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  1. I did wonder about building a branchline with a station called Echelon. with connections to Trident and Polaris. Sorry Andy Y if you get a visit tomorrow
  2. One other major advantage with anyrail is that it understands gradients and can show them in a 3d rendering which is a great help when designing layouts with more than one level. As far as I know Templot does not have a third dimension. ( although I'm sure Martin will correct me if I'm wrong ) Anyrail also has an export to TrainPlayer although that is not something I have used, JMRI and various 3d formats.
  3. It depends what you wan to do. If you want to build your own points then TEMPLOT ( http://www.templot.com) is about the only program to use! You just have to get used to the fact that design wise it's about 30 years old ( it was originally released for the Commadore amiga in the mid 80's ) . But it is still amazing. If you want to design a whole layout then TEMPLOT is NOT what you want to use. I have used ANYRAIL (https://www.anyrail.com/en) which is very easy to use. Since I am using handbuilt points. I ended up using both products by doing the the layout design's running lines in anyrail Which I then saved as a jpg file. and then I imported into Templot as the background. I designed TEMPLOT points in the positions I wanted on the background. It is a bit fiddly but possible. There is a free trial version of anyrail. But since the product ( including version upgrades costs) about the same as a cheap 'OO' gauge coach, do the decent thing, and buy a license. The support for both TEMPLOT and ANYrail is amazing. I get very quick responses from Martin (templot) and David (anyrail) to any questions. Now if you could please join my campaign to persuade them to make a real export/import feature between the two products...
  4. Then he did produce a train after all
  5. I suspect that part of the problem with the DJM attempt is that there was not really enough serious buyers. I was worried when from the outset Dave already claimed that this was not a project from which he would make money. Model railway producers are not charities, If the DJM APT really was at best a break even project, then I would suggest that no one else should attempt it. My logic is that if they were a new startup then a large number of the people who got their fingers burnt the first time around would not take a plunge into a new project. This means that the number of orders will not reach a realistic cutoff point. If they are an established company and if £1000 for the full model would not make DJM any money. then it would either cost even more and therefore again the orders would not be high enough. or it would be a loss making model that would drag them down. Let's face it in these times of a TRUMP trade war/ Brexit potential meltdown. It would have to be a very brave or very stupid manufacturer that would take the chance on making such an expensive project. The only way I could see it happening is as a long time release starting with the powercar, a single carriage and driving car. this would enable a minimum train length. Subsequent carriages could then be produced one a year until the whole set is complete, This might work as it would spreads the cost for both the manufacturer and us who buy them. It would of course mean that we would have to be patient and wait. but I'm sure that's no problem for us
  6. That's easy. The Full hardcore no Brexit will be no paint at all. Otherwise I assume that passengers will be allow to pay to use it by bringing along their old half dried tins of paint as part of the new BR-barter system. In which case it will be inevitably be mostly 'magnolia' .
  7. Will it be released in the full Brexit livery?
  8. Yes, Many times. But as this whole DJM farce had shown, realism not reality is our primary focus.
  9. Then people really should have looked into what they were doing. A fool and his money... People who enter into 'crowd funding' who do not know what they are risking are lazy. It took me 15 seconds to find this from the first result in a google search: "Basics of Crowdfunding In most jurisdictions, restrictions apply to who can fund a new business and how much they are allowed to contribute. Similar to the restrictions on hedge fundinvesting, these regulations are supposed to protect unsophisticated or non-wealthy investors from putting too much of their savings at risk. Because so many new businesses fail, their investors face a high risk of losing their principal."
  10. Vistisen

    DJM, the end.

    No not a bad person... just not human.
  11. Vistisen

    DJM, the end.

    Looks a bit flat, it that Em gauge? the track looks a bit too wide as well.
  12. Vistisen

    DJM, the end.

    Might be construed as a threat!
  13. Vistisen

    DJM, the end.

    I fully approve of this approach. If you ( as a representative) manage to organise should a contact, then on the one hand it would be great if the forum became an official communications channel. Though I suspect that an such contact would very quickly become frightened off by the shear volume and intensity of the posts. I would suggest that the best approach would be a closed forum thread that is only open ( and indeed visible) to members who can prove by means of receipts that they are genuinely DJM customers who are out of pocket. I'm not such a DJM customer who has lost money, I backed out early on as alarm bells were ringing in my ears, or was that the tinnitus? This would truly be a service beyond the call of duty on RMWeb's part. if fact would go as far as to sign up for Gold Membership to show my appreciation for such responsible action by RMweb
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