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  1. Those look very good and above all convincing, can you provide more detail on the roping and cleating, please
  2. No, they do indeed seem more than a touch overdue. Mind you, although I' far from convinced about the khaki paint job I have a suspicion that if it was lined out it might pass for the pre-1914 livery
  3. complete with the one strong man in the photie
  4. What Paul said. The MSC version from the original release is a good example with an original but altered dome with Ross pop valves, but they haven't re-used that particular tooling. The flat-domed versions with Ross pop-valves are fairly common though. The all-black Lilleshall one would be particularly good for a late scenario.
  5. The photies are ample testimony to this. The earlier ones were obviously taken within a day, if not hours, of coming out of the paint shop, while the last one looks a lot more "convincing" and both models as offered will clearly benefit from weathering. I don't know how long the van had air conditioning, but it certainly appears in a lot of photies.
  6. Speaking of The Bear, does anyone know whether the blue livery is original to Colville's/Beardmore's at Mossend, or whether it comes from the 1942 rebuild by Barclays ?
  7. And that is exactly the point about these coaches. You might be inclined to complain that Hornby didn't take the opportunity to produce a super-detailed LBSCR range to hang behind a Terrier, but for the rest of us mere mortals wanting to run something akin to the North British or the Caledonian they are an enormous improvement on those "horrible old 4-wheelers" and Triang clerestories which are all we've been offered in the past.
  8. Me too, which makes me very happy, but it suggests that Hattons are scrambling to get enough stock to honour the pre-orders with nothing left over for general stock
  9. I posted yesterday on the 4-6 wheel coaches on that thread. As first advertised on Hattons website, they were all due out January/February, so I immediately pre-ordered two NBR ones. The other week I was advised that the 6 wheel brake was ready, so promptly paid up and received it as quickly and as efficiently as ever. There was no word at all however of the 6-wheel compo and when I looked again at the catalogue, estimated delivery dates for all of them had shifted in some cases to December-January. Then this very day I had a notification that the 6-wheel compo is ready to go. I re
  10. Back when the happy news broke I pre-ordered a 6 wheel unclassified brake and 6 wheel 3rd in North British livery from Hattons. Delivery at that time was predicted as January/February. The other week I was duly notified that if I electronically crossed their palms with silver, the 6 wheel brake would be despatched to me. I did, it was, and I'm perfectly happy with it, but there was no word of the 6 wheel 3rd. However, according to Hatton's website : The NBR 6 wheelers are not now due until December 2021- February 2022 and the 4 wheelers have vanished
  11. Back in the day it was one of my jobs to administer lineside allotments. Sheds were forbidden - so were children and other livestock. They also fell into two officially designated categories. Allotments could be quite large and weren't that common. Most were actually designated as lineside gardens and were directly accessed from adjacent properties, usually the bottom of a regular garden, and weren't fenced off. The basic principle was that they were occupied at the pleasure of the District Engineer and he had to be satisfied that they weren't going to interfere with s
  12. Looks splendid. Are you going to ruin the effect by adding the copper, it rarely seems to be visible in photies of the originals ?
  13. Another wizard wheeze might be to run the coach behind something which doesn't affect it, Then run the Dukedog on a parallel track and see what happens when they pass.
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