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  1. I'll throw some virtual traffic cones in the back of the car & look after the parking.
  2. Just sent out notifications that the Thorncombe show (in the badlands around the East Devon/West Dorset/South Somerset border), scheduled for Saturday 16th May, is postponed until at least Saturday 15th May 2021. Hopefully, by then we'll be back to some kind of normality, with enough of us still alive to be able to put on and enjoy a family-friendly get-together.
  3. No, they're the same size as all the others but it's closer to the camera . . . .
  4. Oh, you tease. Shame it's not been crimped properly, and that face looks a bit anaemic. Ate my last one yesterday. I'll have to make another batch. Oh bu**er - I'm not allowed out to buy any ingredients, am I?
  5. Does anyone know how long the virus can survive on the crust of a pasty? Does putting the pasty in the oven kill the virus? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms already.
  6. Evening all. Anyone got a spare toilet roll?
  7. I think it more likely that you would find a potty rather than a potter in Shute, but I know what you're trying to say.
  8. Wouldn't it be lovely if, even for only 1 game, the Exeter Chiefs' fans stuck up a finger or two & said something like "well, that's compassion for one of our long-term sponsors who've fallen on hard times".
  9. Do they serve frog juice? I think it's like orange juice but it's green.
  10. Well, what a surprise! Good morning ducky (and everyone else). You could knock me down with a tail feather - it's been such a long time that I thought you must have ended up in someone's stir-fry! Does this mean you're back in the land of the living? Will I have to go & take some more photos/measurements? Couldn't sleep 'cos of the noise of the wind (I'll have to buy Mrs DS a box of those anti-flatulence tablets next time I can get out of the village) & just stumbled across this by accident. I see I've now got dozens of pages to catch up so I hope I can keep awake & find
  11. Try the Aidan Campbell range. Bare metal so need painting, but quite nicely sculpted. Much cheaper than ModelU but probably not as detailed. http://www.aidan-campbell.co.uk/43catalogue.htm Also, the Monty's Models range from Dart Castings.
  12. Would you let the rest of us have the new one, please. I, for one, would like to contact him about some new boards.
  13. Alan Gibson used to sell a set of etched sides, along with details of the locos to which they were fitted over the years.
  14. So what's happened to the layout now? Seems to have been pulled from ebay long before the week was up - surely you haven't done anything silly like put the chainsaw through it . . . . . . . . you haven't, have you?
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