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  1. The danish border authorities ( despite amazon having an agreement to pay VAT directly to the Danish Government, which they have at 25% I can see it on the onvoice) I have opened an offical complaint as it is not the correct way to do things. But if it is this much hassle to get things done right for a £15 DVD sent by one of the largest companies in the world... They have charged me 48 kr moms ( which is already paid) and a 160 kr administration fee. Thats £24.89 at the current exchangerate!
  2. Not wanting to get political here. But is has suddenly become harder to model British outline when you live in the EU. I have already been wacked over the head with a 20 pound handlng charge for a 15 pound for DVD ordered from Amazon uk. I have canceled all preorders for future models from UK shops But if I wanted to buy British outline items, it strikes me that Irish shops may be the way forward. What websites should I be looking at?
  3. I'm sorry this foam ballast never looks good. This is a branchline close to where I live in Central Jutland. and before somebopdy points it out, I'm not the wrong side of the fence, because there is no fence. Most rural lines over here are unfenced.- This is actually taken from a public footpath which at some points is less then 10 feet fra the track and unfenced. Two trains an hour in each direction :-)
  4. In Denmark we had a price war a few years ago. Each day the prices would start at the normal high price, later during the day one of the major providers would drop their prices by about 10%. Every manned station sent an employee round on a bicycle each hour to check on their competitors’ prices and drop theirs to match og beat them. At the end of the day all prices would rise again to the original start point. It did not take long for even the stupidest motorists to learn to wait until the afternoon to tank up. Every few months the petrol companies would agree a truce. But after a few d
  5. Please do not read anything into my non reply other than is is an ... Oh wait
  6. I have just received a mail from Hornby telling me that they are not accepting orders because of BREXIT until after the new year. I live in Denmark and am wondering whether it is only people with non British addresses who have got them? Especially as three hours later I got an mail telling me new stuff was arriving with shop now links. Mixed messages or what!
  7. This was the first Hornby Catalogue I can remember. I got my first train set as a six year old in 1972
  8. Not true. the problem is an American law not an EU law https://www.dw.com/en/europeans-scramble-for-bank-access-due-to-us-threats/a-51136862
  9. Another tip. The fishplates for tillig track fit very tightly (which is good for electrical conductivity). But if you do not look out when joining track to points, you can by mistake push the rails that form the Vee in enough to muck up the clearance and wheels no longer run through the Vee. Until I realised what was happening I used to use a slitting disk to open up the Vee again, but now I know that the way to stop this happening is to use a pair of thin nosed pliers to hold the rails in place when sliding fishplates on to the points.
  10. Tilligs tiebar is very delicate. I use the Cobalt point motors, the the rod on them is too big to fit the hole in the tiebar, opening it up makes it even more fragile. I have destroyed two points when cleaning them with a track rubber og cloth that has snagged on the sticking up bar and destroyed the points tiebar beyond repair. By using the extension you get the pin out of the way of the tracking cleaning process.
  11. I discovered that as a father of three boys, building a model railway together was a brilliant way of easing the movement from them being children to teens. Over several years we spent a lot of time together on this project. Now their interest is more sporadic (and most of them have left home) but even so when visiting it is not unknown for them to give a hand on some project.
  12. It must have been a slow day, just over hours before the wish list started
  13. Why do Peco include flat blade round head non magnetic screws with their pointmotors? They are so difficult to use under baseboards. compared to magnetic positronic screws.


    1. Darius43


      Was fitting some Peco point motors yesterday to the underside of the baseboard and thinking exactly the same.



    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      I think they must have got a job lot of the world's worst screws.

  14. I'm surprised you were not arrested. I'm pretty sure that someone taking pictures of nuclear operations would be suspected of terrorism.
  15. When starting my current layout, I was faced with the same decision, Phase one (a branch line station) was built using Tillig track and points. Which to my eyes look much nicer than Peco’s. This was designed using AnyRail. When going on to the main project, the main line junction where the branch line starts. I originally drew it all in AnyRail. But after a loooong period of indecision, I decided to go for the SMP flex track for the lines and Templot points. I ended up using both AnyRail and Templot. So that I have a Model equivalent of a Matte painting as used in movies. Most of the runn
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