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  1. The Sprinter invasion of early 89 has started ! Possibly one of the most playable sound projects by Legomanbiffo yet ! Superbly captured , the engine noise and the c.d.l with delayed hustle alarm is just so realistic . The I phone speakers are questionable and I will be looking to replace these ASAP in order to do this brilliant model justice. Love them or loath them , 156s have now been the longest serving , most successful traction on the west highland line.
  2. Alternate view of the Kirk with 413 approaching the west crossing before Meanach station .
  3. Hi . I’ve obtained a rake of 4 tourist green & cream coaches thanks to a friendly fellow R.M Webber offering me them at a very fair price. They are currently in the works having their ribbed roof filed off and obsolete water filler steps cut away . I will then re-spray the roves and ends and give them a light weathering . Also seats to be painted and passengers installed .
  4. I used woodland scenics risers on Meanach . They offer a smooth gradient transition , if done correctly ! I did have some warping issue from the boards at one end but that’s not the fault of the woodland scenics gradients which are great !
  5. Yeh too right ! For me the most exciting layout on here .
  6. Cheers ! If I can bank roll enough for a full set ! They tend to command a high price .
  7. A job that’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a very long time was finally completed this week - the installation of a subway / stair light . Having gone to the trouble 9 years ago or so of making and joining up the stairs it has been in darkness ever since . After crawling around under the base boards for an hour oh how I wish I’d done it at the time I installed it ! A little yellow paint needed to be added , like most modern led based lights, it was initially too white .
  8. Hi . Thanks very much , always nice to receive friendly comments .
  9. 37417 seen heading down the bank . 20138 acting as yard shunter.
  10. Oh ! Thanks for that . I’ll forward that on to my friend Dave Henwood who’s the font of knowledge for all things West highland . I don’t think even he’s aware of those working .
  11. It’s looking spot on ! If I had the space this is just the sort of project I’d have undertaken . As for the statue , I’ve a feeling Langley models do (or did) metal figures in kilts .
  12. 37413 seen in late autumn sunlight heading down past the bothy .
  13. It’s to maintain the close coupling system that Bachmann use . They don’t make a BSO.
  14. Out of curiosity, have you tried marrying a Hornby Mk1 BSO with a Bachmann chassis ? I’m wondering if it’s possible .
  15. Out of curiosity, have you tried marrying a Hornby Mk1 BSO with a Bachmann chassis ? I’m wondering if it’s possible .
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