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    Co.Mayo Ireland
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    I currently have an HO scale Canadian/North American exhibition layout called Campbell Riverside. My other interest are British(1970's - 80's) 00 and Irish 00 currently layout is work in progress for this.

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I have always been interested in trains and model railways from an early age, having lived next to the Midland mainline south of Luton then my Uncle introducing me to the world of model railways.  This was followed with a 22 year train driving career with British Rail, NSE, Inter-City, Virgin Trains & Midland Mainline/EMT.   I have quite a wide range of interest, but my main interest would be British Rail during the 1970's and 1980's.  


I also have a small Canadian/US exhibition layout which is currently on the Irish exhibition circuit.


My other interest are gardening and walking.

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