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  1. I have had a letter from Owen Russell, he wishes to thank everyone who has helped to identify the location. John
  2. I suggest you re-read what HGR said. The Down train is leaving the Up Independent, crossing onto the Up Main and then will regain the Down Main over a further crossing behind the photographer. The Up Independent is not a bi-directional line. John
  3. I may have the working for D49 368. Given the wrong line working, it is almost certainly a Sunday. The 9.25am from Leeds to Newcastle picked up an empty TPO at York on its way north. John
  4. I have contacted Tommy Knox about 4494 on the Yorkshire Pullman. He has given these dates in 1939: March 13th and 15th. April 15th, 18th 24th and 27th. And finally May 2nd. On 3rd May 1939 it was transferred to KX. So the photo was, possibly, taken on one of these dates.
  5. 4494 was still in green livery in August 1938, so the date is not correct. I agree that the headboard looks like the Yorkshire Pullman, therefore my thought is that the photo was taken around April 1939, when 4494 was at Doncaster shed.
  6. Jonathan and all, I thought you might like to know the answer to which train it is can be found in RO 115 for September 1938. 4900 hauled a full set of NBR corridor stock, plus one GN vehicle, as a portion of the 4pm Down on Saturday 30-7-1938. It was portion number 2, of 5 that day. The photographer was W H Whitworth at Peterborough, but 2 other photographers captured the service further south. Most notably showing the full train just north of Potters Bar. I suspect the locos in the bay are awaiting further portions, B5 6072 almost certainly one for Cleethorpes. John
  7. Hi Frank, We could model a lot of extra trains through Clayton, but space would not permit them all. John
  8. Plenty of interesting excursion traffic through Clayton as well. John
  9. Looks like I am in-the-soup again! When I have finished the excursion/theatrical traffic circulars volume there is a Quint to build. Pigeons too. John
  10. Are LNER cab interiors 2-tone? I thought it was, what ever was on the outside was also on the inside. There may have been exceptions at individual works. Nice to know an ordinary passenger train near Coventry does not contain 'Foreign Stock' as the NER might call it. John
  11. Hi Frank, What a special view that is of the banked goods heading Down through Clayton. I have tried to read your post on Bill's electronics several times, nothing goes in. Not really surprising, given my limited skills are elsewhere. I have even more information about excursions on the Queensbury lines, courtesy of Mr Woodward and the LNER Society. Just in the period the layout is set too. Cheers, John
  12. Andrew, I am with you. As an author of the LNER Section of 'The Big Four in Colour', it is one of those questions... Some of the colour images of the time are definitely black. Others, I am not so sure. Having looked at the single splasher GCR types, I think black is correct for the 4-4-0s too, before they became black overall in any case. What must be said is that the finish on 6165 above deserves to stay. Well done to all involved. John
  13. The model of Valour looks amazing. Am I correct in thinking the tops of the splashers on the B3s were black in LNER days? John
  14. Hi Frank, Good to see how things have progressed last Thursday. It was great to see and operate trains running round the layout. Nice to know there is still track painting to do...….. John
  15. Gents, I did not know until after his death that Roy was into Jazz, an interest we shared. I have sent a request to Jazz Record Requests for a Gerry Mulligan track in his memory. It may not happen, but I hope it might. Geoff Tiffany said Roy had met GM on a US visit. John
  16. Surely, God has let us down, the team has won something? I embrace failure, it is a way of life. Just look at railway modelling! John Smart
  17. Evening Graeme, You are well informed. I was told several days in advance that Thomas had been 'lamped', I rather wondered what that entailed. The evidence is below. Cheers, John
  18. John, Dave is making these out of plastic sections, so they are one-offs. John Smart
  19. Hi Frank, That looks great. I shall have to get over to the club rooms soon. Perhaps I can do some Clayton operating, whilst Hungerford is operated by the best team? Wading through LNER Society stuff here. And helping Geoff at Dewsbury GN with ballasting. John
  20. "St Medard's church spire is painted on the backscene, For those interested in religion, this is a unique dedication. " Noted in Pevsner as a rare dedication. It depends on where one is looking to for inspiration, several St Medard's are about to be 'cut-off', by fog? Mr Smart
  21. Jonathan, My understanding is that the carriages were not built using teak panels, therefore the finish is painted. There are a few eye-witness accounts in early copies of the North Eastern Express, which state many carriages were repainted with a teak finish, but others did just have overall brown paint. One wonders, for instance, if any of the NER stock which went to the GE-Section was subsequently painted with a grained finish? I am glad Dan is still doing some 4mm stuff - I don't think I need any more NER carriages though. I am busy with a D&S GN horsebox at present, a few challenges mostly due to lack of clear prototype evidence. John
  22. I am more than a little late to this topic. Hopefully the attached photos show that even humble non-corridor stock could get a 'teak' painted finish. The top image is the one mentioned by Mr Scott earlier in the thread. The second image is grained, although not too clear on the screen. There are a couple of Casserley shots at Kirkby Stephen which also show grained NER non-corridor stock. John
  23. Hi Mike, I find your finish on this model a marvel. I think it might be much in demand for photographs. Cheers, John
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