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  1. That is more a question about Decoder Pro than Sprog. For the best support for JMRI/Decoder Pro queries, the place to go is the jmriuser groups.io email group.
  2. The difference between 'Catch' and 'Trap' points is where they are placed, and what they are used for, rather than how they operate, or the number of blades. Trap Points are used to prevent conflicting movements onto a main line, such as inadvertent exit of vehicles from a goods yard onto the main line. Catch Points are used to prevent vehicles from running out of control down long gradients. These are often spring loaded so a train running up hill can pass them, but runaway wagons from the rear end of the train will be caught and derailed.
  3. I did start creating the BMR for Micro$oft Train Simulator some years ago. I also created a 3D model of the Steeleman Royale locomotives used there in recent years. One of the interesting stories I came across when researching was that workers trains were run from Oxford, using BMR locos and stock. It came as a bit of a shock to the Western locomen who had taken many years to rise to the rank of 'driver', seeing an old LBSCR 'Gladstone' next to them at Oxford being driven by teenagers from the army.
  4. Yes indeed, good luck to this year's teams. Enjoy yourselves, and take lots of photos while there to keep as momentos. We put all our team's photos together as a photo-book, one copy each, and it is good to look back on.
  5. You may have already spotted this, but a guy here on rmweb has recently produced several, unusual, Irish vehicles that he sells on Shapeways. He reckons he will rescale any of his models on request, so 1/152 would be possible: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/123844-more-3d-spurn-head-railway-railcarlms-fowler-2-6-2t-locognri-railcar-b/&do=findComment&comment=3527568 Good luck
  6. Freshwater, Isle of Wight station was replaced by a Co-op, but now they have moved to a new, larger premises down the road. Part of the goods yard end is now a garden centre, operated by one of the former coal merchants that used the railway yard in earlier times. The 'End of the Line' cafe has photos of the line on the walls, and there is a topiary locomotive outside near the railway path to Yarmouth. Parts of the old platform still exist, as does the WW2 pillbox, which is now a roundabout in the middle of the car park.
  7. Had a great day out at the Haywards Heath show. Everything worked OK, except for the random sound effects being triggered as the trains moved, when no buttons were being pressed. I think I need to add some electric noise suppression, or review the power supply for the sound module to sort this out. Most of the time the sounds were triggered OK by the kids pressing the buttons though. One family had travelled in from Kent just to see us, so we had to do a group photo with them.
  8. Just managed to get all the sound effect push buttons working while the lads waited to load the layout into the van. Come and push my buttons, if you dare.
  9. What will the signalling be for that crossing to the warehouse on the spur to the West London Line? It would probably need trap points, or the points at each end might need to be controlled (or at least unlocked) by the box. I like the way Lance Mindheim has real padlocks protecting switches to operate points and gates on his US layouts to emulate the prototypical operations.
  10. If you have not stumbled across it yet, this is a very informative thread about using the Photon here on rmweb https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/142773-anycubic-photon-3d-dlp-printer/ Ian
  11. Hopefully Hornby will be more prepared for the 'GMRC Effect' when the second series is aired on the TV later this year. Last year they could not supply enough train sets to the shops before Christmas.
  12. Same sentiments here. We had a couple of issues with the sound fitted 08 that we had renamed and renumbered "Gronk" for our GMRC layout "Santa's Globetrotting Vacation". It seems a faulty motor was killing the decoders. It was turned around promptly by Hornby and worked sweetly all weekend at our Basingstoke exhibition. It will be running again at Haywards Heath on May 11th. Thanks Hornby.
  13. I hope you enjoy the sound effects and bubbles
  14. The Basingstoke Bodgers' Great Model Railway Challenge layout "Santa's Globetrotting Vacation" will be at the Haywards Heath exhibition on Saturday 11th May 2019. Dolphin Leisure Centre, Pasture Hill Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1LY
  15. There is a Guinness narrow gauge loco and 'conversion truck' at the Chalk Pits Museum, Amberley, Sussex Amberley Museum
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