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  1. The ET423s that were meant to replace the ET420s on the Munich S-bahn were about the same length overall, but were 4-car units instead of 3-car. I said 'meant to replace the ET420s' because although the ET420s did disappear from Munich for a while, some returned after the 'A' line from Dachau to Altomünster was electrified and the routes were re-organised, requiring more tains. ET423 and ET420 (refurbished 'museumzug') side by side run ('parallelfahrt') from Giesing to Deisenhofen to mark completion of conversion of the route from single track to double track (2003). Any excuse for a party.
  2. The blue flashing lights seem like a good candidate for a push button on the front of the layout for the kids to operate. Having them constantly flashing is not a good look.
  3. I'm not sure that yellow sticky tape is recommended for fixing woodwork ....
  4. A disasterous fire in October 2005 raged through the Nürnberg railway museum engine shed that housed 24 historic locomotives. One of these was Adler (Eagle). This was a replica the first steam locomotive to run in Germany, built by the Robert Stephenson Company in 1835. The original was scrapped in 1855, but this replica was built in 1935 to mark the centenary of original. Two years, and a million euro later, Adler was rebuilt, reportedly even more accurately reproducing the original than the 1935 build, and ready to run again. This contemporary news film has just appeared on Youtube showing the destruction of the fire, and what would be involved in the reconstruction of Adler.
  5. From my limited experience at a couple of Plandampf and similar gatherings, they often arrive at a head of a special excursion train bringing enthusiasts to the event.
  6. Would there not be an overflow pipe to prevent over-filling? Here is my attempt. I really must get around to fitting the outlet and hose on the wall so my Terriers can actually top up. However, this side is not normally visible.
  7. "A dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you, and a pig looks you straight in the eye."
  8. Dr Brown found his DeLorean would not accept 2020 for some reason, so he had to go back to the 1950’s and ended up in Todmorden.
  9. A good day, layout behaving, but noticeably quieter than previous years. And then I had a diesel infestation
  10. All set up ready at TINGS next to the 2mm Roadshow:
  11. Car all loaded up ready to go tomorrow for setting up (actually I did not unload it after last weekend's dry run at the Basingstoke MRS Open Day). See you all there over the weekend
  12. Is there not a growing interest in railways in the people of Altonia that could be channelled into forming a group that could dedicate themselves to preserving this precious artifact of their nation's industrial hertitage? It is obviously far too early to contemplate preserving a closed line (are there any closed lines in Altonia yet?) but I am sure an arrangement could be made with the AFK to run special trips once this fine locomotive has been restored to its former glory.
  13. Two things came to mind. 1. Brian Harraps backscene apron he wears when behind his layout. 2. A 'coffee table' layout I saw at a show with the operators sitting in arm chairs and banners behind them of a full size photo of their living room, fireplace, bookshelves and all
  14. Today was an 'Open Day' for Basingstoke MRS at the clubrooms and the adjacent Scout HQ hall. Several club layouts on show, and an excellent opportunity to try out Freshwater before TINGS next weekend. It has been a long, long time since it went anywhere. First problem was remembering how it all fitted in my car. I was expecting trouble from track that had not been cleaned for 18 months, and all the new rolling stock with untried couplings and back-to-back. However, the layout ran very well. Still more track cleaning needed, and one of the Terriers has picked up some grit in the gears, but hopefully things are looking good for next weekend. A little taster of something new to see on the layout:
  15. I have used some of their laser cut vegetation on Freshwater which looks really good. Hopefully the buildings will turn out good too.
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