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  1. That may be true in many cases but we purchased a Korean motor car when it was three years old and were surprised to find that the company concerned held to the five year warranty when it developed a problem. Its never gone wrong since(touching all the wood I can find) and we(me and SWMBO) will certainly buy another from that company.
  2. i'Ve used a 30W Antex for ages backed up by a Gascat for the layout itself. Whatever you use cleanliness and a decent flux are essential. You are quite correct there are as many as you can think of and everyone has their favorite ,,, But a clean well tinned bit and loads a flux will usually work. S in fact its which ever one you are most comfortable with. Anything around 30w simple to operate no dodgy controllers etc etc should do most things. be clean be quick.
  3. I wish the same could be said of the stuff they make J72's out of. The last time I did it took amix of plastic magic and superglue. Recovery took five days!
  4. Just as an aside the vintage car may well be one of the Harbutts Replicars from the 60's/70's
  5. I'm interested that you are modelling the Baptist Church it burnt down one Christmas in the 80's. I think it was 1987 I lived just round the corner from it and was on call that night. Called out twice before midnight I drove past it then had along shout at 0100 coming back home at 0600 to see it a burnt out wreck of a once stately building.
  6. IMHO making any model of anything in any medium requires history craft and research before even starting . Provided of course that you want something that looks something like the thing you are modelling.
  7. We lived in Dobwalls for a few years whilst this amazing place was open. The Thorburn collection was apparently the largest in the UK at least. A big part of the problems was simply that during the season Dobwalls was frequently gridlocked or worse still bypassed by busy holiday traffic and people simply got through as fast as they could which was not fast, rarely stopping. If this railway had been almost anywhere else it would very likely have survived. Like many bits of Cornwall ignored by tourists and the tourist industry Dobwalls hid a fair amount of poverty and was
  8. the draw back is if the rozzers stop you they ask you to read a number plate a random distance away, it's supposed to be 25 yards you may be caught out! best to drive to Barnard Castle to make sure that you can see ok
  9. Pulling out the wheels is ok for em gauge. Use a hub puller a bit at a time alternating sides. If you are careful you may not need to remove the rods! Put the wheel sets back on the chassis and it may work but the plunger pickups may not reach!. I bought an extra set of terrier pickups and replaced the plunger pick up at one end, the other end has wipers (Dapol) . a bit of tweaking of the wipers and it should work. So far I have done this 3 times and it does work but you are reduced to pickups on four of the 6 wheels. i dont know if this will work with the newer Hornby Terriers an
  10. which is all that counts. It's easy to buy something RTR but much more fun and rewarding to DIY IMHO.
  11. As a matter of interest I have a number of bashed pugs made into various things all run at a crawl with megatons of weight liquid gravity old tyre weights and lead sheet. about 75g is ok with a gaugemaster feed back controller to gain a creep. if you can get more weight in it helps, and using a small pivot on the front axle to sort of compensate really does help running.
  12. 227 is a rebuild of the Hornby Queen Mary 0-4-0. bunker removed and new cab rear. boiler shortened to match the GERS drawing, which involves a bit of shortening of the footplate, which I did not do that well. The chassis was originally a pug but I scratch built it eventually using the pug as a template. Power is a Mashima open frame motor with a 50:1 gearbox and flywheel, wheels are 15mm Romfords with balance weights from milliput. The valve gear is modified N gauge stuff I had in the spares box and it took me an age to get it to run proper. The tank sides need overlays so that the left side
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