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  1. Credit card purchases offer much better UK buyer protection than Paypal, so KR would do well to provide that extra reassurance.
  2. There's a glowing review in the Dec Hornby magazine ("far and away Dapol's most advanced O Gauge loco yet"), highlighting the fully compensated chassis and superb running. Production version arriving late November so presumably in the shops before Xmas. Hornby's sample appears to be fitted with a Zimo MX644D with a custom sound and control set, and a pair of clip-in sugar-cube speakers below - these are not factory fitted. So it should be possible to fit a third party sound package for much less than the GBP175 premium that Dapol will charge for a sound fitted version. Hopefully there will be room in the smokebox for a decent stay-alive too although it looks pretty cramped.
  3. I'd endorse Tinkercad for 3D beginners. Only Sketchup comes close as an intuitive tool. It's the baby brother to Fusion 360, so once you chafe at its limitations the upgrade is relatively painless. And both are free to amateur users.
  4. If NinOz was using an Australian credit card then he likely has fewer claim options.
  5. Is there a reliable tool for such BtB adjustments?
  6. Ben - RTR factory weathering can be hit and miss, so perhaps you can tell us who will be doing the prototype paint job for the weathered 56xx.
  7. There's a lengthy spread on horse box traffic here, although it's mostly steam era.
  8. dpgibbons

    Peco Turntable Motor

    RRP GBP62.50, which is reasonable compared to DIY solutions I've seen. As the article says, the kits were not designed to be motorised so I look forward to hearing how well this works.
  9. My mistake, I thought these models came with a factory-fitted speaker as do the latest Farish releases. Even so it should be straightforward - the speaker enclosure is already in place, and soldering speaker leads to the PCB is much less challenging than taking a hot iron to the decoder itself.
  10. Dapol goes for safe volume sellers, so a Class 23 would be far too esoteric for them I suspect.
  11. Why wait when you can save money with a DIY job. Sound is all wired in so all you need to do is plug in a suitable sound decoder.
  12. Dapol's past O Gauge form has been small and popular which keeps the price point low. I don't suppose they will stray too far from that.
  13. For the BR Blue period the DMUs on the line appear to have been Classes 118 and 120 from Bristol, with Class 121s on the Bridport branch.
  14. My Britannia will go round a 10 inch radius curve - but not with all the drivers on the rails.
  15. Goods services were withdrawn from Weymouth in 1972, so there were likely no goods trains south of Yeovil after that date.
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