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    Co.Mayo Ireland
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    I currently have an HO scale Canadian/North American exhibition layout called Campbell Riverside. My other interest are British(1970's - 80's) 00 and Irish 00 currently layout is work in progress for this.

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  1. Looking good Gerry. Regards, John
  2. Attached is a screen shot of error message I just got. RmWeb.docx
  3. I have had the error 522 a couple to times over the last week. Also some pages/threads seem to be slower than the old 'dial-up' when loading.
  4. Just want to say what an excellent service from Steve at Railtec transfers. Placed order Sunday evening , a couple of quick emails on Monday to confirm delivery address and transfers received today (Weds) in the West of Ireland. Regards, John
  5. Hi Fran, Will Marks Models in Dublin be stocking? Regards. John
  6. A lot better now. Thanks for that. *edited to correct spelling.
  7. From my experience it has nothing to do with personal browsing history. The ads that keep appearing have no relation or links to any websites that I have looked at recently or in the past. And yes it is very frustrating seeing all these irrelevant ads appear, I would not mind so much if they where model railway related.
  8. I keep seeing lots of ads recently that are no way related to model railways in any way. If its based on google history then that is a load of b***%&s as the ads that I see bear no resemblance or relation to any websites that I have looked at. I did try and attach a screen grab shot but for some reason unable to paste the link.
  9. It would be nice for Hornby to release a refurbished 50 in all over blue, I think there were originally five or six? of them before the large logo livery was adopted.
  10. You should have no problem with Gaugemaster. I've got an Model D controller that I purchased around 1987/88. The direction switch on one of the track controllers stopped working in one direction so I emailed Gaugemaster and they said to send it to them and they would look into it. I posted off to Gaugemaster and I had the controller back within two weeks of posting from Ireland. They replaced the switch free of charge and the only thing that I had to pay for was to post the controller to Gaugemaster. This was December 2018 so my controller is approx. 30 years old. Regards John
  11. Back in the day you did not sign for the route until you knew all the pubs....
  12. Obviously went the "Great Way Round"
  13. Has the red, green & gold livery been applied correctly?
  14. Yes that's correct. Dave's baseboards are made to a very high standard.
  15. Had a great time in Cultra at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum model railway day with my SVLR layout which was very well received by the show visitors. It was a very good show with all the various layouts set amongst the 12" - 1' exhibits.
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