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  1. That's the saem for me but it is the Kindle edition
  2. I've been here: https://exviking.net/man/large/hell-update.htm
  3. This is a quick follow up. In my previous post I showed my third attempt at scratchbuilding in its pristine condition I have not tried any form of weathering before. But I have now tried using ground pastels. I started by tried it out on an old Superquick card kit of a cottage. This seemed to work ok so after taking a deap breath (not actually that wise when the tale is full of finely ground particles) I 'did' the station, and I am really quite pleased with the result. There is still some touching up to be done and the picture was taken before the matt varnish was completely dry. To my 50+ year old eyes it looks better than my merciless camera-phone thinks it does. One thing I am surprised about is my eye for sizing it. I planned the model entirely from photos and had no idea of the dimensions. Now my copy of an excellent book Branch line to Chard by Ian Harrison has arrived. In this book he states that the station building was 84' by 26' . In 4mm to the foot, that means the model should be 336mm by 104mm My model is 338mm by 105mm! The time I spent count bricks was not wasted. This book has given me a lot of useful information including the fact that The platform awning was still there in 1966. I had assumed that it was removed earlier than that so I am now going to have to add that.
  4. Do you actually read my posts? They do it to stop fraud. The costs of which are passed on to you and me. That's why, Feel free to carry on thinking they are out to get you, but life is too short for me to carry on pointing out the same thing. 'Over and out'
  5. https://www.statista.com/statistics/289167/mobile-phone-penetration-in-the-uk/ 5% do not have a mobile phone ( you do not need a SMART phone for SMS two factor.
  6. We seem to be going round in circles. One last try, Pay pal are not doing this just to annoy you. They are doing it because the vast majority of the customers DO use mobiles, Do order things from their mobile phones, and DO NOT want to have their identities misused by fraudsters
  7. The original post was about using Sms to provide two factor authentication. So using mobiles to do this IS about security. And yes you can possibly use a land line for two factor authentication, but only if you are ordering from home. The whole point about authentication is to prove who you are, not where you are. Anyone can answer a landline. But a mobile uses face recognition, or fingerprints or a code. If you chose not to do this on a mobile then it is the same as leaving your house unlocked. You get what you deserve.
  8. People also still have the right to choose a horse and carriage rather than a car, but if they then complain about the lack of hay at service stations... If one wants use the internet to buy things, and the companies wish to use technology to protect themselves against fraud, then that is part of the price for using their services. Here in Denmark, during the Corona crisis most shops have stopped accepting cash, and Danish banks stop cashing cheques three year ago, and now even credit cards are on the way out. https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/news-insights/insight/danish-payment-landscape-when-instant-becomes-new-normal. We use instant payment systems. Some of the less obvious benefits: school ground bullies can no longer pinch lunch money, the homeless can receive help that can not be later taken in a mugging. P.Y.O. honesty boxes that can not be emptied. Group restaurant bills that ca be spilt easily as people instantly transfer funds to the person who foot the bill.
  9. If you have not visited this place. Then you really should as soon as the pandemic is over( assuming you don't need a visa after Brexit) They really should just open it as a center for self isolation. 14. days is about right. By then you should have had time to make a prioritised list of the bits to examine closely on the full visit later on!
  10. The start of Children of the Stones, terrified me as a child. Actually it still does:
  11. Ahh a member the 'TRUMP' school of how society should be run. Threats of violence can actually be a crime
  12. Bruce Willis if far too much of a pussy for that role. it must be Ray Winstone for AY
  13. Not wanting to appear to be plugging my own very sporadic blog But I have three posts on building an DCC concepts ALPHA based control panel. Which may help you avoid all the mistakes I made.
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