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  1. Thanks for your comment. For my this brings two things together. My passion for modelling small dioramas and the love for British Crime stories and series.
  2. Although I can not use all of your methods, because of my allergy, I love to read your blog. Have to try the method described in "Cottage Modelling for Pendon" to create my own individual windows.
  3. I have finished my little coastal village diorama (22x14,5 cm) The cobbled surface is a texture is from Smart Models. I liked the colour of this one for this diorama. With an embossing pen I scribed the individual cobble stones row by row and one by one. I did this free handed, looking carefully to the texture. Every day about 10 ten rows. The visible holes are for the figures. Next job is to paint them. After I had finished the cobbled quay I glued the cottages in place and made some doorsteps. Now I had to paint the figures. Painting is done with paints from the
  4. I enjoyed to read how you have created your Mill. Some useful tips.
  5. This is a nice country station. Can you explain the use of the pipes from the ground which are going above the gutter? For my signs I use mostly Publisher and I save the result as a JPEG and than resize it.
  6. I really like this village shop. I mostly used kits until now, But I will try some scratch building from a drawing Allan Downes.
  7. Some great card modelling. I love this tiny cottage. As a card modeller I will follow your blog with interest.
  8. I'm glad I had a look at your Farthings entries today. This one is lovely. Like to see the pictures of your layout.
  9. Love this kind of approach. Sometimes we get surprised by the results.
  10. A healthy and Good New Year. Keep safe. Loved the pictures in this entry.
  11. I finished my row of cottages. I used the kit T019 Row of Cottages from Scalescenes. I used the 2 kits: the TX 07 aged brown brick and the TX47 Coursed rubble. The Scalescenes textures are used for the wall, the lintels, the gutter, the downpipe, the roof base and the chimneys. I did not want to use white window frames. The alternative choice were the windows from the small cottage kit from Smart Models. I used the black and blue window frames. For the roof I also used a slate roof texture from Smart Models. Doors, the net curtains and some of the curtains I created myself
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