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  1. It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Graham after a battle with covid. Graham, although very much a Yorkshire man and proud, had been based in Norfolk for many years. Graham was an excellent modeler, especially scratch building structures. His layouts included Ollands End, Ashburton, Little Histon and Ebridge Mill, these and others were all displayed at local Exhibitions over the last thirty years. He was also very proud to have been invited to the Warley National Exhibition three times. These layouts also appeared in the Modelling Press over several years. I am pleased to say most of Grahams layouts live on as they were sold after their Exhibition life ended. In fact I purchased Ebridge Mill with other members of our group and it will be exhibited again. Graham sold my group Ebridge Mill after his wife was diagnosed with dementia about three years ago. Up until his death he has looked after her worsening condition. RIP Old Friend - we will all miss you.
  2. Hi I have done lots of work since my last posting - they range from 2mm to 16mm - lots of weathering and O Gauge work - plus some 3D printing work - please have a look.
  3. Work started on new layout - O Gauge Stabling Point. Will hold 14 mainline Diesels and 6 Shunters. Overall size is 12' X 18" and the scenic area is about 9' x 18". As my locos date from 1958 through to current era in various periods I will try to make the scenics timeless! Further details on my website with about six blogs.
  4. Hi Another few items added to my website- 37057 in O Gauge 37422 in O Gauge Three more 3D developments
  5. Hi Another batch of posts on my website over the last week or so:- 1/ Dirty 45036 - O Gauge 2/ Two O Gauge Wagons weathered 3/ ZXV Satlink Western - O Gauge 4/ First 3D printed Items Painted and weathered 5/ 3D printing comes to our group 6/ Shelby Yard HO SNSF Layout Finished
  6. Hi Updated several items on my website The BNSF Layout is now finished and there are several posts bringing it to its completion- HO. Two other posts look at numbering the New Heljan O Gauge Class 17's.
  7. Lockdown working continues - lots of work in the last fortnight:- 1/ Upgraded Darstead well wagon - O Gauge. 2/ Oxford Rail N7 weathered - OO Gauge 3/ Bachmann Class 45 - Heavy Weathering - OO Gauge. 4/ Work starts on new BNSF Layout - HO Gauge. 5/ BNSF Layout - Track Laid - HO Gauge.
  8. A lot more work done on Little Sefton Layout O Gauge (Shunting Plank). Updates on my website are as follows:- Further work on Little Sefton (1/1) " " " (3/1) " " " (7/1) Little Sefton - Almost there Test Shunting on Little Sefton
  9. Hi Had a very busy Xmas since out 'Tier 4' Covid Allocation. More work on the pointless layout - now named 'Little Sefton' 1/ Dry Ballasting and some thoughts 2/ Ballast Glued 3/ Ballast tidied - track painted. 4/ Further work on Little Sefton - 22/12 5/ Further work on Little Sefton - 24/12 6/ Further work on Little Sefton - 28/12 FULL STORIES ON MY WEBSITE + VARIOUS THOUGHTS DOING THE TASKS
  10. Hi Another busy fortnight rushes by - below is what I added to my website since last update. 1/ Another pointless Layout 2/ The wagons came in 2 x 2 3/ Four wagons for Graham 4/ Just can't do it (Class 50) 5/ Dogfish loaded 6/ Further Work on the pointless layout
  11. Hi Its been a very busy month on my website - all weathering O Gauge 1/ Class 25 D7668 2/ Class 37 D6753 3/ Class 31 D5593 4/ Class 37 D6749 5/ Class 31 Golden Ochre 6/ Two Class 31's in the 1960's 7/ Two further Heljan Locos OO Gauge 1/ Weathered Metals Class 47 2/ Four Stratford Class 47's 3/ Back to OO - Class 47's
  12. Time really flies - its nearly a month since I last posted on RM Web. Well I have been very busy working on O Gauge as usual. Here are nine new posts on my website:- 1/Class 37 - 37054 2/40080 - heavy weathering 3/Class 50 Swiftsure 4/Diverse wagon weathering 5/East Anglia Shunters 6/12T BR Vans 7/Coke Challenge 8/O Gauge Loco's for Les And 9/ You Tube Videos ------- my latest venture using videos taken in last 20 years. The Real Railway first - Models to Follow.
  13. Hi All More O Gauge Weathering on my website. 1/ MPV Ex Southern Van 2/ Various Wagons 3/ Three Ministry Tanks 4/ BP TTA's 5/ Dapol Turbots Cheers Kelvin B
  14. Hi Another three O Gauge posts added to my website:- O Gauge Class 37 Green numbering O Gauge Class 37 Blue numbering O Gauge Class Y8 Steam Departmental Loco Cheers Kelvin B
  15. Hi Another three posts with reference to O Gauge Dapol Sentinals. Three weathered - renumbered within Departmental Civil Engineers Stock. Also previous attempts at renumbering a factory weathered Class 33 in O Gauge. Looking at real connecting rods on Steam Loco's and trying to copy various effects All on my website now. Kelvin B
  16. Hi Have just done my first weathering batch since February (Lock Down) Three O Gauge topics added to my website:- Dapol Sentinal weathering J94 weathering Jinty Weathering and some thoughts on numbering! Cheers Kelvin B
  17. Hi four new posts on my website:- 1/ Scenic board 2 finished - OO 2/ Return to farmyard on board 1 -OO 3/ 2nd traverser finished. - OO 4/ Latest arrival G5 for repaint - O cheers
  18. hi three more blogs added to my website:- All OO 1/ Osier Common - Board 2 nearly finished 2/ Fircombe - My old garage layout 15 x 10 3/ Fircombe - Running a later Era' Cheers Kelvin B
  19. Hi Two more updates on my Website Both are looking back at my old Garage Layout - Fircombe (00) This layout was broken up about 3 years ago due to lack of space. Great memories of a very flexible layout
  20. Hi Another couple of updates on my website with reference my new OO layout. Work starts on 2nd Baseboards Posed Locos on baseboard one Kelvin B
  21. Hi Two more posts on my website:- OO layout - Dew Pond and more animals OO layout - Let there be life Kelvin B
  22. Hi Four more posts on my website - All OO layout progress. Farm Decision Work on Farm Lineside posts Lots more work Thanks Kelvin B
  23. Hi Three more items added to the blog on my website. 1/ Basic scenery painting 2/ Ballast staining 3/ First layer scenics All OO on the new layout
  24. Hi Two more items added to my website. 1/ More work completed on the OO layout - Modroc - river - tunnels 2/ WR (BR) O gauge Dean Goods Cheers
  25. Hi Added four more blogs to my website:- Ponds, bridge and embankments - OO Mas trunking - OO Ballasting - OO Glorious NSE - O cheers Kelvin B
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