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  1. Evening Devonbelle, I'm interested in your European locos and stock do you have a layout?
  2. I'm looking at building a rake of JNAs sorry to hijack the thread but where's best for transfers? Cheers
  3. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, since the festive period everything has been on the go slow! Tonight we managed to get a little more track down leaving just the track work that connects road 6, 7, and the fuel loading road to stick down so we arnt far off now having the whole depot are laid!
  4. A bit of a big update this week! Finally you can see in the second picture the total length of the scenic section of the layout. There are the mainline boards to add down the side of the shed And Fouldubs is balanced for this picture but you can get a feel for the impressive size we are aiming for! The first picture shows the depot point control which will be totally hidden under a dummy hand point throw to conceal the hole in the board. Pictures 4 and 5 show the back of the depot building and show the brilliant work on the scrub land that has been started by one of our members.
  5. Another little pre Wednesday update! The first Leyland Sharpa is ready for varnish now and will be handed over to the team at GM I'm no time. I'm sure they will be delighted with their new van!
  6. Not much in the way of progress again until Wednesday. But the Samara is now right hand drive and just needs reg plates and a driver! The first of the Sherpas has received it's yellow too. On top of this the maintenance team over at Low Moor have been pressed into action and have installed two refurbed power units (sound chips) into 37178 and 37191 and will now see 37191 transferred into the ED/GM Petrolium pool.
  7. Only a small update today. There will be a more interesting one tomorrow hopefully! The lada has had the dash I'm bits and rebuilt.... now do I nick the radio or not?
  8. 3 (one to arrive) Sherpa vans which will all go into BR yellow and one Lada Samara that is for general use on the road ways on GM. These should keep me busy for a little while!
  9. It's been quiet over the festive period on GM but tonight whilst enjoying a couple of whiskeys we installed the 4 point motors that will join up to the 4 points already installed. Following that we got the next board tops into position to measure up for the depot exit and Fouldubs Junction. So far the whole layout is measuring no more than 11ft wide!
  10. While we are wading through the festive period one of our members has been hard at work on the computer to reproduce the Signal Box diagram that is in Fouldubs Box. This is done on CAD so we can make it any size we want. There will be a 7mm scale size in the box on the layout and one to go on the operators control panel to help aid running the layout.
  11. There isn't going to be much happening on the layout over Christmas. So one of the team had a fiddle with one of the pics to include sky.
  12. Any hints and tips are welcome Steve. I appreciate it. I'll certainly be giving the methods a try!
  13. They look brilliant steve. I have a few bags of different ballast, sand and grit so I'll use them to a similar end result to you. The polyfillers a great little tip! I hadn't thought about that but I'll give it a try!
  14. Cheers Millerhillboy it seems every week now it steps a little closer! Once road 6 and 7 are in we will be putting grids and other details down then laying ballast. But it's all coming together now
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