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  1. Hi Hugh, Barclay 2195 was a 16" type and was green. After closure she was transferred to North Gawber Colliery but didn't turn a wheel, being too light for work there.
  2. Marshall5- cheeky question but any chance of a copy of "One Iron Horse- Handle With Care"? We had it recorded on video but my mother threw it out when my dad died a few years back so sadly I am unable to watch it. Would LOVE to see it again- first saw it when I was a small lad (about 8 year old I think) and I thought it was a great documentary.
  3. Big thanks to Don Townsley for his contribution to this thread, especially regarding the Peruvian 16" saddle tanks. I promise I won't start on the 12" saddle tanks- like the pair which worked on the Manchester Ship Canal railway
  4. I am compared the pictures now and what I put up is a Hunslet 16". Still don't know which one it is, obviously, but what a find! There's another one abroad- at Thirlmere, NSW- but I don't think many will know about this one in Peru. Quite exciting.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if modifications had been made over the years- look at the Turkish 8Fs for example. But the outline is wonderfully familiar. The stovepipe chimney amuses me- they didn't have blokes from Hunslet or Allerton Bywater working out in Peru did they?
  6. The six 16" Hunslets which went to Peru were 1495, 1651, 1652, 1876, 3507 and 3690- all between 1926 and 1950. Question is, which one is this? Would love to know.
  7. And there was also this via Google images- same blog. The blog says it's a Beyer Peacock but this looks to me like a Hunslet 0-6-0ST 16" x 22" IC. http://trenesdelperu.blogspot.com/2010/05/locomotora-del-fc-del-sur.html
  8. Michael, I am glad that I had been misinformed, because I am pleased to announce (if you did not already know) that 1643 is still with us- alive and well in Arequipa! As the other six Hunslet 0-6-0STs sent to Peru were 16" x 22" IC types, this MUST be her. This is the blog where I found the pic: http://trenesdelperu.blogspot.com/2009/07/locomotora-en-parque-ferroviario-de.html
  9. Michael Edge, thanks for correcting me. May I pass this on to Mike Morant who has his photo mislabelled?
  10. Michael, I've seen mention elsewhere of 1643 being a 14 x 20 OC, however the picture of it at Shipton on Cherwell has it with inside cylinders. A mistake in Hunslet's own records, or did perhaps works plates get mixed up during the years (like Hunslety 3302 in latter years?).
  11. https://mikemorant.smugmug.com/Trains-Railways-British-Isles/Miscellaneous/Industrial-railways-North/i-LdRm5pm/A Hunslet 1643 at Shipton-on-Cherwell in 1959.
  12. Sorry, I meant Edith... at least they're steam engines and not women
  13. Another "Airedale"- thought it was a bit too chunky to be a 14" IC but wasn't sure. The 14" ICs working in the coal industry- to my knowledge- were HE1482 (Dora) at Middleton Broom/Old Roundwood, HE1499 (Cecil Levita) at Dodworth, HE1643 (Bramley No.4) at Dodworth/North Gawber/Darton Opencast Screens and HE1672 at Frickley/New Monckton.
  14. Can't download the picture, so here's the link- Hunslet 1450 at Coppice Colliery OOU 1965. I don't think it's a 15" so it must be 14" IC but it can be hard to tell sometimes. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8503682393/sizes/h/
  15. I may have found an earlier 14" IC- Hunslet 1450 which went to Shipley Colliery in Derbyshire. I've got a picture of it out of use in my Flickr favourites. BTW Michael, is your Hunslet 14" in 4mm or 7mm as I will definitely buy one- to compare when finished with my scratchbuilt version (I know your's will be better).
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