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  1. Thanks, the evidence you're all giving me makes the Old Hill curve certain - all I need to do how is remember when I visited & why! Martin
  2. Thanks Mark, & those look like tube wagons. Cobb gives the closure date as 1969 - the same as the Halesowen branch itself Martin
  3. Thanks both, funnily enough I spent much of this morning scanning old maps (on NLS website) looking for tight single line bends & came upon the Halesown branch junction at Old Hill. The maps indicate a brickworks on the inside of the bend. Of course I'd like to believe it to be there but I can't ever remember going to Old Hill (tho' I did go down the Halesowen branch on a railtour 2/3/68). I'll keep looking for other photos. Martin
  4. Has any one any idea of the location of this photo taken circa 1968 & I think in the Birmingham/Black Country area? (I was at University there 1966 - 69). It is at the beginning of a film so I have no history for it. The following negative, a view of the loco, shows it to be D8139. The next negative is of Barton Street Crossing SB in Glo'ster (& then the LMS stations at Stratford & Evesham) but my belief is they were taken on a different day. The timber yard inside a quite tight bend together with those irritating cables must help identify this location tho' no doubt it's complete
  5. I've found another caption error I'm afraid - in Vol 2, p288. The caption describes the train entering Venn Cross behind what is clearly 6340 as '7333 ... with the 11.19am from B.Junc to Taunton on 21st July 1961'. The photo is by Mike Fox & luckily it has also appeared in his 'Railways in & around Taunton' (Foxline) on p69 where it is described as '6340 ... with the 10.02am, B.Junc to Taunton on 24th March 1962'. Caption errors aside these 3 volumes are very well illustrated with much use made of the Halls & Sellick collections from the NRM. However there is one photo which
  6. - but mine has just arrived so 4 days early! It seems to have a wide range of topics but is let down by the rather unsatisfactory cover photo from 'Drighlington & Adwalton'. It's meant to be a dusk-time photo but I don't think it works - the illuminated signalbox provides a bit of light, the rest is just gloom. The editor is Paul Karau. Martin
  7. It would be easiest for me to give you the whole lot. Note that I'm only halfway through Freddie Huxtable's 3 vol magnum opus on the Barnstaple line. Also I see that Colour Rail lists 422 photos of them - so I shalln't be starting on that lot soon.mogul-listing-mjt-13Dec2020.xls Martin
  8. Well yes, but it's one of the sources I haven't yet trawled through. I get bouts of enthusiasm - but not recently! Martin
  9. Well, I do have a list of 1534 references - but I've only done it for Moguls! If any one has references for 6315, 6382, 7338, & 9312 I be grateful to hear of them - they are what I need to complete the 63xx, 73xx, & 93xx series. (6315 was the early withdrawal after the Llangollen accident of 1945). 43xx, 53xx, & 83xx are more difficult. I'm looking for photos that are published or in publically available collections on the web. I'm ignoring photos for sale that are in printed lists or are on ebay. Martin
  10. Hall, here is my list of references to 5336 photos, most are 1964 because it was a late survivor on the Barnstaple line. The 6 December 1951 photo at Swindon Town shews it to be in the same condition as your ebay photo - tall SV cover, low w/o plugs, & unusually a small 1st BR totem.5336-listing.xlsx edit: I've just realised that the Swindon Town photo is also on the Rail Photoprints website - but this has a date of 6 December 1952 which is a Saturday so is more likely to be correct. The colour photo on the Rail Photoprints site at Barnstaple Junc shed on 29 February 1964 seems t
  11. John, I've references to a couple of pre-nationalisation photos of 6305 - both shew it to have a tall SV cover. They are circa 1932, Taunton Steam, Colin Maggs, Millstream Books, p107, at Taunton 17 December 1946, GWRJ 31, p376 at Taunton West which might reassure you, but the 1932 photo does shew it to have a firebox with lower washout plug positions. Very impressive looking weathering. Martin
  12. Yes, I've got that book. In actual fact the list was previously published by the GW Study Group in their 'Pannier' Journal, No.29, Spring 2011 as part of a well-illustrated article by David Cross. He lived overlooking Montpelier Station & worked as a fireman on the PBA at Avonmouth so he was in a good position to observe everything that passed along the line. He claims to have seen a West Country on a train returning to Portsmouth from his rear window! Unfortunately his article doesn't go beyond 1963. Here's my solitary Monkey Special photo, a Hymek on an evening departure in June/J
  13. Nostalgic photo so thanks Andy. Does anyone know when the last Monkey Specials ran? CD was my local station so I saw a lot of them in the 1960s but left Bristol in 1969 so completely lost touch I regret to say. Martin
  14. The RCTS photo collection has 2 views - but both late on. Try: https://www.rcts.org.uk/features/archive/search.htm?company=GWR&subtype=0&class=4300&location=&srch=6380&page=0 Martin
  15. Interesting that the piers haven't been removed. Perhaps the difficulty & cost of demolishing the R Severn piers were remembered (& there were a couple of deaths I think too - but I can't find the reference for that so perhaps my memory is not what is I'd like it to be!) Martin
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