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  1. Great video Andy. Candle wax. Fantastic to get a view journey end to end. Furniture polish. Suggestion for the next video could be to show an actual train run from end to end. WD40 spray. Nice to see you actively working on your layout. Best
  2. Very Nice modelling Dave, I'd never believe it was oo. Will you be having a guard rail around that internal office? Best
  3. Hello Peter, stick it in a jar of dry rice to absorb the moisture. Regards
  4. That looks very good Gareth. Re the overlap issue couldn't you just make the start and end of a wall panel be where the verticals are and add one per join separately once the panels are butted up together. I'm not too sure what you have found out of true with the mould overlap so I'm guessing a bit with my suggestion. Best
  5. ........... a little bit more progress. Requiring further application of liquid plastic adhesive and applied pressure to flatten/smooth down some of the edges. >>> Best
  6. Alan that's some fine and very detailed working environment buildings. Best
  7. Here you go BGman >>> https://www.gmodelscene.com/ Doesn't say were they are based but all the costs are in euros and the cheapest postage is in Ireland then UK then Europe so would seem like they're based in Ireland. Best
  8. Wow Dave your modelling and photography are fab-u-lous sir. Congrats. I'll set some time aside to-morrow to get up to speed with all the posts. Another lockdown read, thanks. Best
  9. Yes some may say it is a "mock up" but it puts my builds to shame. E.G. Gareth's mock ups are just that much better than my so called finished builds. Best
  10. Dave I've not yet managed to read all the pages pertaining to CSM & WLS so I'm not up to speed with the Scale you are building. I can see on the front pages that it was oo but then you dropped that track plan and started the present one. Judging from your recent modelling photos the models look O gauge as the level of detail you add I would think is only possible in O plus your photos look immense. I am enjoying the read and watching your build but until I have played catch with my reading maybe you could tell which modelling gauge this layout is. Many thanks
  11. Hello Alan. Any update work made on Wilne Lane Yard recently? I'm still finding plenty of things to do other than complete my present build on King Street Goods. It is all relevant to this build it's just that I find a more perfect way to do something so I rip it out and install the new. I.E. I've found a better way for me to make point switching by using DCC Concept's SS Cobalt Point motors. Wishing you and your a belated Merry Christmas and a hopefully better New Year 2021. Stay safe and make plenty of progress on W L Y for us all to enjoy.
  12. Progressing the build 2 sides now adhered to the front >>> Regards
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