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    I currently have an HO scale Canadian/North American exhibition layout called Campbell Riverside. My other interest are British(1970's - 80's) 00 and Irish 00 currently layout is work in progress for this.

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  1. So thanks to Brexit anyone in the EU will be paying more for railway modelling!!  Just had this email from DPD.  I think Anpost Address Pal is simailar.

    Dear Parcel Wizard Member,

    Today we're bringing you an Important Service Update regarding the DPD Virtual Address. 

    We will no longer be offering our Virtual Address Service from December 11th 2020. This is due to customs clearance requirements for parcels travelling into the Republic of Ireland from Great Britain which will come into effect post Brexit. 

    I voted Remain!!!

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Please abide by the 'no politics' rule instead of ranting - it's like shouting uninvited opinions through people's letterboxes. And no, I'm not a 'leaver'; just occasionally polite.

  2. That also happens to mine and i'm only across the Irish sea in Ireland. My printed copies usually arrive about 2 weeks after publication date. Must be a standard thing with magazine subscriptions if you are not in England. A few years ago I had a subscription to Model Rail and it was a similar situation with the magazine posted via another country.
  3. I don't recall buying any product from pop-up or flash advertising. As kevinlms says, it goes to the bottom of my list. If i want a product I will search for it, I don't need adverts keep flashing up when I am trying to read a topic. Would not be so bad if the ads related to model railways or anything railway related. Also the ads to not appear to be related to any browsing history. Ads in general don't bother me but those pop up ones as sooo annoying!!!
  4. I still keep getting the annoying pop-up ads at the bottom of the screen. Did not mind the ads when they were on the side, but when they keep popping up at the bottom of the screen its so annoying and distracting! I'm using Google Chrome if that is of any relevance.
  5. Want a 30' shipping container. Just cut down a 40' one and get a 10' one as well. https://www.budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk/info/building-a-30ft-cut-down-shipping-container/
  6. Off topic I know but as the FEA's have been mentioned, I had two delivered from Hattons last week and both have QC issues. One has a buffer completely missing and the other had one broken and one slightly damaged. Spoke to Hattons via live chat last Monday, initially advised me to post them back but the process involved seemed to be a bit of a hassle to me, so I suggested if possible could they send out some replacement buffers (don't mind fixing them myself). Waiting for the buffers at this stage.
  7. A polite message to Andy York should do it. Regards. John
  8. After five years exhibiting Campbell Riverside at various shows, the layout was starting to look a bit tired. I have made the decision to abandon the current Campbell Riverside and will in the near future build a replacement hopefully using Peco code 83 line North Amreican track for a better apperance. At this time I am planning to keep the same name for the new layout.
  9. Was never warm and sunny when I lived there. lol...
  10. Used to be my 'local' model shop when I lived in Luton. Was always worth a visit.
  11. Have any overseas subscribers received the June issue yet? I know there are still delays in the postal system at the moment.
  12. Just measured mine, its approx. 12 1/4" / 310mm in length. Hope this helps. * overall width of loco lift is 2 1/4" Regards. John
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