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  1. Thanks for your wishes. My wishes also for your family. One of the things I realised is that cars, clothing etc. change in an other timeframe. Buildings can last for a very longtime. So using my camera I can create several scenes in several timeframes.
  2. I was surprised with all the British car makes. That little book is a great help to create a nice collection. Unfortunatly not from all cars are OO gauge models available. Thanks for your wishes.
  3. Due personal reasons and some other modelling interest there is been some silence from around my modelling projects. I still have to paint some cars, but that have to wait. In a box I had a lot of OO gauge cars waiting for a project were one of them could be used. Some months ago, I found two cheap showcases. The cars moved from the box to the showcases. Now I noticed I had just bought cars from which I thought they could be useful. But I like to use them in my favourite way as historical elements in a diorama. I bought a small book called “Cars we loved in the 1950’s” from Giles Chapman. This book is my guide to build up a collection of 1950’s cars. For every car I did some background research. Very useful, because I discovered for instance that an Oxford model of a Morris Minor 1000 was to date in the early 1960’s due his colour. I also made cards for my models with the name of the car and the date of production, with a black and white advert of the car. Some adverts are Dutch. For instance, the BOVAG advert . I also started with a new building project. This time a small diorama with the pub from Petite Properties. A friend of me, a picture frame maker, helped me with the design of the base. The base is to be finished, when the pub is finished. I will build the pub using textures from Scalescenes, Internet and self-made textures. Progress is going slow, so you will have to wait a while before you can see the finished diorama. But for me the process of my modelling activities is just as important as the result. I want to thank everyone who is reading my blog. I appreciate the comments and support I have received this year. I want to wish all of you a good Christmas Holliday and a healthy New Year. Greetings, Job
  4. I always like to see pictures of your layout. I have not looked frequently the past several months, due personal circumstances and doing research for my collection of Oxford cars. Wish you a nice Christmas holiday and a good and healthy 2020.
  5. I always like to see pictures of your layout. The barn scene is lovely. I have not looked frequently the past several months, due personal circumstances and doing research for my collection of Oxford cars. Wish you a nice Christmas holiday and a good and healthy 2020.
  6. DAF sold its passenger car division, along with what is now the NedCar factory in Born, in 1975 to the Swedish company Volvo Cars, leaving DAF to concentrate on its successful line of trucks. The DAF innovative Variomatic transmission system was no part of this deal. DAF passenger cars were made from 1959 to 1975.
  7. Your question makes me think. When I started to buy my car models I for one reason or another I choose for Austin or Morris models. I think I know why. A neighbour of my is interested in old timer cars. He has a DAF. See the advert. He was very enthusiastic when I showed him my Austin coal van. When I was a boy in the late 1950’s the only British cars I can remember are Austin or Morris cars. My neighbour has worked for the firm that imported the Austin cars from England. So, my interest in Austin cars lays somewhere in my childhood, although my parents did not have a car. For the show room I collected Austin cars that where for sale in 1954. But I have decided to build up a collection of BMC cars. BMC was the largest British car company of its day, with (in 1952) 39% of British output, producing a wide range of cars under brand names including Austin, Morris, MG, Austin-Healey, Riley, and Wolseley, as well as commercial vehicles and agricultural tractors. So this could be an interesting collection of cars that also can be used for my diorama’s. Job
  8. The design of the kit is good and gives you a good model. I'm not an expert in that field. But I found this information on Wikipedia: "At the time of the mergers, a well established dealership network was in place for each of the marques. Among the car-buying British public was a tendency of loyalty to a particular marque and marques appealed to different market segments. This meant that marques competed against each other in some areas, though some marques had a larger range than others. " If you look at the Mini you will see that is build for several BMC marques: ARO Mini, Austin 850, Austin Cooper (Austin Mini, Austin Partner, Austin Seven), Leyland Mini, Morris Mini (Morris 850, Morris Mascot), Riley Elf, Wolseley 1000 (Wolseley Hornet). See also this CarMart adverd from 1960:
  9. This is my first kit from Kingsway Models. Signs are kindly made for me when I ordered the showroom. If you follow the instructions the kit is easy to build. I missed one essential instruction and had to do the front a little bit different. I made new textures for the front of the showroom. I scanned the original Austin and CarMart sign from Kingsway and used them to put them into my front textures. I was not happy with the roof textures of the original kit. For the garage roof I used a texture from Scalescenes. Kingsway does not supply roof flashing wit the kit. I don’t like to see the folds in the roof. Kingsway also supplies a complete roof for the showroom. I made just a part of the roof using a texture from Clever Models. I did this because my diorama will be placed in an IKEA APA box with indirect lighting. And the main purpose to build this diorama to create a diorama showing a collection of my Austin cars. At the right side of the showroom I created a yard with some petrol pumps and three second-hand Austin’s. These cars are already painted. The yard textures are from Scalescenes with weathered with grey pastel mixture. Petrol pump are from Kingsway Models. I still have to paint the cars for the showroom. But at this moment I have to finish some other projects first. The bird’s eye picture gives you an impression of the total diorama. Next update from this project will be when I have finished the painting of my showroom models. As always comments and suggestion are welcome. Greetings, Job
  10. Both loco's look excellent.
  11. Thanks. I'm looking for colours to paint my models. Although I have some colour charts from Austin, I find it hard to find a good model colour.
  12. Thanks Mikkel. I tried several other years, but the only one that gave enough models in 1:76 for my showroom was 1954. Car Mart Ltd had several showrooms around London. I found a nice picture of one of them situated in 1954. It gives me also the possibility to give the showroom a personal touch. My Car Mart showroom is situated in Northall, and I don't mind if it is an other year. I also created a Northall diorama in the Edwardian era.
  13. That is also a great song. I still regularly listen to their music. But I have heard that Mr. L.R, Thomas took Miss Estella Havisham after their journey to Farthing to a music hall for some entertainment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMGqgCgcaOQ
  14. Some beautiful pictures of your layout. Nice story about the way managed to get your pub in the layout again.
  15. You have done a great job.
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