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  1. Alan Gibson used to sell a set of etched sides, along with details of the locos to which they were fitted over the years.
  2. So what's happened to the layout now? Seems to have been pulled from ebay long before the week was up - surely you haven't done anything silly like put the chainsaw through it . . . . . . . . you haven't, have you?
  3. So what's happened to the layout now? Seems to have been pulled from ebay long before the week was up - surely you haven't done anything silly like put the chainsaw through it . . . . . . . . you haven't, have you?
  4. My attempt on Tormouth Quay uses the Wills sheets cut to fit in & around the track. I also used the "brass rubbing" technique mentioned above to get a cutting template. Not the easiest of jobs 'cos they're a bit tough to cut but they're just the right thickness to sit on top of the sleepers & leave the railhead very slightly proud (which, obviously, is important whatever method you use). Photo courtesy Chris Nevard / Model Rail
  5. Ignoring the Masons for a moment (at my own peril), will any of you good Warley people have advance tickets for sale at Taunton at the end of October, as in previous years?
  6. A couple of photos of part of the harbourside on "Tormouth Quay". In the first one, the mooring lines on the fishing boat are, effectively, the waxed cotton cord mentioned above although my coil was actually sold as "whipping thread". It was stained (sparingly) with Colron Wood Dye which also stiffens it a bit as it dries and allows you to put a reasonably prototypical sag into it. The bow line on the dinghy on the slip, seen more clearly in the second photo, is plain & simple button thread straight from the sewing box. Both photos Chris Nevard, courtesy Model Rail
  7. Hang on chaps. Don't encourage him too much or he might actually try to turn up. Think carefully - do you really want a bird loose in the room? Just think what they do . . . . Last time I left the velux window open in the railway room loft a sparrow flew in & crapped incessantly all over the layouts up there. I'm still trying to clear up after it. Also, ducks in particular (along with gulls, of course) are notorious for eating anything/everything they can get their beaks into, including your lunch and, indeed, yourself if necessary. If the place is going to be packed with cake like it usually is it'll be chaos. Is that what we really want?
  8. Disappointed that I've had to let Dave & co. down and pull out of the show but there was no realistic alternative under the circumstances. Perhaps someone will pencil me in for next year - surely it will have cleared up by then . . . . I'm hoping I'll have sufficient mobility & stamina to get over to Minehead for a couple of hours as a visitor - apart from anything else I'm going stir crazy having been penned up for so long. Still, every cloud has a silver lining - I had "a session" this morning with the delightful Chloe. She removed the bandaging, washed, massaged, creamed & generally fondled the offending limb, then re-dressed it. By all accounts, many a government minister would pay a small fortune for such treatment but I got it all for nothing - isn't the NHS wonderful! If you're anywhere within striking distance, do try to get over - it's always worth a visit. It's a nice, friendly show and most of what people say about Dave isn't true at all . . . . As a bonus there's a very good chippy just around the corner and proper old-fashioned shelters on the seafront where you can eat in peace, away from the attentions of the local seagulls.
  9. Can someone remind me what time the cafe stops serving breakfast. Don't want to miss out.
  10. https://railsofsheffield.com/ Scroll to bottom of page. Left hand side - 'sign up for newsletter'.
  11. K's Bodyline kit - Midland 3F 0-6-0T, forerunner of the jinty. Intended to fit Hornby Dublo 0-6-0 chassis.
  12. Dullcote - isn't that effectively a thin matte varnish? Do you just spray it on lightly over the powder/chalk to hold it in place, or have I got the wrong idea? I've never weathered with powders, so not sure of the techniques.
  13. If Jonathan (Rowsley) can't help, please let me know. I've got one you can have.
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