 'The Earl', I really struggled to remove the outer 'picture' sleeve from the carton and was contemplating just cutting it away before finally succeeding. I somehow doubt that it will be possible to replace this on the carton and am not even going to try, the box is not that important to me. The transparent plastic inner sleeve was not quite as tight, but still took more physical effort to remove than I was comfortable with. Thankfully I managed to extract the model without damaging it. Having said all that, it is an excellent model which runs beautifully, that is the important aspect for me, but I wouldn't look forward to unboxing another if that packaging is standard for these models. Regards, John
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