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  1. I agree with Simon. But by careful with to many bushes, some grass will be fine. A suggestion to create this is make first a very small thin edge with some card around the church. You will have to lift the church out to replace a lamp when necessary. Paint the card with a brown paint and then add grass to it. Always nice to see pictures of your layout and discovering new details.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion and the complement. I enjoyed building and painting the scene.
  3. Thanks Mikkel. I think you have a point about the matt varnish. Wil think of that next time. But …. When it is standing in our living room the colours don't look to shiny. The light I used to make the picture could also be the problem. I have to solve this out.
  4. Thank you. I always try to create a natural looking diorama. For the buildings I prefer to use the method they use for Pendon. But with these laser cut parts that is not possible. There was small edge at the inside of the pavement which I painted black. With some weathering with pastels I could realise the result.
  5. Although I had finished my High Street diorama, I gave it an extra scene. I also will add some missing information. I also noticed that I did not publish a picture of the side of the shop. The shop side has some posters from the early 1900’s era. Wenlock gave the suggestion to add a hot chestnut seller to the scene. So, I bought one by Langley models. I also tried to improve my painting. For this I got some feedback from an employee of a Wargame shop in Utrecht. I was very pleased with his kind support. And a little story behind the scene. In front of the shop is Mrs Cook with her daughter Elizabeth. Some what further in the street is her elder brother Edmund. He is watching Mr. John Allnutt who sold his hot chestnuts by his barrow. Mr. Allnutt was always very good humoured and could tell some fantastic stories. Edmund hoped that his mother would buy some chestnuts. He likes them with his Christmas sprouts. I hope you like the result. Comments and suggestions are as always welcome. Kind regards, Job
  6. Hi Mikkel, I think all the complements are already given. I loved reading your story with those beautiful pictures. Have to learn to look more often to my notifications on the RM web. I almost missed your entry.
  7. Love your market stall's. As always some great modelling with a lot of nice details. Always inspiring.
  8. Job's Modelling

    Water Tower?

    Interesting discussion. Because you have made any decisions about the length of your branch line this could also be a solution. I quote form the book about the Fairford Branch pag. 91: 'Since this was the principal intermediate station on the branch, water columns were situated on both platforms, and all trains paused here to take water.' The water tower was situated at the other side of the bridge. From your description it could also be an end station:" In my imagination at the other side of the road bridge lies Sherton Abbas's engine shed, turntable, water tower and ash pit." In that cause a small engine shed with water tower could also be a possibility at the end of the sidings. Tetbury engine shed could be a possibility in my opinion. I agree with you a water supply for your loco's would be a great operational addition.
  9. Lovely addition to the centre of your layout. Gives it even more depth. Also like the rabbits with their holes. They really can say now: "Rabbit underground, rabbit safe and sound.” from Richard Adams, Watership Down. They really will have to do that with trains are visiting the station.
  10. Some atmospheric modelling. Like the background story to the building.
  11. Thank Mikkel. Actually it can be hung on the wall. My daughter has already asked me if she may have it. The box also has a protecting acryl front. I was happy that I found the information about Much Wenlock station. It was a good starting point for my Northall Station.
  12. Thanks. I already have an idea for my next one, but I have to do some research first. Nice to see we share the same interest.
  13. A couple of months ago I bought 3 different small IKEA boxes. Just to see what I could do with them. So, I have now three different personal challenges. For the first one I used an IKEA box of 31cm wide x20cm high x 7cm deep. The box is not very deep. For that reason, I approached the building of the diorama as a three-dimensional painting. I started with the sky and than the city background. In this way the colour tone of the “painting” was set. From this point on I tried which colours/textures I had to use for the station building. This is also the first step in creating my “new” Northall. And what is better then start with the station. This time in an Edwardian setting. Northall Junction Station is designed as a passenger station for country towns. The station has a booking office, waiting rooms, a station-master’s residence combined. The building is a good example of a suitable building of his class. As a reference I used a drawing of Much Wenlock station. This time I wanted to build again in card using a kit from Scalescenes as a starting point. His R004 Medium Station Building is useful because of its modular design. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a real Great Western appearance, so I did some research on the internet. Here a came a along Culham station. There is a nice part with modelling sheets to build the station. You can find them here: http://www.culhamstation.co.uk/kit.html . I also had to make some compromises. Although I had made some Edwardian posters, I decided to use the posters boards from R003b GWR Station & Goods Shed based on Staverton. I used them as a base and used some of the boards I had made. Here you can see why I decided to use the Scalescenes board. The edges are not good enough for me. I tried the slate roof texture from Scalescenes first. But the size and colour didn’t fit in. I tried several roof textures and finally choice a texture from Model Railway Scenery. Door and windows I found on the RMweb: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/67105-a-free-lance-gwr-themed-terminal-station-building-for-bears-end/ . I had only to resize them a little bit. Background is from Peco. I Used a picture from the internet that was just the right size to create a background in the box. The sky is also found on the internet. And of course, there is a little story in the scene. Wm. Charles Godwin, insurance agent for The Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Company is on his way to visit a client in Southend. He is looking at a poster while his suitcase is standing beside him. There is also a trunk visible for Mrs. Mary Hope Mary, who goes to visit her sister in Littleworth. She is waiting in the Ladies waiting room for the train Kind regards, Job
  14. A happy and healthy new year to you. Love these pictures from your layout. Gives a good and atmospheric impression of what you have created.
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