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  1. If I understand what I have read on RMW correctly TOPS is a US system, developed for the Southern Pacific. Although whether it applied to engine numbers as Phil asked, I have not yet learned!
  2. The people who ran Pershore market were once a client of mine, hen I was a junior tax accountant. It wasn't the same people though
  3. an additional resource would be the Kentrail site https://www.kentrail.org.uk/ which has histories and trackplans as well as photos.
  4. I saw a pair today on my commute in - stopped at New Cross. 707009 was the rear unit
  5. The BBC news at 6 last night misallocated the captions of the RMT leader and the leader of the Sevenoaks commuters association. If one had not know better, you have seen the union leader praising how well Southeastern had done, particularly over the pandemic and returning service levels safely, and the Commuter Association man advocating full nationalisation as the only solution (because of course, there would never be any corruption in one of those).
  6. according to the BBC article linked in the OP, the £25m has now been reclaimed.
  7. I've just caught up with this thread - I used to commute Northampton to New St, but last did it at the end of 94. Things have changed a bit, but not too drastically, but it brings back a few memories. The rolling stock looks a lot more modern!
  8. The old South London line from Victoria to London Bridge was mentioned - well that's gone but you can I think still get a train via Crystal Palace between the two.
  9. a little irony there; "I'm a climate hero" being a diesel, and pulling a steam locomotive.
  10. I am sure I caught sight of a shortformed 376 coming out LBG heading towards Deptford and the North Kent Line. It looked like it only had three coaches but we were passing in the other direction. It was runnig as just one unit which is unusual anyway, especially at just gone 9 in the morning. Was I imagining it?
  11. That's quite an interesting thought. In the south east, there were turnpikes along parts of the main roads to Dover (A2 and A20) or at least paralleling them, and in parts the railway has run the same route. But also as the old A2 was replaced and dualled by the Rochester relief road through SE London/Kent borders, the dual carriageway in part followed the route carved out by the railway, as anyone who has used Eltham station will know. Another factor is that some of the turnpikes were in fact completely new reworkings of the overall route - part of what is now the A20 down to Sevenoaks is not the road used in the 16th century. But in other parts of the south east the turnpikes did different jobs. There were turnpikes that ran from the end of the navigable part of the Medway (Branbridges, where the Whitbread hop farm is and where Beltring station on the Medway Valley line is) to Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. Neither of these have been paralleled by the railways directly because the old SE main line cut directly across all of the river valleys between Tonbridge, where it crossed the Medway. And there my half knowledge runs out; this probably deserves a thread of its own, bringing in the interaction with the canals too!
  12. Tactical Thirst Response Unit sounds such more classy than "Beer Truck"
  13. but that would be knobbly knees after you'd fallen off the bike...
  14. No, the Tovil goods line was built round about 1880, long before the Colonel's iteration of the Loose Valley Railway had been proposed. https://www.kentrail.org.uk/tovil_goods_siding.htm
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