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  1. I've mentioned your cracking video else where but thanks again for doing it. I do like the scrap yard moosive it looks. Best
  2. Hello Jack only just found your Model which on a quick view seems full of ideas. I'll be having a deeper read after the rugby today as there are many useful ideas contained therein. In the mean time I've marked it down on my 1 to follow list. Well done Regards
  3. This has been a very nice memory jogger few posts. Great work as usual Chris. As the House of commons chair would say - The detail has it, the detail has it. Best.
  4. There's always something to do, It's never ending hobby work. It'd what gets us up in the morning. The 37 and the tranny van are looking good.
  5. Great work being done Jinty keep on it. Best
  6. Busy day ahead Andy with clouds heading in from the hills, better be quick in the yard as rain is on the way. Best
  7. Welcome home Ade. Are you all ship-shape and watertight with your cabin as with all this rain about you will need it. That guards van looks superb, I don't think I've ever seen one with such neat grab rails. It is a very neatly built & painted model. Best
  8. Sorry people I did the vid post in haste just as we were leaving to gown down sarf to tour around Cornwall for a week. Simon has the correct answer so I'll be doing that later after we've unpacked and had tea. Best. oops forgot to press submit EDIT
  9. Look I'm ALIVE. https://www.facebook.com/mark.king.5015/videos/10216870019555431/?t=68 CORRECTED LINK AS PER SIMON'S POST SEE BELOW.
  10. Great video Ian expertly made. Regards
  11. Well the middle BB #2 has now had all its points and track wired in. I test drove my Fowler over all the rails to prove it all was working correctly; it was. Under the BB just need to be spiral wrapped to make it all neat and tidy but I think I'll wait until the other 2 BB are wired up. BB #2 IS ALIVE...………... Onwards we go. Best
  12. This clearly shows the fencing to be behind the paving's.>>>
  13. Some very interesting modelling with great skill going on here, a very enjoyable read. Regards
  14. Morning Andy the foreground mixture of texture and colour shades makes for a very realistic vegetation expanse and plants the model right in a slice of the real world. Great stuff. Best
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