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  1. We were lucky with the Canadian - it was only an hour late into Jasper when we rode it three summers ago. We loved Jasper, but we had planned to stay there! If the virus plays ball, we will head back out to Canada next year.
  2. Hope everybody is OK https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-53751678
  3. that's more snow on Mt Rainier than last July when we visited; although even then, part of one of the regular hikes around Paradise involved crossing an icefield - or would have done if we hadn't turned back
  4. J9682 - the growth of the vegetation in the foreground makes it look like the HST is abandoned in a field, with no tracks in site!
  5. I agree about longshore drift but there is also evidence of considerable reclamation work from the 13th century onwards; the marsh has numerous drainage channels that regulate the flow off the marsh and allowed to be reclaimed for farming.
  6. New Romney must be very close to being below sea level, It looks like the land might rise to 3m near the RHDR station so may be a false alarm, but another place which has been reclaimed from the sea like the Fens
  7. In the middle ages the silk route was a highway across Asia (particularly when the mongols had united it, which made it safer). From Byzantium and Venice there were well established European trading routes. In the 1800s China was a far more inward looking country (and had been since the suspension of Cheng Ho's treasure voyages several hundred years before), and there were far smaller volumes of continental trade than their had been previously. Yes there was maritime contact by the Chinese managed this in various ports - it was European seapower that opened up places like Hong Kong and Shanghai. This may well also have contributed to the changes in speed of spread.
  8. I had a look at my Middleton's Strood to Paddock Wood last night - just a couple of pictures of Reeds, including one of "Hornblower" but a map of the site/New Hythe is included, which I found very interesting. Old maps also has a 1:2500 from the same date (1930s) https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/570500/159500/12/101224
  9. thanks for taking the time to post more photos despite your trials and tribulations.
  10. Condolences to Kerry and family - very sad to hear the news. Invicta is my local model shop and has always been very welcoming.
  11. I spent some of the summer of 87 volunteering in Garforth; nice to see the station again. I have never been to Castleford, but I did visit a site in Knottingley where the faded green pacer was going. It was one of those places where the first thing they did was show you where you had to go if there was a chemicals escape.
  12. K10s did have 8 wheel tenders, per SEMG, as did the S11
  13. yes I remember watching at least the first one of that series. Although I had completely forgotten the title, I recognised the scenario - the cryogenesis bit seemed a bit far fetched. I seem to recall one of the survivors was a criminal and they found the skeletons of his best mate and girlfriend.....
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