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  1. It was a case of corporate rebranding. The SECR was formed out of the SER and the LCDR, who both had reputations for poor service, so their successor wanted to improve its image with a new livery on the locos (and some very comfortable new carriage stock).
  2. I still happens here in Nottingham with trams. It mostly seems to be students, who are presumably new to the area and not used to the things creeping up on you fairly silently in areas otherwise free from traffic.
  3. Remember that Metroland is full of Londoners who've moved out to the 'country' and probably think Amersham is some kind of tranquil rural village.... ... and are living in houses (just about) built within living memory and yet oppose any more houses being built. But then there are plenty of examples of people in new build developments who oppose the next new build development because it will block their view of the fields.
  4. That was probably the first photo that came up when they searched for 'steam train' on the Stock photo web site.
  5. Weren't there some Northern livery class 158s at some point - possibly debranded. (Or was that during Central Train's days?)
  6. It's a shame it left - it was a nice loco (if a bit on the big size for a preserved line, but then so are all those 9Fs).
  7. I probably didn't phrase my comment that well - I was suggesting that people were voting against a fantasy version of HS2 where the Chilterns is entirely concreted over so that rich people can get to Birmingham a few minutes quicker etc etc, rather than what's actually happening.
  8. I don't think that reality of what's happening has much to do with the by-election result.....
  9. It left a while back - IIRC about 10/15 years ago.
  10. I'd not realised the Bill did those. One option would be to use the MJT refurbished 4-CEP sides and the Bill Bedford unrefurbished buffet car sides, and produce a mid-1980s era 4-TEP.
  11. You missed out the 'Build the Finecast kit instead' option.....
  12. Except that you've bought a really nice house somewhere in the Midlands for half what a terraced house costs in a London suburb and have loads of spare cash. And your commute into central London is on a nice air-conditioned intercity rather than crammed into the tube so you don't care that it takes 20 minutes longer and costs a bit more. That's why people do it.
  13. True. Getting decent chimneys for your models can be difficult.....
  14. Which makes you wonder why, having got the pattern maker to produce a wooden chimney, they didn't take it down the foundry and cast a metal one.....
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