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  1. The tender looks empty of coal. I'm wondering if the loco is withdrawn, and has been renamed for one last photo before being towed away for scrap.
  2. I'd forgotten all about those weird dating agency adverts that used to appear in Rail Enthusiast. Not to mention the back cover Lima adverts full of lovely* looking diesel locos. * By 1980s RTR standards.
  3. I'm confused. How is the Bachmann N class a worst model of 2020? I remember buying one about 20 years ago.
  4. The NER engineer ones look like they're painted in the standard Ruston lined green livery, with BR lettering applied on top. So should these and the Rowntree ones be painted the same shade of green?
  5. Sometimes, with small items I take the Perspex plug out and then put it back in again. If it's still pointing at the right place, I know that the base is properly seated and isn't going to move when I remove the plug a second time and swap it with the punch. Possibly this is me being a bit over cautious, but it seems to reduce the number of errors I get .
  6. I had a weird experience joining the A46 from an unfamilar slip road shortly after lockdown. After about 10 seconds of slowing down and thinking that it was really hard to see the traffic from the slip road I eventually twigged that the road was completely deserted. I'd agree with the comments about anti-HS2 campaigners not twigging that construction is well underway. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, given the general lack of a grasp on reality amongst these people.
  7. My guess would be that it's because the Germans produced a much greater variety of kit, due to the slightly dysfunctional way that their state worked. The Allies tended to stick to a smaller number of designs and produce them in huge numbers. The modeller gets more choice with the Germans.
  8. Mike King's 'Southern coaches survey' book from a couple of years ago has details on this. Plenty of LBSC 6 wheel coaches lasted into Southern days and were painted green, but they were almost all the later Billington 6 wheelers. A few Stroudley 4 and 6 wheel coaches lasted until about 1924, but the books suggests that a lot of these only existed on paper (as the Southern discovered that LBSC record keeping was a bit lax and 'withdrew' long scrapped coaches). There were large numbers of LCDR 6 wheelers still around on the mainland in the 1930s, although most of them were formed int
  9. On mine I waited until the bonnet was assembled before fitting the door handles. The holes are opposite each other, so you can thread a single length of wire through the casing, solder in place, bend the ends down and cut to length. It's a lot easier than fiddling with little bits of wire. I think this might have been suggested in the instructions.
  10. That's not noise. This is noise..... (Apparently they did 2 versions of this song, the radio friendly version that got it into the charts, and the grindcore version with ENT to be performed live on TV when people booked them on the back of the first version....)
  11. There's a possibly apocryphal story of a British politician in the 50s or 60s telling a US TV journalist that he'd known a cabinet colleague for years - "he was my fag at Eton".
  12. I've finished the D1. I'm fairly happy with the paint job, it;s not perfect but better than my previous attempts at Maunsell lined green (but not quite good enough that I'm tempted to strip and repaint the previous efforts). It was sprayed using Precision SR green, lined with a bowpen, and varnished with Ronseal gloss using an airbrush. The lining is an improvement on previous efforts, and I've now read Ian Rathbone's book and got hold of a bowpen compass (which enabled me to get lines that are supposed to be parallel with the edges of things correct - you replace the pin in the compass with a
  13. Sorry for the confusion - the LNWR tank at Croydon is definitely in 'London's lost railways' Yes, the book ends with a discussion of a proposal called 'Crossrail'. 40 years later and its nearly finished, although it's cost somewhat more than the figures given in the book. Some of the services mentioned seem to have had very short lives, which suggests a degree of experimentation was going on (or one of the Directors lived in X and needed to get to Y, so there was definitely a demand for the service).
  14. It's well worth getting. Weirdly it has a couple of poor reviews of Amazon that seem to be based on the fact that it (like most books of its time) is continuous text with a few pages of photos in the middle. I've dug out my copy, and there is a picture of an ex-LNWR coal tank on a parcels train at East Croydon in 1937, presumably the service mentioned on the LNWR society site.
  15. You can also justify GWR locos via the Didcot Newbury and Southampton, and the Midland and South West Junction railway. http://www.gwr.org.uk/nodns.html http://www.gwr.org.uk/nomswjr1.html
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