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    I currently have an HO scale Canadian/North American exhibition layout called Campbell Riverside. My other interest are British(1970's - 80's) 00 and Irish 00 currently layout is work in progress for this.

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  1. Modellbahnshop Lippe have Easter promotion of up to 25% of some items until Tuesday 6th April. https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/
  2. How about this, almost £145.00 for one coach!!!
  3. Are the sleepers still part of Scotrail or now a stand a lone company/franchise?
  4. May be of interest to some. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-56432919
  5. Looks like a typo in the timetable. Euston arrival should have been 22:31 not 20:31. Especially taking in account loco change at Crewe. * or maybe 21:31 arrival
  6. I should have know that lol.... Not far from where my Dad used to work at Hyde Mill farm. I used to live just south of Luton, must about 13 years since I was last in the area. Regards. John
  7. Speaking to my neighbour the other day ( socially distanced if course, I was gardening and he was on his exercise walk) he mentioned that it would be of no use getting back to 'normal' until all countries/nations have been vaccinated. I too miss the lack of exhibitions at the moment but personally would wait till 2022 before I attend any shows either as an exhibitor or visitor.
  8. I do agree the SLW is a far better model, as other have mentioned the SLW 25 is aimed at a different market to the Hel/Baccy versions. I am tempted to a SLW 25 myself, when I first saw the first picture of it the other day you could see that it was a 25.
  9. I would say that £30.00 is a big difference!
  10. I would be interested in a 00 version if one was produced having spent nearly five years working on them at Watford!!! BR blue/grey and NSE livery 313001- 017 plus I think 021 & 034 for a short while. They covered the Watford - Euston DC services, Richmond - North Woolwich, am & pm peak Watford - Liverpool Street. Based at Bletchley for maintenance and occasional visits to Hornsey for tyre turning. If I remember correctly we also had a Mon- Fri evening parcel service using a 313 from Euston - Milton Keynes (move used to get unit to Bletchley for exams). Prior to DOO operati
  11. Just to clarify, is this Duty Delivery Paid regardless of the value/ amount of your order? I did read a few weeks ago if order goods then you where limited to £135.00 /€150.00 or does this not apply if DDP is paid? Thanks
  12. I did read somewhere not sure if it was on here or a facebook group the model railways were exempt from import and custom duties. Obviously not! Be handy if there was a model railway distribution warehouse in the EU, well that's what the UK ministers seem to be telling firms to do who are having problems sending to the EU. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-55858598
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