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  1. Warrington Model Railway Club’s Exhibition is coming up soon. The dates are: Saturday 16th October 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and Sunday 17th October 10.00 am to 4:30 pm at: Warrington & Vale Royal College Winwick Road Campus, Winwick Road, WARRINGTON WA2 8QA Just off the A49 and close to the M6 & M62. The venue has full disability access to all exhibits, toilets, and refreshments. Excellent and free parking is available on site. Admission Prices: Adults: £5; Children 5 –16: £1; Under 5s Free. We aim to operate the exhibition as normally as we can. However, for the safety and well-being of all, we would ask visitors to kindly follow any guidance in place resulting from Covid-19 regulations. Further information and any updates can be found at the Club’s website: www.warringtonmodelrail.co.uk
  2. If one must play the blame game, then the villain is Ernest Marples, the Secretary of state for Transport who hired Richard Beeching as his reasuringly expensive hit man, while at the same time owning a major motorway construction company. He ended up doing a runner to Monaco to avoid prosecution for tax fraud. A man who was without doubt "as bent as a nine bob note", as we used to say when I was a kid in Croydon.
  3. Santa Barbara all set and ready to go last. I had a quick look round last night and it looks like a really good show. :-) Do come along, it's been a LONG time since the last one.
  4. Indeed. To get hold of my hard-earned £o££€¥ Bachmann need to do the Dia. 2406 BCK. They also need to produce those two lovely three-sets in BR(S) green. I already have the BR(S) green Two-set on order from my local model shop.
  5. The steam loco hauled Kenny Belle sets, DEMUs, DMUs and TC sets latterly used on the Kenny Belle all had first class accomodation, so maybe the Kenny Belle was the exception that proves the rule?
  6. That's a shame. I'm sure that Roundhouse and I would be national heros by now if it were.
  7. Electrodiesels working with brake tenders was once a common occurence "daarn saarf".
  8. I thought that the bus on the bridge is already the RMweb secret handshake?
  9. The motor coaches were all steel and built by outside contractors. The other vehicles were as others have said, essentially standard Southern Railway stuff, so they never matched and neither did the Pullman Car!
  10. Lovely picture of a 6PUL (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SR_Class_6Pul), but the pressence of the Pulman is perfectly normal for these units.
  11. The solution to OHLE free electrification is simple. Provide a phone charging point at evey seat and use the batteries in people's phones to power the train without telling them.
  12. I visited my local model shop yesterday and they had one in stock. (http://www.grimytimes.co.uk/)
  13. The solution is bleedin' obvious. The country needs Doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists and what not. So they're trained within the public sector at an affordable rate. The country also needs HGV drivers, but this has been left to "the free market", which has clearly failed. So the solution is to bring the training in the public sector and for your local college to offer HGV training to school leavers. FLTs and other shortage disciplines should also be covered. You can learn to be a plumber, or a brickie etc. at your local college, but not an HGV driver? Makes no sense.
  14. Goin' "Daarn tha Pub" in the Black Country by the look of it. I recognised some of those venues. :-)
  15. Amongst those of us with a passion for exhibiting, having multiple portable layouts for exhibition is, to feely quote Sir Tom Jones, not unusual. I have three exhibition layouts of my own and a fourth one that belongs to Roundhouse of this parish on loan for as long as the exibition invitations keep coming. For those who have a "fixed" layout for use at home, I would say that the norm is one all-consuming layout. We exhibitionists tend to have more than one, with a new project under construction at the same time.
  16. Ooh! New rolling stock. So, now for the most important question about any new rolling stock. What is the official enthusiast's nickname going to be? A Dusty Bin converted to carry parcels. A Postie Bin?
  17. I remember riding in it once northwards from East Croydon. Once was enough!
  18. Sorry to report folks that this event has been cancelled.
  19. As Accurascale seem to have carved themselves a niche as the provider of nuclear related rolling stock, how about and original 12-wheeler Magnox flask wagon for us transition era types?
  20. So what is this new film called? Indiana Jones and and Zimmer frame of doom?
  21. The weekend after restrictions are due to end is the planned date for the Lymm Historic Transport Festival (https://www.lymmtransport.org.uk/). Part of this event's regular offerings is a small model railway exhibition in the village hall. Subject to any COVID restrictions that might still apply in the end of course, there will be probably about three or four layouts on show. I'll be there giving Mike and Roundhouse a hand with Star Lane, which is coming up all the way from Sussex. It's only a small show, but is just part of a massive event well worth a visit. Two tips; firstly, use the park and ride to get there (with lovely classic busses) do not try and drive into the village! Secondly, please purchase your entry wristband in advance as they're keen to minimise any queues.
  22. Excellent if you want close coupled fixed rakes. Quite the best close coupling on the market. Far more robust than the ROCO type. We use them to close couple units on Star Lane. They work really well with close-coupling mechanisms, but are NOT a shunter's coupling. I use Kadees for that.
  23. Nope. Saver return from WBQ to ECR, which even had the + on it to confirm it would work the barriers on the tube. A journey I've done a squillion times. She just had a Z- in her geography exam!
  24. Free staff passes and priv rate tickets over the network did have a benifit for we punters too. All the staff knew the network, because they used it. Knowledge rapidly lost after privitisation. It's too long a story to go into in full, but I once had a heated conversation with a Virgin Trains staff person that London was between Warrington and Croydon, because her computer said "Kensington Olympia" was the route I had to take and "not a station in London". Struth!
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