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  1. The gangway is very odd, given how the lower half is a standard British Pullman type gangway.
  2. But that's not stopped the SNP moaning about how HS2 doesn't go to Scotland, and so doesn't benefit them.
  3. The detail you need to remember about the Berlin airport is that it was finished the best part of 10 years ago, and can't open because the fundamental design isn't safe. That's an entirely different league from something like Thameslink 2000 delivering years later than originally planned. The only British projects I can think of that come remotely close in recent years is the Nimrod MRA.4.
  4. The Germans have regarded the UK as small and in decline, and their country/European super-state as the emerging superpower, ever since German unification 150 years ago. I'm pretty certain they'll still hold the same views in 150 years time.
  5. Careful now, or people will be claiming we should build fusion reactor powered monorails instead of HS2.
  6. Simples, you won't have a job. You'll be spending all day growing your own turnips in order to survive.
  7. It's actually surprising how few schemes seem to open and then fail. That might just be that the really bad ones never get as far as opening to the public, so they never appeared on our Radar (these days of course, they all have a Facebook pages where you can see their internal meltdowns happening in real time).
  8. It wasn't really an implosion though - they didn't own the site and the council sold off the land for redevelopment, presumably because it needed the cash. It was one of an occasional but steady stream of closed schemes that includes Dinting, Ashford, Buxton, the North Downs Steam Railway, the NG railway in Leeds (whose name escapes me), the Market Overton scheme near Grantham in the 1970s, and so on.
  9. As has been pointed out already, the problem is south of Bedford where the slow lines are now full of Thameslink EMUs, They've taken all of the capacity freed up by not running those freights.
  10. You'd probably struggle to get those flimsy cut-price things past the UK's rail safety standards.
  11. There's something on their website here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49450297 I don't think they fully understand that the £55bn budget includes provision for cost over runs, so it's possible for the project to go £3bn over budget and still not exceed this £55bn figure.
  12. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus is the man you need.
  13. I get the impression that HS2 goes past somebody senior in the Telegraph's house, given how much they attack it.
  14. You can see the newspaper headlines about how the 'Government' has bought electric trains that can't use the electric wires. I bet the RMT have done their soundbite calling for renationalisation already.....
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