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  1. It must have been a slow day, just over hours before the wish list started
  2. Why do Peco include flat blade round head non magnetic screws with their pointmotors? They are so difficult to use under baseboards. compared to magnetic positronic screws.


    1. Darius43


      Was fitting some Peco point motors yesterday to the underside of the baseboard and thinking exactly the same.



    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      I think they must have got a job lot of the world's worst screws.

  3. I'm surprised you were not arrested. I'm pretty sure that someone taking pictures of nuclear operations would be suspected of terrorism.
  4. When starting my current layout, I was faced with the same decision, Phase one (a branch line station) was built using Tillig track and points. Which to my eyes look much nicer than Peco’s. This was designed using AnyRail. When going on to the main project, the main line junction where the branch line starts. I originally drew it all in AnyRail. But after a loooong period of indecision, I decided to go for the SMP flex track for the lines and Templot points. I ended up using both AnyRail and Templot. So that I have a Model equivalent of a Matte painting as used in movies. Most of the runn
  5. I'm waiting for the director's cut with none of the action cut out.
  6. I found this site helpful http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=zz.led.resistor.calculator
  7. I just thought of something obvious. As these points are HO rather than OO I could try and buy them i Denmark. and they are still in stock here, so if anyone else is deperate, send me a PM for a link. Mind you they are at Danish prices 15.75 pounds + postage. Everything is expensive in Denmark!
  8. Now three months later it is still very hard to find Peco Streamline points for a shop that posts to Denmark at a reasonable price. There has been no news updaytes on the peco website since the 1st May. Does anyone have information about their production plans?
  9. You should see the Shark sitting on the roof of the goods shed!
  10. As an professional (?) database man I would be interested to know how large the database(s) are and what tecnology they use?
  11. I am lucky to be godparent to a nine-year-old autistic girl. One of the few things she does is play fantasy games with a dragon. Chard Junction is often the scene of carnage bought about by me 'moddeling' but today it suffered an even worse fate: attack by dragon, The sheep were under attack and saved by being loaded into a truck and driven off at the limited top speed of my new Hornby 48DS. It actually managed to escape and hide in the tunnel that leads to the fiddle yard. She has now reluctantly gone home. While clearing up the destruction, I realised that for an hour I actually played train
  12. This is a quick follow up. In my previous post I showed my third attempt at scratchbuilding in its pristine condition I have not tried any form of weathering before. But I have now tried using ground pastels. I started by tried it out on an old Superquick card kit of a cottage. This seemed to work ok so after taking a deap breath (not actually that wise when the tale is full of finely ground particles) I 'did' the station, and I am really quite pleased with the result. There is still some touching up to be done and the picture was taken before the matt varnish was com
  13. If you have not visited this place. Then you really should as soon as the pandemic is over( assuming you don't need a visa after Brexit) They really should just open it as a center for self isolation. 14. days is about right. By then you should have had time to make a prioritised list of the bits to examine closely on the full visit later on!
  14. Ahh a member the 'TRUMP' school of how society should be run. Threats of violence can actually be a crime
  15. Bruce Willis if far too much of a pussy for that role. it must be Ray Winstone for AY
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