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  1. ratio 4 wheelers can be hacked to a reasonable facsimile of GE coaches as can the midland suburbans. reasonable alternative to D&S if you can get them. Cautious about printed coaches very variable.
  2. fox transfers do a lot of gER stuff, no connection , but worth a try
  3. I 've got the same problem, brought up in West Essex, going to school behind crumbling N7s and with A Grandparent living in Norfolk, Liverpool Street to Norwich and so on, now I live in Cornwall, modelling GER. but just hooked on tram locos.
  4. there was an article in a Hornby mag I think . Somebody cleverly took a J72 and made a J69, but he did use the 00chassis .
  5. There has been a constant entry in wishlist polls and so on for a J69, or very similar but the big manfacturers have steadfastly not followed that up. Part of the problem must be that there were a lot of them and each one was a bit different.
  6. Whatever you do dont mention the war I did but I think I got away with it!
  7. we live in hope (Cornwall actually) It might be good but a few digits need extracting rapidly. wheres that wall?
  8. plus of course add the potential of some 30+road deaths a day to the already unpleasant reading figures.
  9. None of the civil liberties stuff or for that matter any of the social right or wrong matters a damn, people are dying of this and it is incumbent on all of us to do our best to prevent as much of that as possible. We have only got the advice we have got etc etc. Sort out the right or wrong when it's over. which it will be, it is my prayer that as many of us as possible will be here to see it. That will be the time to hold the idiots monkeys plonkers etc to account' there's no point in fussing about that now
  10. If you ask 117 lawyers or doctors their opinion about something you will get234 answers and they will all be different
  11. I get the impression that there is a slight oddness about testing. The purpose is to identify the victim , trace contacts isolate and treat. This approach which has been used effectively in the smallpox outbreak in the70's in Birmingham, and for goodness sake at least twice in Uganda, both events when I lived there, and as a medical student in the 70's. This process was abandoned pretty quickly in this out break, very possibly as a blind side to the fact that there were not enough testing kits available. now testing is just a question of who should be off work or who can go back when self isolating. This is important but a bit like pig weighing, but there are about 25% of NHS staff off for self isolation or sick untested and undiagnosed, who should be tested yesterday. I think that we owe them that at least
  12. What I am finding really depressing is the lack of testing and the puny political excuses for it not happening quickly enough. Still we are where we are we have to somehow crawl out of the box.
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