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  1. I would definitely take one set
  2. Hi, I have lost one of the whistles for the Hornby Railroad Evening Star, anyone know where I can get a replacement?
  3. Crankycalf, I could not agree more with you. And if N gauge is too small for kids, how come Tomix produce a Thomas range.
  4. Great modelling!! Where did you get that n scale pendolino?
  5. What materials do you recommend for making these kits? Is it better to use plastic - and if so what gauge? Or is card better - and if so, what thickness. I am moving to N from OO and have the OO kits which I can use (scaled down)
  6. Thanks. How do you cut out the windows? I found it hard enough to cut out small windows in OO on thick card - especially small arched windows.
  7. Are the N scale scale scenes kits exactly the same, in terms of parts, than their OO scale equivalents. I found some of the OO scale parts to be quite small and I am not sure I have enough dexterity to model them in N?
  8. Has anyone built an n scale modern double tunnel portal out of card - e.g. similar to the ICE tunnel portals. If so, how did you do it?
  9. Gaugemaster are a great company. Their staff are friendly, knowledgeable and have patience to explain. Great exhibition - only downside were that there were no trains running to Ford because of engineering works!
  10. Thanks for this. I can run the OO gauge Pendolino on 2nd, 3rd and 4th radius with large radius points at max speed (4 coaches). I was not sure how it equated to n scale.
  11. This layout it providing me with inspiration for when I downsize to n scale. You mentioned that you will not be able to run your Pendolino - is this because of the curves? Would a four coach Pendolino run? I want to future proof the layout for whenever the Pendolino is released. Your Pendolino is excellent - I am jealous!!
  12. Love that Electrostar - fabulous job. Those photos fooled me at first because I thought they were actual trains. The flats look just like those on the Cosham Triangle.
  13. I am considering moving to N gauge. I will want to run Voyagers (and Pendolinos whenever they are produced) but not sure of the minimum curve radii to use so that they can go at full speed round a circuit. What would you recommend?
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