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  1. I was thinking the signal box would make a nice real ale bar!!!
  2. It might be a political thing as the 'EU' was the bit you could read because of the logo colour? Regards Vin
  3. It's a bit odd that they removed the numbers on the loco? Having said that 50031 also ran on the network without running numbers either. Great photos Jim. That must have been a long day? Regards Vin
  4. Hi all, It will make DCC sound chips interesting? As it will need the electric start up file, a diesel start up file, an electric running file, a diesel running file and then the shutdown files for both. Regards Vin
  5. Hi all, 50031 does look good in Intercity livery. It is the mainline version as carried by parcels locos before the adoption of the parcels red/ grey livery. https://flic.kr/p/FjPp5M Regards Vin
  6. Hi all, It does look like an old tyre. What it needs is some sparks in red taken from the base of the Network Rail logo. Regards Vin
  7. Hi Lee, As Brian has already re-iterated do the rubbers first, because you can touch them up as you go! Both are looking great. Rrgards Vin
  8. Hi all, Last night I was talking a crew whom were de vinyling the Northern stock and they said, it took longer than 8 hours to do 4 coaches because the original vinyl was cheap and they had been baked onto the bodyside by the sun! Regards Vin
  9. Hi Rob, If Fragonset used the same blue as the original Tinsley colour scheme then it was Railgreight Distribution European roof blue. As used on the class 08's, 37/6's, 47's, 73118, 73130 & 92's. Regards Vin
  10. Hi all, The class 91 is nearly finished after a lot of painting and masking. I have used 9 rolls of masking and enough paint to spray a Mini to get this rather large machine to this stage. The pantograph panel is missing because I'm fitting the pantograph and all the insulators and breaker. I have noticed that whilst painting this loco that Virgin East Coast have tweeked the final design of the livery. The main one is the loss of the light grey cab roofs replaced with the dark grey which matches the rest of the roof. Regards Vin
  11. Hi all, Progress on the painting is well underway now. I don't know what the camera has done to the blue but it is definitely reflex blue. So up to now I have applied 2 coats of warning yellow on a white base, left them for 24 hours and then masked up for the red which is a mix of flat red and vermillion to give it some brightness. Another 24 hours later, I've applied the blue in two coats on a primer grey base. As I knew the Reflex blue wouldn't give a deep blue finish on a grey base I cheated a bit, mixing Ral 5002 (Blue (almost pure blue)) and a couple of drops of Scarlet red RAL
  12. Hi Brian, You might as well fit them, as they are white and are quite a visible feature. Plus now you've started you might as well keep going! The whole set is looking great. Regards Vin
  13. Hi, I think that second photo is or 18845 which was an OM allocated coach which was then transfered north in 1988. It didn't survive into 1989 so must have been in a bad condition. Regards Vin
  14. Hi Lee, My work keeps getting in the way as well, but as I usually have Thursdays and Fridays off so I can get lots done. Since I took the last photo, I've finished the priming so it is now the fun bit. The difficult green fade paint job. I've also noticed that I've run out of motors as well. Oops. Regards Vin
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