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  1. per SREMG, the Arthurs (with six wheel tenders for the shorter turntables) were used on the Southern Belle, as had been the River class 2-6-4Ts (before the Sevenoaks crash) and the Maunsell moguls. The Marsh Atlantics did carry on working the Newhaven boat trains, although I think when the Bulleid-Raworth electrics were introduced, they were used on those.
  2. I've been three times over the past 40 something years and like the place. It's much nicer than LA IMO. Sorry for the threadjack
  3. The winding street is Lombard Street is Lombard Street. cars can (now) run downhill only. Couple of shots from our visit in summer 2019:
  4. I had a look at the Seghill area on oldmaps. The 1860-1876 version of 1:2500 is very interesting. https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/428500/574500/12/101338 you can see the lines that Dave described quite clearly
  5. Is that a case of the class being given a name rather than the wheel-type? I guess with relatively few classes around the world it becomes a bit academic.
  6. the RAIB report of the Tonbridge crash of 1909 gives details of both trains, albeit that they were both pulled by E Class engines The 8.30 train is reported as all stations beyond Tonbridge, so not particularly glamorous, and having run via Redhill, not on the fastest route. But you get a picture of bogie coaches, at least in this snapshot
  7. Gordon, best wishes. Hope you get a chance to post on here soon.
  8. In terms of current accounting and (UK) tax practice, new rolling stock, whether purchased or leased, would be taken on to the balance sheet as a fixed asset and depreciated over its useful economic life. The depreciation charge would be ignored for tax purposes and capital allowances ("tax depreciation") given as a deduction vs profits. The LMS accounting, and indeed similar accounting on Southern Railway when the old Drummond 4-6-0's were "rebuilt" as H15s were regarded as "clever accounting" even then if what I have read over the years is correct. Accounting standards have becom
  9. If I have done this right, this is the location from google maps/street view https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.9536237,1.0424329,3a,75y,330.29h,71.51t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sEKAcgOBMIMJB1yigW1XqKw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 The cottage we stayed in was on the left hand side of the A149 next to the pub garden. The turntable is down the little lane on the left (although the gates may be shut). The satellite view is rathe grainy but you can just about make it out
  10. I stayed at a cottage in Cley which had a turntable for visitor parking. But the length of our car (BMW 3 series saloon) was such that it came perilously close to the wall. After the first scare we just used multi-point turns!
  11. The Swiss photos make a great change - the one of the loco on the viaduct is a superb image and reminds me of one I had in a long lost childhood book. It also makes me realise I want to know more about Swiss railways in general.
  12. You've mentioned the steam hauled Golden Arrow a few times. The last time it was steam hauled was I think 11 June 1961 after which date, as Olddudders has already pointed out, there was no steam on the south eastern division. The last service was hauled by a rebuilt Bulleid light pacific "Appledore".
  13. There seem to be quite a few people there to photograph the train in C20932, more than I would have expected for a routine coal train. Was something different awaited? I scrolled down the photos half expecting something to appear!
  14. West Indies beat Australia in the final at Lord's.
  15. I like the feet up on the "dash" in the video clip!
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