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  1. Mike Greenwood is a busy man at present so I suggest you try to reach him by phone. Unfortunately small traders failing to respond to email enquiries is commonplace. It would be a benefit all round if more of them took John's advice to advertise their contact status.
  2. On my Ixion Hudswell 0-6-0T, the final idler gear (engaging with the gear on the driven wheel) has come loose on its axle. Any thoughts please how to remove it for repair and how best to resecure it?
  3. More than likely yes, especially as it's a new aspect to the audit. Not only are Hattons liable for any shortfalls in the trunk stock, but trunk items could be used to cover shortfalls in the stock count.
  4. My guess is that Dapol will keep their 7mm focus on tank locos, which have the right price point and the biggest market. If they were to go for a GWR tender loco, then a Dean rather than Collett Goods would have the broadest appeal.
  5. Most businesses would find it cheaper to accept a few returns on second hand rather than to attempt more than a cursory inspection. It's expensive to hire and house somebody with the requisite skills to tinker with sick locos, plus your stock would pile up on his workbench.
  6. I need to straighten a vertical bend in a 7mm (Code 131) point blade, which causes the tip to stand proud of the stock rail by a few mm. I've tried my S7 rail bending jig and my GW rolling bars but with no success. Any suggested remedies please that don't risk making things worse?
  7. Nice - but isn't that toolbox upside down?
  8. Try old-maps.co.uk - they have large scale OS maps for the period in question.
  9. Previously Dapol have cited weak pre-orders and a weak pound as factors in the delay. The former is surely a reflection of the long delay rather than lack of interest, and the latter issue has eased with the GBP near a six year high against the USD.
  10. AK Interactive offers a range of waxy metallic paints called True Metal that includes both shiny and tarnished brass. I've used them on whitemetal parts and the results are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
  11. Yes. And will these be sold through the 2mmSA shop or direct by you?
  12. Wayne - what's new please compared to the previous 2mm kits?
  13. The clearance at the tip of the switch rail in the third pic looks rather tight - does the build require a set in the curved stock rail?
  14. Glitches aside, the new website seems to have addressed my two big complaints about the old one - the search function no longer gives an absurd number of hits, and (overseas) mail charges are now calculated and charged before completing the purchase.
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