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  1. Studying photos of Freshwater station for my 2mmFS model, I realised that I needed a pair of power poles. Of course, they only appeared in the background of photos, so are not very clear and poorly focused. It appears that a run of 3-phase power comes in from Yarmouth to the north on pairs of wooden A-frame poles. The last one before the railway differed in that it had an extra inclined pole on the railway side. The end of the run, on the south side of the railway was a substantial construction including a transformer. It looks like a single phase supply ran back to the tripod pole (lower down) where it appears to have then run down to a buried cable, presumeably to feed some local housing. It looks like earth wires just lay draped across a horizonal bar as I cannot see any sign of connectors. Here is my attempt to replicate the tripod pole using 2mm diameter brass rod, 1/32" brass wire, brass L-section and some insulators I found on Shapeways. Once planted, it will be about 75mm tall. And with a quick coat of primer. Now I need to paint and plant it, and then turn my attention to the more complex transformer poles. Please feel free to tell me how wrong I have got this.
  2. It does seem to be a pity as you have done most of the hard work. However, I have to say it took me 25 years and maybe a dozen attempts before I managed to get a chassis working the way I was hoping for.
  3. Another Skoda at the DampfLokFest, Selzthal, Austria in 2003
  4. In case anyone is interested, the NLAMSA location is an IMPC Code for a Postal Facility. NL for Holland, AMS for Amsterdam, and the last letter A-Z identifies different postal facilities in that town/city. The Royal Mail International sorting centre near Heathrow is called GBLALA, which always makes me imagine lots of Tellitubbies running around in there.
  5. Unfortunately, the 'Thornycroft Day' at Brookfield Community Centre had to be cancelled when Covid restrictions were extended, but we have continued to refurbish the layout. (Photo courtesy of 'Radio Times' Archive) Photo by Peter Thorpe (Photos courtesy of 'Radio Times' Archive) Photo by Peter Thorpe
  6. We have been refurbishing and finishing off a little N gauge layout we originally built in 2 days for an article in the Radio Times. It was going to be shown at a Thornycroft day at a local community centre, but this had to be cancelled. Anyway, a couple of nice photos show a part of the layout now, compared with the real location: (Photo courtesy of 'Radio Times' Archive) Photo by Peter Thorpe (Photo courtesy of 'Radio Times' Archive) Photo by Peter Thorpe
  7. There is no tracking while in Customs. The Carrier has no access to the shipment, or any information about it, until Customs finally release the shipment to the Carrier again.
  8. Wonderful stuff. The trackwork on Alresford was laid using to old plastic sleeper bases. It was laid during a cold winter, and we had our coats on in the clubrooms. Araldite was like toffee at those temperatures, but we did manage to get the track down. However, when the weather warmed up and the rail expanded, we had not not left enough expansion gaps. The rail was held in by the chair mouldings, so the only way was up, and we ended up with a roller coaster. Happy days :-)
  9. I still think etches are the way forward for wing/door mirrors, windscreen wipers, roof racks, etc.
  10. I have problems with both now, but using strong glasses and fine tweezers I am still able to keep going for now.
  11. I think it is metal, but I cannot remember where it came from now.
  12. I have some of this. If it looks OK, PM your snail mail address and I can pop some in an envelope for you. Probably enough for a few dozen pots that size.
  13. Tillig track seems quite popular. It looks good, but some say the points are a little 'fragile'.
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