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  1. Indeed, but I do think that that self-help is so much easier than it once was. With 3d-printing and etching possible from 2d vector artwork much can be done.
  2. Good to hear you're experimenting with etching! CAD software is really about 3D modelling, so that's more appropriate for designing things like 3D-printed models. For etching artwork you need a 2D vector drawing package. I use the free Inkscape (https://inkscape.org/). I've not used Affinity Designer but it looks like it is the right sort of tool as well. By the way, the 2mm Association do 3D-printed dynamos (http://www.2mm.org.uk/products/instruction_sheets/pdf4-454.pdf), if you're a member, of fancy joining them. Worth the money for the bogie etches alone!
  3. I can't imagine anyone has ever made money producing 2mm/N coach etches: it's rather more for the fun of it! Bill did used to produce some of his sides in 2mm if you asked nicely - he'd add them to etching sheets as and when there was space, but it was never more than a side-line for him, I think.
  4. They are: my first attempt. To be used with Masterclass Models kits to provide the underframe and shell, to create some more unusual GWR coaches ...
  5. 2020 has been rather hectic for me, so there has been substantially less modelling time, rather than more. What time there has been has also involved a few distractions away from railways. However, while work on N gauge coached may have slowed, it hasn't stopped: a few months back I got this from the etchers - my first etched sides! Now I just need to find the time to build this ...
  6. I finally got around to taking a photograph of my latest coach, finished earlier this year. I love the Great Western coaches, but I do also have a fondness for the earlier LMS coaches, especially the Period II designs. So when Chris Higgs made his back catalogue available a few years back, I couldn't resist picking up this LMS Period II open third: The only tricky bit of the build is those blasted Stones ventilators over the windows. I tried all sorts of things to represent them, but the trouble is that there are very few decent photographs of how they look in real lif
  7. No, I don't think that there is any way to buy them at present, unless they happen to show up on eBay.
  8. Yes, that was it, thanks: the etch did say "5522 Design" on it.
  9. For the coaches posted in this thread, the sources were: Etched Pixels (currently temporarily shut) Hawksworth A23 first Hawksworth D133 brake third Hawksworth J18 sleeper Hawksworth K45 brake O13 milk brake Taylor Precision Models (not trading since about 2012) Collet K40 brake Masterclass Models (Chris Higgs) (These were limited run kits offered in the past on the 2mm Association mailing list.) Collet C67 third Toplight D69 brake third Collett 'Sunshine' D121 brake third Collett 'Sunshine' E152 brake compos
  10. Good to see some nice coaches! I have a new one to show off too, but I just need better weather than today to photograph it. I agree with @Nig H that 12-wheel coaches are nice, they definitely add interest to rakes. I'm very pleased with how my Hawksworth sleeper looks, though a bit less pleased with how it goes round curves (not so much unless the curve is very gentle). Oh well, I suppose the same was true of the prototypes. @wellseasoned If you join the 2mm Association you could try their etch of the LMS 12-wheel bogie. It's not any harder than their 8-wheel bogie etc
  11. Nothing new to report as yet, but another past project has been re-visited: the Masterclass Models GWR C67 third I did back in 2017. I was never very happy with the sides, as the paint was a bit too thick. I really should have stripped the sides and had another go at the time, but what with one thing and another it didn't get done, at least until recently. The result: The coach has also been renumbered to W5826W in honour of a photograph of that coach at Oxford (a station I know well) in Hugh Longworth's recent mammoth book on pre-nationalization coaching stock.
  12. Fox do "No Smoking" decals - not a sausage, but a triangle: https://fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/no-smoking-window-graphics-58259
  13. Time to revisit a past project ... In 2016 I did a D.121 brake third and as an experiment I left off the crimson banding below the cantrail. I was never very happy with the result, and it looked odd compared to all the other ex-GWR stock I've built. So the time came to take the sides off, strip and repaint them: Definitely an improvement! I think that 2017's C.67 third will probably receive the same treatment at some point as the paint is a bit too thick, but there are other things to work on first.
  14. The Masterclass Models GWR E.152 brake composite of 1936 is now finished: As ever, these are lovely kits. Certainly the nicest 2mm coach kits I've ever come across. The only thing I did for this one that I've not tried before is the roof handrails, which I'm rather pleased with. And now, a cautionary tale ... When it came to numbering I was looking through the available numbers I had. Russell Appendix 1 has a photograph of W6985W, but I noticed that with the numbers I had it would be much easier to make up W6859W, and 6859 was the number of the first coach in this diagram. S
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