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  1. Thanks very much Stationmaster. Two separate ground frames sounds like the most likely scenario for my situation. thanks again for all the replies
  2. Thanks for the informative replies everyone. As a bit more background, this would be in a late 70s early 80s BR WR setting. Interesting to hear that handpoints are acceptable as it’s freight only. Would this mean throw off points wouldn’t be necessary on any sidings?
  3. Afternoon all, Picture if you will, a token worked freight only branch. Within this branch is a loop with 2 crossovers. Let’s say east and west for arguments sake. As I understand it, the west ground frame can be released by Annett’s key (or similar), but how would the east ground frame be released? Is it possible that the west ground frame could have a separate mechanical or electrical release for the east so both could be used at the same time? Thanks for any help!
  4. Some great photos, but is it just me that's seeing them all over the place?! Pictures different in quotes, signatures and profile pics appearing in posts all blown up etc etc.
  5. That last picture has certainly rekindled mine!
  6. Over the course of the work at Reading, a fair few BHL stoppers would start at the higher numbered platforms, reverse at Tilehurst and head back towards Reading West via the old curve behind the depot. Not a problem now the fly over and associated avoiding lines are done. On the subject of New St freight, when I was there in November last year there was a platform line blocked and occupied by a number of OBA (or similar) wagons with materials/waste for the work that was going on.
  7. Great photos. Nice to see some pictures of my stomping ground. The Railway in Newbury. Now Halfords.
  8. Another day, another disused track bed walk. This time near Cricklade on the old M&SWJR. Now this one might require a 'magic eye' sort of look, but in there somewhere is a ballast bin!
  9. I saw these under a bridge on a recent walk in Hampshire. It's an old track bed that's now a right of way. I think they might for telegraph wires, but I'm happy to be corrected!
  10. The only video you need this time of year. Merry Christmas!

  11. The goods shed at Bourne End is an auction house these days, and there's always the Signal Box cafe at Totnes. George Clarkes Amazing Spaces on channel 4 featured an old wooden signal cabin this week. My own dream is for a signal box with the downstairs as a small brew plant and the upstairs as a little micro pub. Sigh, back to work tomorrow.
  12. It did. Bizarrely I watched it on iplayer only the other day. Think it was the one where the guy takes a dissapoonting trip to Exmouth.
  13. That last shot looks brilliant now. Only going to get better. Very inspiring.
  14. A few of the Greenford loop trains. I was surprised at how busy it was at 9:05, and not all locals. Fingers crossed this even is repeated.
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