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  1. Hi Nigel, thanks for the info. I'm not in a massive hurry for dynamos - plenty of other jobs can be done first - so I'll wait for progress. Regards, Neil
  2. Hi, I was reading the October-November 2018 magazine, with an article on 3D printing - including an example of a coach dynamo. This includes the comment: I don't remember seeing these in Shop 3, and this is something I'm looking for at the moment - have I missed them, or are they coming in future? thanks, Neil
  3. Might this be him on the N Gauge Forum? https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=45781 Regards, Neil
  4. Nigel, thanks for lots of useful info there. Not much so far. Ultima 42' BGV - an easy start, small windows so no interior, flat sides, no lining. Ultima 50' BG. Working on a couple of Masterclass non-gangwayed kits - lots of door handles to fit. Dining & kitchen cars are on my list of things for the future. All to be used on N track to add variety to N RTR stock. Neil
  5. Hi Nigel, that looks rather nice! Do you have any more photos during construction? How do you do your lining? I've built a couple of coach kits in 2mm, but nothing with lining so far. thanks, Neil
  6. At least you finished it. I'm only half way through one - I need to think whether I can make it a noticably different version.
  7. Might this be a typo for 5MT 4-6-0? I don't think Farish have announced a 4MT 4-6-0? Neil
  8. The Farish website also has the LMS 50ft full brakes listed, though I can't see them mentioned in the announcement.
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