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  1. Tim, Mike I've just Googled "Rails" and their on screen price for the BR Black 0-6-0 Terrier Locomotive No.32655 By Hornby | Code: R3767 | OO Gauge is>>> Buy new RRP: £89.99 -10% £80.99 (other currencies) Availability: In stock Price promise We guarantee the price of our forthcoming releases for Locomotives, coaches and wagons to be at least 10-25% less than the RRP at the time of release. We also offer large discounts on many of our railway accessory ranges. We continually monitor other retailers to ensure that our prices are always competitive. Please note limited editions and exclusive products are not included in the price promise offer. Free postage Regards
  2. I will welcome back with open arms the "SHOWS" as soon as there is a working vaccine. The risk is too great if there are to be shows without a suitable vaccine to counteract any potential virus contagion. As for interest in the general public numbers they are the minor people at shows with the majority being hobbyists and that ratio wont change. Best
  3. Fantastic Ian, interesting as well as some excellent building skills on show. Best
  4. Thanks for that Paul I had previously had that site listed on my pc as a ref source but since my hard drive crash I've lost a lot of my info., so thanks again. I'm adding it as I reply for future ref. And while I add that I've added this also. http://www.igg.org.uk/rail/4-rstock/004-index.htm Best
  5. I've usually not been too fussy of what passed by when on the rails but when were these first out and about. Thanks
  6. A very enjoyable video on the previous page Andy, just the thing for my T break in the hobby cabin while doing catch up on the forums. Best
  7. Hello Rod I can't find the tinny I was after but here is another one so I must be getting close. I'll keep looking. Best
  8. Wow Rod that backscene work is great with my favourite piece of track work laying in front of it. You pick up on your warehouse backs saying you're not over sure about the rusting, I agree it does look a little too uniform. I have some photos of corrugated-tin warehouses showing rust, I'll see if I can find them. You may want to have a look here https://www.sankeyscenics.com/bespoke-items they have a big selection of signs and detail notices in all the major scales. They have given some away as inserts in the monthly Hornby MAG. Best
  9. Now that we have your video uploads going online at full speed ahead we can expect some l o n g and interesting showtimes. Enjoyed those 3 plus got the 4tht to enjoy later. Thanks and all looking ggod.
  10. Reads well James, have you got any photos yet and/or the track plan. Keep on posting. Best
  11. Exciting times down on the Wirral peninsular and I'm eagerly awaiting some pictures of them in situ. Ahh thanks for your PS as I was wondering about your bedspread design. Regards
  12. That's a very nicely built and painted lamp Hut. Regards
  13. Hello Ian, that ballast train looks great and the lowmac is well presented too. Regards
  14. looking good here as well as the K8 is over on your workbench thread too. Best
  15. That's something I've been giving some thought to too. I've decided to set my back scene buildings at an angle off the back scene board. I've been playing with my Kellogg box factories and station buildings and will have to add some roofing but 30D or 45D angle looks quite promising it does fool the eye more than flat 2D on the back scene. I'll not be having all buildings in the same line or even the same amount of depth but that is easily done by roof length adjustment. Best
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