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  1. send it to me i/ll convert it into a beautiful blue Great eastern 4=2=2 EM gauge as well.
  2. This is actually very interesting, and begs a question . Why `re so many of us struggling, I speak for myself, to produce smooth running controllable models to all sorts of high standards, F/S00, em P4 S4 or whatever when all the time there has been a reasdy supply of H0 chassis, models and so on adaptable or actually to British outline.ready to run on scale track,available off the shelf. I look at my work bench where reside many different wheels to 4mm scales, chassis with or without compensation, all intended to meet my personal pleasure which is building locos. Then I realise that I could just as easily build a body to 3.5mm/foot and use a drop in chassis with all the right(ish) bits in place already. As you may guess chassis are not my best point.
  3. thanks didn't know that, there was a guy doing the folk circuit years ago who played it on a banjo,saying it was called "Barnacle Bill", he would "Segway" into "Portsmouth Point" in the same set. I wish I could remeber hs name and put him right now you have told me.
  4. Dont let D Hurst see it or hell flog it for a small fortune, or worse stuff it and mount it!
  5. Branch lines do a suitable gearbox usually fairly strightforward to find and fit.wi Zara models can also provide, as can Markits, I have used all three types with this sort of motor fairly succesfully,adding a fllywheel is useful too
  6. I am I am sure a serious Luddite. Thia "upgrade " is almozt cert`inly the province of internet nerds . Most of us are normal human beings who need simple easily followed sites which the previous clearly out dated one was . There is an old adage which states if it works dont fix it so why did you fix it.? From now on I will observe from time to time and no more as I cant be bothered with overly clever internet stuff which shows no benefit and ius merely a demoonstration of the triumph of presentation over content.
  7. this topic is fascinating the new , or allegedly new set up of this site is impossible to follow and equally impossible to navigate end of
  8. they are going back to whaling too
  9. My father was always interested in japan's railways so when the rugby world cup came up in Japan, we began planning. There is a major but, they have decoded to resume commercial whaling so I'm watching the rugby on the box since I cannot justify giving them my money, however much I love the game. I have also closed my Norwegian share portfolio and am exchanging my Hyundai for another camper.not Japanese, fortunately Norway dont make cars.
  10. I had an old Compspeed, sounds like a song! When I tested it it worked ok on the correct input in this case 16v dc via an equally old H and M controller. things worked reasonably but when I ran the same loco, a Dapol PUG with exactoscale EM wheelset, on my less old Gaugemaster feedback controller it was clear that the comspeeds performance was not in the same class. I ran a few others , the old rewheeled B12 with the XO4 was ok on both but the others a couple of wills J67's on brass chassis showed significantly better performance on the Gaugemaster. Does any one want an old Compspeed?
  11. lolly stick Slaters track cleaning solution(no connection) or track magic all work well Relco's help but upset the telly she says, graphite is however magically good if rubbed onto clean rail it keeps stuff running for ages (of course its not magic its science said Rincewind)
  12. Always think it such a shame that expensive German saloon cars get a bit bashed. My father in law always considered them to be German taxis driven by Turkish taxi drivers, I once had a ride in a Turkish taxi and understood exactly what he meant. good that no one got hurt except of course in the pocket.
  13. to date, l& y pug from Hornby or Dapol, I have succesfully re-gauged two by just pulling the wheels out to EM gauge. The slide bar bit and connecting rod bosses need careful filing down. however the best bet with these is to use the ultrascale replacement wheelsets , which are a bit hard to come by and need a bit of patience to get. Carefully widening the gauge on the Hornby LOTI( recent not original) give a fairly good runner. Just drop the wheel sets out and carefully drive the axles through to the wider gauge , pressing the wheel sets home in the vice with a decent b-t-b gauge, this works as well with the T(9In all cases you will need to trim the brake blocks a bit, trial and error works. There are "drop in" wheel sets available for a lot of RTR locos but they are not cheap and the wait is long. EMGS manuals provide a lot of info for re-guaging RTR models. I have used Romford EM axles and wheels in many cases usually reliable. Dont be afraid to use loctite to retain wheels. The more recent RTR models have OK wheel profiles which will negotiate EM trck, as ever using compensation or suspension will save a lot of bother. Spacing washers to reduce but not eliminate sideplay really do help. withall of that join the EMGS for a great deal of helpful info regarding regauging all sort of RTR models.
  14. remembering a Ebay ad at some time its because there was a steering wheel at one end!
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