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  1. 156458 seen slowing for Meanach on an afternoon Fortwilliam - Perth service.
  2. Fortwilliam is looking a little longer then when I last saw it ?
  3. I thought I knew my 37s pretty well but even I never knew the variety of riveted roof profiles . Does anyone of such knowledge know how many other Scottish large logo ones shared the same details as 043 ? This will greatly help me determine how many to order ! I am delighted at this announcement , but I will be over the moon if the centre head code 37/0 such as 260-264 follow ! And of course , the 4s ! This has been a long time coming for 37 fans .
  4. My lords ! I wonder what the reason behind that was ! I bet you could hear that from about 2 stations away !
  5. I think this one is accurate Circa 84/85
  6. I also couldn’t resist this little beauty on TMC stand . Although it pre dates my era , I’ve always wanted a 27. Heres 029s debut , seen crossing the river out of Meanach .
  7. I wish they’d got as far as doing the sleepers before they were taken over .
  8. I made the long trip to Model rail Scotland yesterday . Due to the Marches being closed due to the track bed being washed away north of Abergavenny , I went via Paddington & Euston (One perk of working on the large scale railway !) . it was a great show and I spoke to the friendly chaps at Accurascale and twisted their arm for some more Scottish 37s ! I also met the very nice young chap from Primo models . The trees from whom are pictured . Stunning trees and they were between £6 - £8 a tree . Given their quality , which is on a par with any other European bespoke scenery maker , this is very good value . I’ve been busy ‘planting ‘ this afternoon. Here are some of the 6 I bought .
  9. All cleared for 156s now ; ) ha ha ha
  10. Ah I did wonder if they were MJT ! They are probably the only manufacturer of such things ? I’d no clue about the correct size ! Many thanks .
  11. I used to use the spring side guys but like you say , they are a bit beefy ! A better option is Northumbrian painting services drivers .
  12. Don’t resist , turn to the dark side ! The draw of the west highlands is strong... and we are growing in number! ha ha
  13. Class 156 heads out of Meanach and thrashes up the bank . It looks much better for being populated but only Preiser figures fit the narrow seats . Several hours of painting figures later and there are about 15/16 in each car . Meanach’s station master has started a new career as a guard... de staffing of highland stations and all that !
  14. Here is the comparison. In all honesty , despite being smoother than the ice cube , for the effort it’s probably easier just to replace the roof speaker . These are very delicate models and inevitably I ended up re-gluing numerous parts that dropped off . Handily though the sub chassis has a channel and hole cut into it to allow for speaker installation. Not sure why they went with the iPhone speaker in the roof , cost maybe ? Only Charlie will know that . I STRONGLY recommend the upgrade as the sound project is excellent .
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