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  1. The route out of Cork with narrow gauge trains and trams running down the road would make a fantastic model. There's some footage about 1:40 into this film: https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-ride-from-blarney-to-cork-on-cork-muskerry-light-railway-1902-1902-online
  2. I think that's a reflection of the way that these protestors have a micro-focus on one issue, and ignore everything else.
  3. Surely it would be less than 1hp at the rail, as the gearing would have absorbed some of the energy output of the horse?
  4. I think the Major Oak near Edwinstowe is about the only tree that could remotely claim to be a tourist attraction. And that's more due to being associated with Robin Hood than because of it being a tree.
  5. There's another of those at Crich, adapted from one of the original metre gauge quarry locos.
  6. There's a similarly sized one overhanging my parents drive. You need to park carefully at certain times of the year, as a ripe pear falling 50' will dent your car roof.... What amused me most about the Grauniad article was the protestors faith that eventually they'll stop HS2, presumably having not quite understood that once construction has started the project is unlikely to be stopped part way through.
  7. Are we including tram engines? Some of those were tiny, especially the earlier ones. https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/beyer-peacock-company-works-no-2464-no-47-john-bull-0-4-0vb-tram/
  8. There's more info here, including a copy of the general arrangements (which are also in the Bradley book on Adams locos)
  9. I still can't quite figure out why they are proposing services from Grantham and Newark to the HS2 station at Toton. It feels like somebody has decided to play join the dots with all the nearby large towns, rather than looking at end to end journey times. It will probably take longer to get from Grantham to the HS2 hub than it currently does from Grantham to Leeds or Kings Cross.
  10. I always assumed that the HS2 station at Toton was designed to capture traffic from the Western suburbs of Nottingham, rather than provide a HS2 service for the whole of Nottingham and Derby. Remember that Greater Nottingham is slightly unusual in that some of the suburban stations have InterCitys to London (every hour in the case of Beeston and Long Eaton) and there's also the option of driving to East Midlands Parkway. The HS2 station will just be another part of the mix.
  11. Those brakeman's huts always looked like they were fun places to be in winter. Even the worst British guard's van must have been a (slightly drafty) palace by comparison.
  12. The voluntary sector bat protection types could probably 'find' a nest of endangered bats on the surface of Venus, if you gave them half the chance. They (and their possibly imaginary bat colonies) are bane of a lot of building conservation projects. Mind you, I did like 'bat detector equipment'. It sounds like something that Adam West would have used in the 1960s Batman TV series.
  13. I've never seen a loco with a round cab roof ventilator before.
  14. It's not just warehouses - you can sometimes see these on tall/narrow houses on the Continent, so that goods and furniture can be hoisted up. They are particularly common in Amsterdam.
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