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  1. Very slightly off topic. I just thought that it was worth posting that Banburysaint has started a thread for Kit Bashing buildings. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/155712-kit-bashing/ I hope there are lots of people who post here who might be able to post something there, taking building kits and reworking them. Jamie
  2. Thanks Rob, as someone pointed out on my Ellerby thread, those Bakewells are about the size of a football. I am quite tempted, to repaint with more cherries to make them a better scale. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to market Bakewells that are 12 inches across, perhaps a new market to explore. Jamie
  3. I have just found this thread, and must say it is good to see one to go alongside the excellent scratch built buildings thread - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/74067-show-us-your-scratchbuilt-building/ Here are some buildings I have made from HO kits, anglicising them and extending them to fit OO gauge. I haven’t worried too much about the scale of the floors and even the bricks, my gut feeling is that they work OK. Department store, made from two Walthers Argosy bookstore kits, plus a lot of other bits.
  4. Well, I have been in the new place for about 2 months, still unpacking, lots of boxes, many with train stuff still in the garage, and some will stay there as space here is much more limited. The shed was finally taken down, here is the space with just a few flag stones to lift and fire burning off junk at old place. It is now stored under a tarpaulin to keep it dry, and will stay that way until we move to somewhere with a good garden again. My work bench is set up again, and I have started a new project, as I want to just make
  5. Progress, or possibly more accurately regress. Here are the boxes containing almost all my rolling stock packed up in the back room ready for the van next week. I did realise how RTR loco and coach mad I went when I first got back into the hobby. I have about 20 Mk1 coaches in blue and the same in maroon, as well as a loco fleet for both steam and blue diesel. Plus Thompsons, and suburbans, and GUVs and wagons and ……. Initially I was going to model BR blue from the 70s when I was a spotter, then I bought a Bachmann 9F as I couldn’t resist it, and like Marijuana being a
  6. Yes, I agree they are a bit big. I intended them to be cakes, but with just the icing they didn't look right, so I put a red dot in the middle. Perhaps I should have put several smaller dots around the edge. The loaves of bread would also be about 18 inches long and too fat. It doesn't look too bad when in situ though. Even at this size cutting gluing and painting were all a bit of a faff. I have done less than half of the food needed for the shop so far, there are a lot of shelves to fill, so maybe can get some smaller cakes around there. It all might have to wait until I h
  7. Just a little painting on the cakes and bread and the shop needs a lot more of them as well. Mostly packing and then taking the shed down at the end of next week. I will keep modelling, but will only have a small part of the layout set up to work on at the new place. Jamie
  8. We have found a new place, good school nearby, much more modern than here, but I suspect the garden is too small to set up the shed, so for the time being the layout will be packed away. I may set up part of it in the garage to work on, and to be honest it is the building of it that is my main interest. I was looking forward to some running and extending the station area, the latter may be measured up before the move ready. In the meantime, I have been working on the Arcade and specifically the baker’s shop. I suspect that within th
  9. Working on the flat area of the roof, the back and central chimney. I will have to look at those tiles at the left side where they rise up, and replace them, I think. Each shop will have a different back depending on what is extended for their use. Still being based on shops around the Vicar Lane and market area of Leeds.
  10. Perhaps the question in my earlier post about the dorma tiles and sides was rhetorical. If I needed to ask if they were right, then I knew they were not. I have overlaid all the dorma roofs with the plasticard (Slaters I suspect) tiles, and I have put paper over the hatched sides. I have also tiled the central roof behind the detailed frontage, and have done the leading on the right hand side of the roof. Quite a productive evening.
  11. Hi Andy A few interior shots on the Railcar.co.uk webiste. https://www.railcar.co.uk/type/class-124/description I'll PM you some photos too. EDIT. It looks like the same as the Class 120s, windows in the door, going down to the handle height, with windows either side from the exterior window top to the top of the headrests. I think both 120s and 124s were based on BR MK1 coaches and followed then fairly closely. I was ready to start mine, but feel a half built one might be too fragile to make through a house move. Jamie
  12. Tiling the front and side roofs, which will be all for the main roof. I have added plasticard tiling to the dormas I built from scratch. Adding the leading around the joins, made from paper scored and pushed into place with a scalpel. I have filed off the Germanic round tiles on the red roofed dormas. Not sure if I should leave the four central ones as they are with the diamond tiles and cross hatched sides. I have also to decide what to do with the big cross roof behind the decorative front, tiles the same as the roof, or use
  13. Thanks for the replies, it is very encouraging to read people’s feedback. Working on the roof. Plain paper has been used to cover the roof section, glued with Evostick solvent free, which I am sure is just rubber glue. Any glue on the top rubbed off, it rubs off easily with your finger. This gives a plain paper surface which card slates can be glued on with PVC, which I find gives a very solid finish. I used to use the York pre made, sticky back slates (I would still recommend them), but printing my own slates and cutting them means I can make then any size I want, and I also
  14. I have been detailing up ‘J&P Crust Bakers’ for the Arcade. Bakers shops have a huge amount of detail in them, and it seems are always an open design which you can see the whole interior in. I will have to make up more cakes, trays of buns and paint the loaves of bread. The woman behind the counter is one of my resin casts, as is the pone and the notice board. Nice to be able to throw details in like this with very little cost. I have cut the glass for the front, but will add that after the interior is in place. LED strips will be
  15. Sutton Loco Works sell their screw link couplings separately. I picked some up for their stand at last year's York show. They are currently waiting for new stock though. https://sulzertype2.co.uk/product/cosmetic-screw-link-couplings-x8/ I have bought detail packs from Peter's Spares for the screw link couplings as well, as they have some nice other bits in them as well. As they say on TV 'Other suppliers may also be available'. Jamie
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