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  1. A J 72 is very hackable to a J65 . The biggest problem is the awful plastic that some of the earlier ones were made of, very difficult to stick, but there have been quite a few done, not least by Martyn. the white metal K,s kit can be hacked as well. I bought a J68 from cdc , the printed one and it is good, fits both the Terrier chassis and a SE Finecast J69 chassis which can still be got as a kit of part.
  2. Absolutely the right approach I spent most of yesterday failing to make a loco run so I put it back in its box and played with one that did work!
  3. you could look at the 0-6-0's of the Great Eastern dsuch as the E22(J65) which often had the front rods disconnected to run as 2-4-0's using the original wheels.
  4. actually thats a stupid question thanks for the advice
  5. Oh dear wnyone know where I can get a blanking plate?
  6. Got a J15 from a auction sight. Doesnt run on DC has a DCC chip. Do I take the chip out? Electric trickery seems to be available every where except at the motor!( which works on its own!) advice please?
  7. I have used the Poppy jig quite a lot. the holes wear a bit but not enough to cause any problems with compensation. I havent had any problems with rigid chassis, once I realised that I had bent one of the rods, replaement readily available , however. I would recommend one of these .
  8. old yellow pages are good the paper is thin and absorbent( sounds like old TV ad for bog roll) doesn't grow mould either. don't use it so much now . The resulting structure is light and tough as old boots takes a paint coat well.
  9. i've used caboose industries throws for a time. If you can get sprung ones they work best unsprung ones require a joggle in the wire or a separate spring, but they can all work remotely.
  10. Hengist and his wife or Horse Horsa probably went to Dunloghaire which due to the awkward motion of the ferry they developed severe Vortigern, resulting in Naussicca and so on.
  11. ratio 4 wheelers can be hacked to a reasonable facsimile of GE coaches as can the midland suburbans. reasonable alternative to D&S if you can get them. Cautious about printed coaches very variable.
  12. fox transfers do a lot of gER stuff, no connection , but worth a try
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