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  1. My impression is that they do not have a real-time stock system, which leads to orders being taken for items that are out of stock and to all the grief that follows, both for customers and themselves. These days even the smallest online retailers get this right, so I wonder why they have not fixed it before now.
  2. Modratec isn't taking orders at present and there is some uncertainty about its future.
  3. A circuit breaker in the track circuit set to something less than 3A is a good idea anyway - you would not want max power flowing through an unattended short.
  4. The current handset uses tiny SMD components and is quite challenging to assemble - I confess I gave up on mine. Hence the interest in a through-hole version.
  5. Any update on delivery dates please? Revolution's website still shows Q2-Q3 2020.
  6. London Fields is briefly captioned in this atmospheric 1920's video of the Regent's Canal here
  7. According to Tower Models, Dapol are now saying delivery won't be until Easter 2021.
  8. The instructions do indeed call for 28-28.5mm across the outer faces of the bearings, but the Slaters axle is 30mm back to back hence the 1.5mm of slop.
  9. Great idea if you are running fixed rakes, as it minimises stock handling and marshalling. The question for me is whether a 5 road x 1.55m cassette (ie long enough for a 10 coach train in N) is practical.
  10. Two years from announcement is a respectable timescale for a maiden project like this. We've been waiting almost four years for the NGS Hunslet.
  11. I'm building the Connoisseur 0-4-0T starter loco, which has a 47mm wheelbase and a simple fixed worm gear drive. Following the instructions on spacing out the bearings gives me ~1.5mm sideplay on the driven axle, which seems a little excessive for optimum gear engagement. So should I reduce this to say 0.5mm and leave more sideplay on the other axle? And if I do, what sideplay would I need on the latter to accommodate say a 36" radius curve?
  12. May I clarify the situation please on VAT for non-EU orders. The advertised price supposedly includes it, yet when I tried to order a Fell for Australia delivery there was no deduction made for it.
  13. My own formula for buying a tool is based on I*T*H*N where: I = improvement in results achieved using the tool T = time saved H = hourly value of hobby time N = number of times the tool is used If you're a reasonably well-heeled (or time starved) and eager rookie then you will assign high values to all these variables and will be likely to buy the tool. If few or none of these apply you will be likely to say that the tool is a luxury on forums like this.
  14. Note that the Springside Pug is almost entirely whitemetal above the chassis, and according to the manufacturer it has the longest build time - 150 hours - of any of their kits!
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