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  1. Any idea what happened to these layouts?
  2. I have ridden Cordoba to Granada in 2013 by Talgo, a windy route after leaving the standard gauge LAV at Antequera. We were in Preferente class, due to a booking mistake online (!) but wasn't very pricey. Lovely comfy seats, fantastic 4 course meal (airline style on a tray but most definitely not airline quality) with choice of wine and digestif included. No problem at all with the ride. Have also ridden on the high speed Talgo which was very comfy too. I found all the Spanish high speed stock, and cross country stock, had very good sized seats, much better than a UK Pendolino, 158 or 170. F
  3. May I ask which Irish forum? Always keen to read more about Irish railways.
  4. Does anyone know of any diagrams, pictures or models of any of the "might have been" such as: - Proposed GSR 4-4-2T no 380 (Inchicore Class C1) - Proposed 3-cylinder 4-6-2T -Rebuilt Woolwich moguls I am also interested to hear of any colour photos of any of the DSER section tank locos, especially 850.
  5. Has anyone ever seen the model of GSWR 500 class 4-6-0 which is in the collection of Thinktank Birmingham (previously B'ham Science Museum)? Anyone got a photo?!?!?
  6. Does anyone know of any colour photos of 2-6-2T no 850? Preferably in green livery, although as I've never seen any colour photo of this loco I would settle for any livery! I would also be interested to hear of any colour photos of any of the ex-DSER tank locos. I know there are one or two in the second volume of Irish Railways in Colour by Tom Ferris. Also happy to hear of any good B&W photos of no 850.
  7. Has anyone built a model of the Fowler Compound Pacific or the Lemon 4-8-0? If so, any photos?
  8. I am trying to find photographs of non-standard pacific (4-6-2) locos used on the Indian broad gauge during British imperial times. There were six classes (as well as the standard pre-war XA, XB and XC and the post-war WP and WL – I am not looking for photos of these). The six were: BB&CIR P, EIR PS, GIPE XP, NWR XS1 & XS2 and NWR WL (not the later standard WL). I know of some photos (see below) but very few. I would be most grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of other photos. Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway P Class N°s 601 & 602 (Built 1924 by Kitson, wor
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