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  1. I remember seeing that many years ago. Even as a kid I seem to remember thinking it was a little bit paranoid, even for an American sci-fi film. I'd also not realised that Ed Bishop out of Gerry Anderson's UFO was in it. On the subject of Gerry Anderson, I'm disappointed that nobody has suggested a nuclear powered monorail as an alternative to HS2.
  2. This basically sums up the problems facing HS2 (and many other areas of science, technology and engineering). No matter how much careful analysis goes in to the decision by specialists, there always somebody who has spent 30 seconds on google and reckons they are wrong.
  3. Nobody is saying that it isn't possible, just that doing it adds extra expense to the build and maintenance of the trains. Eliminating this complexity from some of the HS2 trains will reduce the overall cost of providing rolling stock.
  4. But it did go downhill a bit last year when Ian Allan closed.
  5. And this is most likely due to a deliberate decision to separate these different traffic flows. Some of this seems to be driven by the realisation that the Birmingham trains can be operated by dedicated units that don't have to be able operate off HS2, which makes them cheaper to purchase.
  6. I'm still struggling to understand what grounds they have for challenging the Government, other than 'we don't like the decision so we want a judicial review'.
  7. Which is part of the Science Museum group, along with the Railway museum in York.
  8. It is. I got a copy of the Beyer-Peacock one from the MSIM about 5 years back.
  9. PDK do an L1. The DJH kit is for an E1 - they actually sell it as a "D1/E1" despite the different wheelbases of the two loco. Simpler times.....
  10. The biggest problem I have with this kind of article is that they are basically regurgitating a press release from a single interest pressure group, without really putting it in any form of wider context.
  11. The Hastings power car in my scratchbuilt Tadpole used a chopped up Shawplan class 40 frost mesh grill. Colour it with a black permanent marker to avoid clogging the tiny holes with paint. .
  12. I visited the railway centre for the first time back in the Autumn (on the way back North from Scaleforum) and was quite impressed by how bad the surrounding roads were. It looked like no repairs on them had been done since they first tarmaced back in the 30s.
  13. Quite possibly. Brunswick green was a fairly common colour in Victorian times, not just for railway engines but anything else that needed to be hardwearing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shades_of_green#Brunswick_green
  14. I remember seeing one of Mike Sharman's layout at an exhibition, which pretty much fits the bill. I can understand the idea of imagining what (as an example) a steam powered Victorian airship would look like, but I'm agreeing with the 'sticking a few cogs on it and calling it steam punk' criticism of the kind of thing that Hornby are doing.
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