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    I have always been interested in railways, ever since I watched a loco on a suburban train disappear under a bridge and we all ran across the path to see it appear on the other side. It was helped by reading the railway series by W R Audry, the originals are so good.
    I then read, 4 Little Engines. It would be wrong to say that it changed my life but it was the start of a love affair with narrow gauge railways which was fuelled by holidays in North Wales from my late teens onward. The Ffestiniog was closer to where we stayed and the first time I had the chance to go to the Talyllyn I decided to climb Cader Idris instead. It was a good call really as I have often since been on the Talyllyn but never climbed Cader Idris again, and am unlikely to in the future.
    The 4 Little Engines fixed in my mind that the narrow gauge railway I would model would have to connect to a main line railway as a feeder line and although the Traeth Mawr and Twill Ddu Railway does not share the same station its timetable means that those who live in the 'Big House' can get to London conveniently.
    The late Victorian and Edwardian period were the heyday of railways so I set my time period as 1895. This is fine for narrow gauge as all you change is the people around it. However, as it was having to be a feeder I began to investigate the local railway which was the Cambrian. When I found that I would have to build the standard gauge first it became 'interesting' as I have yet to tackle soldering brass and this could make life difficult but kits are becoming available and I will have to persevere.
    Trips on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch cemented in my mind the idea of 'school trains' which of course the Twill Ddu runs, hence the need in Traeth Mawr for some schools that are more than the local village school which everyone leaves at 12 if they stay on that long.
    These are the reasons behind my modelling but having set it in 1895 I am enjoying the history which you have to learn to recreate the flavour of the period.

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  1. Brian, Thank you again to you and the team, and Andy Y for running the Poll, and to you for sending hours on RMWeb answering posts. (No, do not rush to answer this one.) Yes the Cambrian Jones Goods was a low poller again, but even if it was not, would it be one that was Swindonised or an original Cambrian version, and if so would it be made authentically to keep jumping off the rails. I noted with interest that pre-grouping wagons did fairly well. as did Dean four and six wheel coaches, (how many variants were there? Too many), and clerestories. I am not sure I am going to give up learning how to use my Silhouette cutter yet. Also again in the high poll, were the Metro Tank and the 517, so the only thing that is stopping them being made is my unmade kits. I must get on and do them so that the manufacturers can announce they are going to be made. I must pay more attention next year to locos that can easily be backdated to an earlier version/ type. (i.e., I think the Wainwright C can easily pass as an LCDR B2.) The high poll of the RCH wagons is also interesting, but I have a lot of kits to make before that can be released. So again very interesting, and thank you. P.S. If you want a list of locos that will get about 3 votes each, just ask.
  2. Does the latter book cover more than the LNWR?
  3. Yes Mikkel, it is beautiful. I always want to say more than that and actually add something but I am not sure that I can. I am getting nervous about doing minor operations to a SE&CR C class but what you have done is truly amazing.
  4. Mikkel, I have just been told there is nothing in the Cambrian rules about where horse boxes should go in a train.
  5. Mikkel, Page 70 Great Western Railway Journal Spring 2010 No 74 there is a picture of a 517 on a train 'with tail traffic,(? horsebox)'. It could actually be anything. What the article definitely proves is that 517s did not reach the Ruabon- Dolgelley Line until probably 1901 and then they went up to Blaneau from Bala. So no 517 at Traeth Mawr. I will have to wait until I build Maidenhead.
  6. Ian, Will the Stroudley transfers be available generally? I only need enough for one coach though.
  7. "Very interesting Chris. I wonder if that was a result of the same shunting processes discussed above, or an actual rule on the Cambrian?" Mikkel, I do not know but I am trying t find out.
  8. All photos/images I have of Cambrian trains with horseboxes have the horseboxes marshalled just behind the engine. 4 and six wheeled stock was the norm on the Cambrian.
  9. Have you seen Larry Coachman's thread? They appear to be for a cross beam to attach the Queen (?) posts to.
  10. Hopefully not hijacking the thread, but this is a question about the LNWR in North Wales. In the map in the link all the Cambrian Lines are shown, but only as thin lines. Is this where they sent through coaches, or rather where they had running powers? They were never allowed to exercise them on the Cambrian as the powers were there in case the Cambrian did not supply an engine to convey LNWR stock, and the Cambrian made sure that never happened. Like most maps it does not have Traeth Mawr on it, which is a shame as LNWR locos have definitely been seen there as building 1895 Cambrian locos is a long term project.
  11. I have looked closely at the pictures again, and it is the front end that needs changing. The B2 had wing plates and what I call a 'Victorian' smoke box door, in other words it was smaller and had a bigger surround. I would have to deal with that. The sandbox was over the front splasher as well.. I think if I did that it might pass.
  12. Thank you Mikkel. It will be exciting to start cutting. I have it in my diary for next week. I am a little concerned though about this Windows 10 upgrade problem. I do have a Cameo so it should have an SD card port., so if all else fails I will use that. Have you had any problems?
  13. Don, Thank you. The Northern Express in the later years was two coaches, plus about four through coaches so at the right moment it is not very long at all. I know what you mean about time. I am semi-retired at the moment and when I went from a full week down to two days I had much more time than I do now.
  14. Is it close enough to a LD&CR B2 for anyone to notice? (Anyone without a tape measure and who knows little about the LC&DR that is.)
  15. Mikkel, I think I have one but it is just a flat truck not a proper covered van. I have a carriage to put on it as well, but I suppose it would be sheeted so I may just put a sheet with a lump of something under it.
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