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  1. My Local - Eastbourne still had at least 1 left last week. It might not be there for long though - if I've got anything to do with later this week!
  2. Well after a long (OK - very long) period of inactivity I've have news to report! So far for me this year, it's either been great or horribly bad. It started with 3 deaths within the family within a matter of weeks. Then sadly our lovely cat Mr tinkles who suffered from a heart problem passed on. I've had operations, been on crutches for weeks and suffered horrible pain.... but then I've been doing a lot more with 60163 (even got on the Elizabethan with our shiny new support coach!), ended up on the cathedrals explorer for a nice break and actually got to sit down and be treated well inside the train for once. I was also one of the lucky people to pick up a brand new model (Hornby RR) for £37 and the Local model railway club in Bexhill is just amazing where it comes to helping out with issues. I got my Dynamis and have played with it and begun fitting chips to the locos. The woodwork is still being finished off - namely the legs. These have had to be redesigned as the layout rocked around 2 foot each way on the pencil stick legs! Once the legs are completed all 3 scenic boards are ready for track laying and the rounded fiddle yard is no longer rounded due to inadequate space (Wouldn't fit through the door) and so this board has also been redesigned and this will be explained in more detail later on. So the track work which was in place, alas is no longer. The layout is currently disassembled ready for the legs being fitted to each board starting next week through to the week after. I have however got track work laid out on plywood ready to be transferred on to the baseboards as soon as they are ready. I have progressed with the road ramp, to the point that no joint can be seen and the gradual ramp is ready for a road surface to be applied after track work and electrics. I'm also continuing my build of "Dane on Sea Station" with it's ticket windows and machines, ticket gates, escalators, information boards, shops and lifts. Updates on this will be posted in due course. I will try and get round to posting some pictures of the ticket hall before the weekend and I will show the a couple of baseboards with legs next week with so track laid out! I hope you will enjoy seeing the progress over the summer as much as I'm enjoying progressing!
  3. Thanks for the heads up on that, just picked up a Hornby Tornado for just over £38, nearly went for the 2-Bil but couldn't justify the cash still... Thanks again!
  4. Well, I still haven't made amazing progress.... but I have made Progress! Firstly - I've nearly finished sticking the track down on the fiddle yard - just 3 sidings left which will be completed tomorrow! I've begun placing droppers for the DCC bus on at least every other section of track if not every section After feeling I was waiting too long for my wire to arrive I started on my concrete sea wall - using 99p card (reduced to 49p - Bargain!) and sticking down with PVA. Some gaps appeared whilst doing this between card joints so I purchased some Revell Filler and this sorted it out straight away. After the card, PVA and filler dried, I began work on the lifeboat/coastguard station which is a Bachmann Scenecraft fire station - to which I have started to add an interior and in time I will add lighting and bits and bobs. I have also begun working on the ramp, on which the lifeboat will sit. It's very steep, and with the planned cliffs just infront of it, will make it dangerous and probably too steep a ramp - but from a spectator's view I feel it looks quite good! It will be painted shortly when the sea wall is complete and I'm ready to place the scenic water. Sorry about quality - used webcam for quick pictures! So what next? I must continue with the electrics - something which for me is quite annoying as I'm not too good at it, but I may have the back board on tomorrow and hopefully at the end of the week I maybe able to start with the scenic side on S3 (cliffs! and maybe think about the B word.... B.....Ba....Baaa....Ballast!) So If anything major happens throught the week then I will post an update, if not then Saturday or next Monday as Sunday I will hopefully be watch steam on the Met!
  5. Thanks for the all the info! Lots of different ways of doing it I see, I had seen the larger mains type connectors at a wholesaler I visited on my travels and they were quite cheap, but I thought they'd be too big for my small wires. I plan to use small wires but many of them together. You've all given me plenty of things to think about and I think I'll look at Mick's solution(s) with the larger connection for the DCC bus as my soldering skills aren't amazing (I'm being kind to myself!) and I'll either use the same or a slightly smaller version for the DC points bus and lights (I'll look at the DIN connectors or Banana type ones) and then for the points control I'll probably have to use a larger connector with man pins - although I've planned the layout so most of the point work is on the board closest to my fiddle yard (where the controllers will be. I'll go off to the wholesaler tomorrow, If any one has any more Ideas then please add them - especially on the point controlling wires (I actually don't know how many wires seep motors need per motor other than the power bus (Points under DC power) Anyhow - Thanks to all who replied, you've all been a great help
  6. Hi, I'm in the process of building Dane Cliff and have a slight problem with the DCC bus. I need it to travel of the joints of the baseboards - please see picture below: I need some kind of plug and socket for the wires. I plan to have one for the DCC bus, One for point motors and another for lighting. The wiring for all of this is basically sorted but getting the wires over the joints isn't. Would someone please be able to give me some advice on this - and if possible be able to tell me where I might be able to purchase the parts needed. I've seen Pluggable connector blocks (can't purchase them anywhere near me or find a reasonable price online) and I've seen 25 Pin D connectors which look the best but expensive and also only come in Male or Female, not both....? If you can help or have any advice then I would be very grateful if you would share this with me. Thanks, Jorge
  7. Well the wire finally arrived - but now I'm having trouble working out how to get it to travel of baseboard joints - no local electrical shops or model shops are of any help! I've posted a question under DCC Electrics if anyone can help (Please!) Making a little progress on a few scenic bit such as the lifeboat station (Bachmann Scenecraft Fire station to be modified) and the beach and sea wall on scenic board number 3 (station board). If I get some advice and I can purchase the items then I'll make a start straight away. I'll be visiting a local model railway club on Tuesday to see if it's for me and hopefully join and get some useful advice. I will post photos by tomorrow evening - Hopefully I'll have something more to show by then!
  8. Well there has been a fair amount of work going on over the Christmas period. It's been nearly a month since my last update and the evenings have been spent out in the hall instead of on the laptop - so I do have a reasonable excuse...? So basically I've now stuck all of the track on the fiddle yard (on cork) down with PVA - After reading around wondering which glue to use and getting confused I just went ahead and used some of my 15L of PVA. I find it's worked well - I had to place heavy items on it overnight but it stuck and has stayed whilst also keeping to noise levels down. All holes for point motors have been completed on the 2 baseboards and most of the dropper wire holes have been completed although I will be drilling some out as I go. Once my Red/Black wire arrives I will be soldering droppers to either every fishplate or section of track, then I will place the first part of my DCC BUS underneath the boards - once this is done I will be able to cut the track completely over the joint, place the backboard on the.... back of the board... and then think about platforms and ballast.... I will post an update on New Years day with pictures as I plan to make a fair amount of progress over this weekend (although I doubt the wire will arrive until at least Monday - If not Wednesday....) Finally if anyone has any ideas on the the layout or something looks odd in a picture then please bring it up - any advice or views will be very welcome! Finally Finally... (Really final this one!) .....Happy New year!
  9. A very minor update.... A quick view of the fiddle yard and Scenic board 3. Over last weekend Scenic board number 2's wood work was basically completed with legs. Pictures are on the way for this one.... Over the next weekend I will be cutting holes for point motors and some wiring (both of which haven't been purchased just yet!) I will add a more interesting update with pictures over the course of the weekend if not by tomorrow!
  10. In the Latest issue of Model Rail (no.177 January 2013) The Signal Box of Rochester have 32736 Bachmann Colas Class 66 marked as £59.50. I gave them a call as I know this isn't due till Feb/Mar and they said that's their current pre-order price on the system. It sounds like someone has made a mistake somewhere along the line (no pun intended) but I've managed to place a pre-order for it.
  11. Pictures..... are not uploading for some reason.... I'll keep trying and post them when it lets me!
  12. Well over the past week I've been Doing a little track work with the 2 boards. I've managed to lay most of the track that I want on the loop board and the 3rd scenic board. I used some copper clad sheet for the joint on the curve which seems to have worked well (Pictures to follow tonight!) and my track work now runs amazing well. I spent Saturday at Warley looking at Cliffhanger and spending money I didn't have... Bought a DRS Bachmann class 37 (One of 8 that Bachmann found in their warehouse), a few JJA's and another lot of Dapol JNA's for £10 each so the stock for Dane Cliff is building up quite well now! Later tonight I will post a few photos of progress - I hope they're up to everyone's standards, it's nothing special at the moment but in time it should all come together. I will be working on the construction of scenic board number 2 over the weekend, knocking the frame for the legs together and sorting out the joints. Pictures coming in an hour or so!
  13. Thanks for the comments Ian. I started some track laying last night in the outside (since I live on the top floor flat (appartment) I don't have a huge bedroom or a spare room so during construction I'm using the landing outside the front door as next door don't mind too much! I'm just not too sure on how to go about laying it. I'm going to lay cork underneath and then lay the track - I'm using Hornby setrack for the fiddle yard curve and then for the rest I'm using flexi track (peco concrete) and I'm not sure how to stick it all down and also I have no idea on how to go about the baseboard joints. I'm going to be using copper sheeting cut to sleeper size (2 screws into the baseboard and then a copper sleeper soldered to it) and then solder this to the track - how and when to I do this I do not know! So I will try and put a couple of pictures up later today or over the weekend - I don't know how bad they'll look but I give it all a try!
  14. Fiddle Yard Loop and station / Bridge boards pictured below - some track work to be started tomorrow and hopefully some testing of cliff building methods.
  15. Track Plan and baseboard idea Below Baseboard picture to follow.
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