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  1. Mikkel thanks for sharing the information of Michael Paul Smith Greetings, Job
  2. Thanks for the nice complement. Actually it's because Miss Shaw is celebrating that's she is a teacher for 25 years at the school. See the article in The Middleshire Magazine for Local History.
  3. A pictorial journey: To test the choice of the textures I started to build the toilet group. Next step is building the main building of the school. Then the base had to be made and the school must be glued on the base. Base made with the help of a frame maker. The scene would be a photographer taking a picture of Victorian school class for a special occasion. I hope you have enjoyed this little journey. Comments and suggestions are as usual welcome Keep save and healthy. Job
  4. Here is everything alright. But actually, there is not much changed for us. This is the way we are living already for almost seven years. The only difference is to keep distance, be careful when shopping and some services are closed. But we are still healthy. Walking every morning with our dogs: Tom, an recently adopted English Setter and Quinn, an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten. Glad you liked the approach of the entry. And of course I hope you and your family are doing well.
  5. Marlyn, thanks for your memories. I can not imagine. But my school will be set a little more back in time, so I doubt if there was a school janitor nearby.
  6. Hi Marlyn. Here is every thing well. Have posted part 2.
  7. Next stage was to search the textures and colours I want to use. Textures are aged brown brick TX07 from Scale Scenes and Mixed Grey Roof Slates from Model Railway Scenery. Brick Textures are printed on a photo canvas paper. Slates are printed on 100 gms. Rice paper from Hahnemühle. Remember: different settings and choices on your printer can give different results. Colours are from AK-paints – wood grain, from Citadel Paints: Zandre Dust base colour, Sturmvermin Fur layer colour and Dawnstone dry and Ivory from Vallejo Paints. I also used paints from Petite Properties: Red squirrel and Top of the milk. I also needed some additional textures for some details. The textures are Old Floorboards from Smart Models; White Stucco from Scale Scenes and the Floor Page from the Scale Scenes church TO14. Next step was to paint the window and door parts of the model, before adding the textures. Although I had selected a colour for the windows, I used another colour that gave a better result: Dust – from AK Paint. For the doors I used Woodgrain from AK Paints. I also painted the small stone parts in this stage. To see if my choices worked out, I started with the “toilet” building. The brick paper was glued on the walls. I painted the doors using the Woodgrain paint from AK. After I have glued the walls together, the additional details were glued on the building. Then the roof was fitted and finished. Next step is building the main building of the school. As always information, comments and suggestions are welcome. Greetings, Job
  8. Hi Marlyn, I hope your are in good health and not suffering from the Corona virus. Thanks for the information. Will post an update some of these days. Greetings, Job
  9. Looks great. Can use some planks for my building projects.
  10. Looks great. Can use some planks for my building projects.
  11. I have chosen The Little Acorns School from Petite Properties for my next project. It will be build as a diorama using the same base as for the George Inn. It will be a mixed media project using paint for some parts and textures for other parts. The first thing I do when I start a project is doing some research. Being a teacher myself for a long time this is an interesting subject for me. These little one class school actually exist around 1900 in agriculture villages. Littleworth was also an agriculture community around that time. I don’t know if I have to build the interior. I know that I have to give it a planked floor and a sober interior wall. I found some nice attributes that I could use. Nothing is available, so I have to scratch build everything. I also needed a story for my diorama. There are a lot of pictures available of photographed classes. So, I thought it could be a good idea to use that for the scene. I still had some Edwardian figures that I could use. After working out this theme I found out that I had enough children and a teacher. So, I don’t have to order them. The photographer is also available as a single figure from Langley. These small classes are historically correct. I found some interesting information on this subject. (Teacher is standing wrong in this try-out) I made a diorama plan to see if it would fit. The playground will be an aggregate tipped and rolled in surface. Found some interesting material to try out. Will use the book Landscape Modelling by Barry Norman and Modelling Grassland and landscape detailing from Gordon Gravett as a reference. Next stage is to build the school building. Suggestion are more than welcome, Job
  12. Excellent modeling. Love to see that how you make the goods wagons for your excellent layout.
  13. Thank you for your compliments. I have already made a choice for a new project. Will try to show you my process in creating a little diorama . Petite Properties "Little Acorns School"
  14. I agree with that. I have two other Austin models from the John Day range. They are waiting for their paint job.
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