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  1. I never really understood what the point of EM Parkway was. It feels like an idea from the 1980s that was still developed even though the problems it tried to address had already been solved by other schemes (A453 widened and given a park and ride at Clifton with trams every 7 minutes into the city, hourly services to London from Beeston and Long Eaton).
  2. Maybe they got an ex-Luftwaffe pilot to do the captions? After all, they were *always* shot down by Spitfires. and never by a Hurricane or anything else.
  3. Is this before or after they fire the architect and decide to project manage the construction work themselves, despite having no experience of doing this?
  4. You missed 'Simon wanders around Hornby building'
  5. Or a du Bousquet, for extra weridness? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du_Bousquet_locomotive
  6. How about this for a Caledonian 4-4-0 in blue? (OK, it's one of the Belgian 'Dunnalistair' copies, but close)
  7. A small number of Southern Maunsell coaches got ETH for working in electrically hauled boat trains (presumably the UIC version of ETH so they could work with the Wagon-Lits sleepers). The Bluebell have one: https://www.bluebell-railway.co.uk/bluebell/pics/6686.html
  8. ISTR reading that the problems with these couplers resulted in the mainline EMUs having side buffers and screw couplers, rather than buckeyes and Pullman gangways. There's a suggestion that Raworth, who was responsible for EMUs, disliked auto-couplers after the problems with the suburban sets. Were those built on recycled Ambulance car underframes? ISTR that some of the Pullmans from around that time were.
  9. The SECR Continental stock had them from new in the early 1920s. Buckeyes were adopted as a UK standard in the mid-1920s, which meant in practice that all Pullmans, LNER and SR loco hauled corridor stock built from that point had them, the GWR tried them for a year or two and reverted to British Standard gangways and screw couplers, and the LMS never bothered.
  10. Isn't there a European HO or P87 layout where this happens in the fiddle yard (with the trains on some kind of continuous belt)?
  11. The buffers are now in place, along with a bit more scenic work. The big hole is for the pub. The smaller holes are for ground signals. Apologies for the mess, the office/layout room is a tip whilst various bits of my house have work done on them. The missing link to getting the layout room sorted were the shutters shutters for the windows have now turned up and been fitted. So once the this board is done I can put it back into position and start sorting the rest of the layout out. Meanwhile, the pub is nearly complete. The bay window has turned out rather well. The windows with their vinyl frames were stuck on from the outside, followed by pre-painted black plastic strip for the outer frames. I then fitted tissue over the windows to look like net curtains, and added the upper floors. And lastly the roof was done, complete with chimneys and Dart castings chimney pots bedded in with black Milliput. The job for this week is to paint to roof/bargeboards/chimneys ready for adding the York Modelmaking roof tiles.
  12. And for proof, just watch any Brighton main line service stopping at Gatwick and the mayhem that ensues.
  13. I thought the BR 'divert services from St Pancras' thing was to allow the station to be closed and/or turned into a bus station? Possibly along with closing the MML itself.
  14. I'm surprised that Talgo are/were in there. Or do they offer a full fat high speed train, as well as their traditional lightweight articulated things?
  15. I think that's a 'when' not an 'if'. I imagine that the sequence of events will be: - Phase2 construction starts, press demands that it should be scrapped as waste of money. - Phase 2 opens, press presents one of the trains breaking down during a test run as a complete national disaster. - Phase 2 is a massive success. - Press now starts lambasting Government about how stupid it was for not building the missing bits, how they wouldn't do that in Europe etc. and demands that the missing high speed sections are built. - Government builds missing bit. - Press moves on to lambast plans for High Speed 6 being a complete waste of money.
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