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  1. Is it there all the time Andy, I'm sure Martin Wynne on here mentioned a fix for this in the early days of the forum. As I type I see no adverts like you show.
  2. Any movements been happening down @ Pontfaen Yard lately WRT?
  3. Great modelling Ade, they look excellent. Regards
  4. Hello BG I like very much the fact that all the track is on a curve, should make for a great presentation. Best
  5. Hello WRT, don't forget to pack your camera too. That's spooky, I use to work for "Tom Rolt's" son Richard who was an engineering designer and had a business in Bromyard. His dad Tom had lots of involvement at the Talyllyn Railway and as your Loco shows had one named after him. I managed Richard's business so he could have extended holidays and generally be absent from the factory. As long as I dealt with the factory running, kept the free coffee on tap, kept the secretary in tray topped up, saw that the build time line for the kit was on time he was happy. Best
  6. Yes gents I strive to be neat and tidy but even my layout build slows down and the boards become a shelf table and so the clutter grows. I also a bit like brossard in that the shed fairies make an untidy mess over night. I have got plenty of plastic sealable boxes that stack up quite well but my black pen writing is not neat enough but Georges labelling looks superb. I think I could tell the wife I've got the labeller for her to label up her garden bits in her shed then borrow it for my shed labelling.
  7. George just a quick question on the next to last of your pictures in this post. It shows some labelling on stock drawers in the background which looks like a Dymo tool labeller or similar was used. Which one did you use as I want to sort out my work room so probably a portable label printer will be best for me. Best
  8. Right trying hard to get my mojo into top gear and taking some err a lot of inspiration from various forum people in particular Andy P of Bute Rd. I received these Friday just gone from the postie. They are some pluggable Choc-block and some fiddle yard to layout rail alignment ends, they're quite clever and will allow my cassettes to self align. Now to build up a wire matrix for connecting onto the Mimic board, relay pcb control and DCC using the choc-block.
  9. EEEEEK that was sudden George. Will it still show on here to follow its progress, I hope so. Well I look forward to your next layout build but will that follow on from here maybe entitled Moss Lane Depot . Keep searching for your mojo and when you find it put a link on here so I can follow your next build please as you're one of the ones that helps me to keep hold of my layout build mojo. best
  10. So no lay-in this morning Ade. A hissing, spiting fire breathing dragon has arrived at the window.
  11. So basically you pays your money and makes your choice as all will work. I think my choice will be similar to option 1 but with the switches id'ed on a condensed track plan with the switches numbered below it. Thanks
  12. AP said>>> "This time I'm still unsure whether to go for a Track Diagram as I had with Seven Mills, or a Leaver Frame as I had with Kings Moreton," Hello Andy what are the prime advantages for you of each system? I favour a track plan schematic with point switch numbers imbedded onto it with switches or push buttons correspondingly numbered underneath the plan. The plan will also have Leds displaying to show the live route selected, but am i missing something?
  13. Great news Grahame you have picked that skill up quickly. When you are satisfied with the 4mm trial I'm hoping that to make a 7mm one would be just a scale change and the CAD FILES would automatically scale up, I could be interested in one. I understand you are more into wanting this for a portfolio of useful items for your on-going 7mm stuff. Looking good.
  14. Pontfaen Yard is beginning to look very lived in and alive WRT, great Video.
  15. Great work G and if you get to the "ready to print" stage I'll take one if the price is right to give you some additional incentive. I think Shapeways will take your files and print them for you if you just wanted to see how your art work turned out. I believe the smoothness if the finished product is down to the quality of the [?plastic toner?] layered down, some can be quite crude in their finish but my knowledge is quite vague on this. Exciting times BG
  16. Google I found this. The tip is for using pencils to colour pick out individual bricks and was from Ray H of this forum. www.world-of-railways.co.uk/techniques/model-railways-using-pencils-on-brickwork-top-tips/
  17. Orange, brown & black water colour pencils now where are mine. That will make the pick out of individual bricks much easier, great tip Ray H. I'll follow Georges work to see how it goes. Best Went to Prof Google and found this.>>> https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/techniques/model-railways-using-pencils-on-brickwork-top-tips/
  18. Looks like it is a very quick build Steve. I'm trying to drag myself into the Diesel era but I haven't settled on which. It will probably come down to sound as the 37 is a real beast and I do like the whistle of the 20, maybe rule1 will have to apply. Keep the "steel coil" wagon build photos coming. Best
  19. Hello WRT. “Pontfaen Yard” is really coming on extremely well and looking very lived in and alive. You've added some nice scenic interpretations on the various areas of the yard you've worked on. Keep posting Best
  20. That's a very interesting read Stevey and I have now marked it down to follow. I model in 0 gauge [very slowly] but like you my interest is in shunting and I'm trying to squeeze an interesting shunter plank layout into about 10ft. Keep on posting. I like this comment from your posts>>> Steve Sandiford - too many ideas, too little time/space/skills/money. Applies to me too, well I do have the space but all else do.
  21. All coming along good and steady Andy. I mentioned a some while ago about your method for covering up gaps at the board joins, something I'm interested in. Have you shown the "cut" and join or is that still to be done? I can see you have paper taped over and glued down but it doesn't look like you have cut through yet. If I've missed it can you tell me which video it is in please. Ta
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