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  1. For years people have complained about the death of the small dedicated model shop. They bemoan the rise of the nasty box shifters. Hornby announce that they are going to give good local shops a higher priority than said box shifters and all hell breaks loose. Personally I have to use the internet as there is no shop selling UK outline within 500 miles or more. The last two times I visited a model shop in England, they were untidy, dingy, in need of a clean... I spent hours there and didn't want leave. I got great service. But I have no idea which tier they would be in.
  2. Very true, but the difference is now that you can actually fit cameras inside OO gauge trains, Even before that I have tried putting a go-pro camera on an open flat wagon and running it arround on my branch line, it gave a very different perspective on things.
  3. I think I would try to do something different. I would try to combine computer games and models. What about a range of trains ( simple and robust) fitted with small cameras, combined with a simulated real world computer game? You can drive a train in a physical world environment, but see it in an augmented reality. The real objects can include both rolling stock and buildings, and these are composited with computer generated images, possibly being shown in 3D via VR headsets. I think that kids (of all ages) would enjoy playing with it. Even serious modellers might find a use for it, either as
  4. I have a minimum radius of 30" I used the 'create transistion curve' feature in the excellent ANYRAIL programme ( which has a free trial version). I printed a full size version of the transition curve and cut a hardboard templet that fitted between the rails and used this create transition curves at the start and end of these curves.
  5. I am in the lucky situation that I have just be given a whole storage chest of rolling stock, this includes 30+ locomotives, these have not been used for years. I need to fit DCC chips to them. But before doing so, I think that I should make sure that they run OK using conventional DC power. I am thinking of purchasing a rolling road of some sort to allow them to run for a while. But is this enough to be able to get them back into service, or do they need to run on a real track pulling stock?
  6. Hi I have a quick question, As an ex-pat living in the EU, my hobby costs have exploded after Brexit. I recentl bought an item that cost £14 that cost me an extra £22 in import duties and daylight robbery administration. As you are based in Ireland. can I buy your products directly from you as an EU cpompany without paying extra import duties?
  7. Probably not allowed on Youtube... You could try threatening them with 'community service as an RMWeb moderator unless they comply. That would scare me into behaving!
  8. I use thinned copydex (about 1:2 ratio glue to water) to glue track and ballast especially arround my handbuilt points. I paint using cheap paintbruhes to paint a THIN layer of copydex on the closed foam track bed. Then I lay the track on it and straight away cover it in ballast I then put a longish strip of ply wood on the rail and weights on it for about 5 minutes, after that time I hoover off the loose ballast and then replace the plywood strips and weights again for a few hours until it is completely dry. Its not perfect but it is quick. There are three reasons why I use copydex rather tha
  9. I think we can all agree that the modelling is far superior to the photoshop work. Whether it is 'cheating' in a thread that by its name implies that it is the photo that is important not the model. I would say not. There are other posters who have moved their layout outdoor to use real scenery, others use black and white to remove the very tricky question of colour grading from the equation. Personally, and it is only my opinion. The success of these types of effects depends on you not really noticing them. For me it’s like spices in food, they should bring out the flavour, not become the fla
  10. Keep behind the yellow heads...Hornby Nellie approaching at speed
  11. Not much point in building a tunnel between Scotland and Northen Ireland if Scotland leaves the UK . then you just get a hard border at each end
  12. The bridge over the great belt is even higher and really big ships can still get under it... just:
  13. Not a problem https://www.google.com/search?q=spanish+dual+gauge+train&client=ms-android-oneplus-rvo3&prmd=ivsn&sxsrf=ALeKk03P51v02PTMgLFKL6OytybRHCYxkQ:1613430220580&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjgmqv5_-zuAhXp1uAKHcZ-BrsQ_AUoAnoECAIQAg&cshid=1613430244174&biw=360&bih=614#
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