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  1. Anent the gold monstrosity, I acquired a Hornby rendering of Backworth No.49 the other day. This features the same horror dimension wise, but the paint job actually disguises it. There appears to have been an initial dark layer [a sort of dark brown gold] with bright gold highlights on top - for you and I dry brushing. The effect is quite striking and I needed to look very closely to confirm that it didn't after all have scale pipework.
  2. I want you to do my track-laying and ballasting for me please
  3. So far as modelling goes, its worth emphasising that "as far as Edinburgh" because there was normally a loco change there, although I've no idea what took over.
  4. Well we always had to go right to the back end
  5. So why do I remember loading crates of eels into BGs or BSKs at Guild Street ?
  6. Dunno about the locos, but I remember helping my Dad load crates of eels into a maroon liveried BG or BSK.
  7. Looking at my picture books it was in a fairly mucky black in about 1968. It got transferred to Comrie in 1971 and that was probably when it was painted green. The next photies I have are 1979, but I've nothing in between. What I would mention though is that I've photies of some Barclays at Polkemmet in 1979 in the same livery, but so absolutely filthy that its hard to see the join between the blue and the yellow. No.19 is very definitely much cleaner, but nothing like the EFE model. The blue is darker and the yellow seems to have faded very quickly to a lemony shade.
  8. Dark blue was used for most of the South Northumberland locos. With the obvious exception of Backworth 49 any "green" ones are down to a combination of film stock/processing and light conditions. The red wagons on the other hand I reckon are down to the cheaper paint slapped on to wooden wagons. You can tell that some of them are freshly painted in what appears to be a bright russet red, but I remember helping my Dad paint a boatyard in that very colour over 50 years. It didn't last, it faded very quickly and that was in a pretty clean environment. Add in pit-head muck... The point is, and the Backworth photies demonstrate it, that there's a tremendous variation. There's not much jumbling up individually, but the cuts are different with one lot of wagons looking bright and shiny, another less so and others decidedly shabby.
  9. Funnily enough there's a very relevant case in point here A very bright red wagon, but its attached to a very green looking number 9
  10. Yep, definitely Backworth. Like most of the Backworth locos No.9 was a very dark blue, not the green it appears to be in the first photie
  11. Thanks for this. As it happens I am indeed intending a Scottish vehicle so there's bit of serendity
  12. Yeah, it obviously works. I just wonder what I'm missing
  13. Changing the subject, something that puzzles me is the LNER ploughs. The Shark appears straightforward. The ballast is dropped and the plough blade spreads it as it goes forward, However on the LNER version the plough blades are located in the middle of the vehicle, which means that the wheels hit the ballast before the blades do ?
  14. I'm a bit unsure about the "lineage". The LMS Oyster is exactly as you say, but my understanding is that the Shark was also introduced by the LMS as an improved version rather than by BR Having carried out the quick and dirty modifications as described above I wonder whether Hornby night have had the same in mind, ie; the possibility of releasing an LMS Shark, just as they only need to change the buffers on the Trout tooling.
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