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  1. If you wanted a lined version you could go for 6372 - a Taunton engine from late 1930s until its withdrawal in Dec 1963. There are many photos of it on the Barnstaple line & there's one of it at Ilfracombe in Martin Smith's 'Exmoor's Railways'. That was in Aug 1953 so it was in black (& it looks as if it had an intermediate tender then). It was the 1st Mogul to have the lined livery, in May 1956 so with lining on the tender fender & the 1st BR totem. There is a photo of it at Newton Abbott with a small 2nd BR totem (so in all likelihood lined) on the Rail-Online photo site, the date given is '1960s'. By Aug 1962 it was in plain green with a large 2nd BR totem (see GWRJ 19) - as was the general case by then. It never received outside steam pipes. Martin
  2. Well, Huxtable says 'Through GWR workings - as opposed to carriages simply being worked forward by the SR - had begun in 1925, coinciding with the upgrading of the route to main line status & the provision of a larger turntable at Ilfracombe' Yes, you're right about 1930s layout potential, tho' mid-1920s perhaps better - the Halls' photos (c1927) shew an amazing array of GWR stock on their line to Barnstaple. Rakes of 4 wheelers, clerestories, toplights, slip coaches, & many trains had horseboxes. Martin
  3. No! There are photos in the NRM's Halls' collection of GW locos beyond Barnstaple Junc c 1930. Also see Freddie Huxtable's 3 vol magnum opus on the GW's Barnstaple line. I've just picked up vol 3 & right at the beginning found an early 1930s photo (credited to Brian Perkes) of Collet 2268 piloting SR 'N' A826 across Caen Street crossing in Braunton. On the following page is another Perkes' photo, shewing prairie 5535 at the crossing with a down train. Somewhere (can't find them at the moment), there are photos at Barnstaple Town shewing Mogul & 55xx passing a L&B train - so 1935 latest. What I think can be said is that SR locos didn't work from Barum to Taunton until post-nationalisation. Martin
  4. See this recent thread on Small Suppliers: Martin
  5. That's in 'A Great Western Gallery' (GW Soc 1974) & perhaps elsewhere subsequently. Tim, Where's your photo of? Martin
  6. Well, maybe the RM is at fault - a downside of swapping the boring flatness of Cambridgeshire for the charms of the West Country? (I'm with you in spirit but unfortunately I can't sell the charms of the West Country to my wife ) Martin
  7. Posted the cheque for my first ever MRJ subscription on 6th April, & 278 arrived this morning - so pretty good service from both Cygnet & the RM (especially as my cheque hasn't been cashed!). It looks an excellent issue too. Martin
  8. Now seems to be the time to remind RMWebbers of the Great Western Study Group's book: 'GWR Structure Colours 1912 - 1947 From Official Sources'. It includes colour photos taken in the 1950s of structures still in GWR colours - admitedly general faded - from all round the system: eg Bloxham, Longville, Chudleigh, Bletchington, and others. It is priced at £14.95 (£10.00 for members) + P&P. Further information & details of how to order can be found on the Publications page of the GWSG's website: http://www.gwsg.org.uk/ Martin
  9. An 90-year old friend of mine asked his neighbour who was shopping for him to try get 'a couple of rolls of loo paper'. The neighbour came back with a pack of 24. Never can the term 'a life-time's supply' be so apt! Martin
  10. I asked exactly the same question when I was at Didcot a few years ago & was told it was light stone. The K14 was newly painted at the time. I was surprised tho' but couldn't find out the authority that lead to the decision to so paint it. Martin
  11. I hate to say this but D6974/37 402 has aged better than I have! Martin
  12. ... & continuing with D6974 in April 1965. Here it is brand-new at Doncaster Works on 7th April 1965 with an assembled inspection party comprising 10 schoolboys on a week's Short Works Course based in Darlington in Mech. & Elec. Engineering & 3 BR staff. Recognise anyone? (We all signed the reverse but I'm reluctant to show that out of respect for peoples' privacy, however I'm the 3rd from the left of those at ground level. I'm pleased to learn that it is still in service as 37 402 (or at least was in December). PS: I've just discovered it appears in a photo at the top of this page!
  13. The recently announced preferred route of the new line to Bedford looks as though it will use Cambridge South. See: https://eastwestrail.co.uk/the-project/central-section Martin
  14. Thanks - good news indeed. Something to read when self-isolating perhaps! That photo of hounds leaving the Hounds Van at Dulverton c1912 on Lightmoor's site is wonderful - where on earth did they discover that! Martin
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