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  1. Phil thank you for your very useful information. Do you have any suggestion for my drawing and dining room? Also there is in my opinion a large kitchen. And the Brexit makes ordering in the UK much more expensive. Someone wrote that you have to double the price due the tax you have to pay. Mikkel you are right this is not my first attempt . I have made an interior before. But this is really the first attempt to create realistic time based furniture, using furniture textures from the internet and making my own modelling kits. I have to make a lot of furniture for the vica
  2. I started a vicarage building using a kit from Scalescenes but I was not content with my choice. After some further research on the internet I found a floor plan of a vicarage building, dated 1928. I decided to use this plan as the start for my vicarage. Scratch building is totally new for my, so I have to see if I can manage the building of the vicarage. I also decided to give the building an interior. The ground floor I created in a more traditional Victorian way using planks and rugs. Kitchen, scullery and larder with red quarry tiles and the hall with encaustic ti
  3. Thanks for the compliment, Of course you may suggest that. . I think I can add a lintel at both sides of the wall above the door.
  4. My next diorama is inspired by The Murder in the Vicarage. I started to make a diorama plan/map. I started to make the base, and after that I started with the garden wall. I will use the same garden wall texture from Scalescenes ( Brown brick - Garden Wall; TX 52) as I used for Rose Cottage. The texture is printed on a canvas photo paper. Then I searched for a garden door on the internet. The door that I found is downloaded and made to size. The door has a front and back side. The get a door I have fold it and glued the parts together. The braces were cut
  5. Nice to see these buildings in their environment. Some lovely builds.
  6. Thanks for your comment. For my this brings two things together. My passion for modelling small dioramas and the love for British Crime stories and series.
  7. Although I can not use all of your methods, because of my allergy, I love to read your blog. Have to try the method described in "Cottage Modelling for Pendon" to create my own individual windows.
  8. I have finished my little coastal village diorama (22x14,5 cm) The cobbled surface is a texture is from Smart Models. I liked the colour of this one for this diorama. With an embossing pen I scribed the individual cobble stones row by row and one by one. I did this free handed, looking carefully to the texture. Every day about 10 ten rows. The visible holes are for the figures. Next job is to paint them. After I had finished the cobbled quay I glued the cottages in place and made some doorsteps. Now I had to paint the figures. Painting is done with paints from the
  9. I enjoyed to read how you have created your Mill. Some useful tips.
  10. This is a nice country station. Can you explain the use of the pipes from the ground which are going above the gutter? For my signs I use mostly Publisher and I save the result as a JPEG and than resize it.
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