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  1. In the meantime, the J36 has reached Whitrope summit and heads towards the tunnel where the fireman can put down his shovel for a bit
  2. A K1 plods steadily north towards the summit at Whinburgh - the signalman has been speedy in replacing the home signal to danger
  3. The NBR J36 0-6-0s were amongst the last steam classes in Scotland. Here is mine earning it's keep on a southbound coal train
  4. I have been watching some Ken Elwood films of the end of steam in the NW, which has inspired me to run some goods trains this evening. Firstly here is a Black 5 hauled loose coupled goods typical of the late 60s. Apologies for the absence of a headcode.
  5. Looks great. If I have one criticism; your trackwork is in a much better state than the prototype. I will try and dig out my old photos of the 'greenway' that was the DVLR in the late 70s / early 80s. Rotten sleepers, wobbly rails, ancient wooden keys and railheads covered in crushed foliage. I don't remember ballast lol.
  6. An ex NER - LNER D20 4-4-0 trundles north on a light engine movement. This loco, allocated to Alnmouth Shed, may have arrived on the Waverley route via Reedsmouth Junction and the Border Counties line.
  7. As far as the kit goes, it is a bit crude by current standards and the parts needed a lot of cleaning up. I decided against purchasing replacement components although i might replace the chimney, which looks awful. It reminds me a bit of my childhood which was spent operating clockwork tinplate locos on Dad's gauge 0 garden railway in York, so that's kind of nostalgic. I think I will stick to etched brass kits in future - having said that, I built the DJH J35 a few years ago and that was better.
  8. .... And finally, the loco is complete! It might not win any awards in terms of accuracy and modelling quality but I enjoyed building it and it runs really well. The motor is fitted forward of the front driving wheel, in the boiler. I have added a small amount of lead above the driving wheels and there is no problem with it being front heavy.
  9. coronach

    Little Muddle

    What a fantastic layout - so realistic
  10. Great photos and a lovely layout. I really like the scenery; it reminds me of journeys along the north end of the ECML
  11. Yes, I noticed that last week - I hope they relaunch it again - around 35 albums were available before it went off line
  12. Here's mine, weathered using dry brushing and Railmatch roof dirt and frame dirt acrylics plus a bit of sand coloured chalk and a dab of rust and brake dust.
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