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  1. Would anyone happen to have a hi-res photo of the new roskear signal panel? Mainly looking for what the new signal numbers are, and types the signals are for a train sim project. Thanks.
  2. Then the week after (Saturday 16th) It spends the day on the Bodmin and Wenford Railway for the diesel gala working alongside their home fleet of 33110, 37142 and 50042, double heading between Bodmin General and Parkway.
  3. Today saw the first Class 800s (Intercity Express Train) enter Cornwall on a test run down to Penzance and back to North Pole depot. 800003+800004 near Scorrier with 5X92 1247 Penzance to North Pole Iep Depot.
  4. Some boxing day shots of a full depot at longrock. All the sidings behind the shed have been lifted due to building work expanding the shed. 4 HSTs were in the main sidings, power car pairings were: 43036 + 36140, 43165 + 43169, 43033 + 43139, 43053 + 43193. A voyager was in the siding behind, and 153361 was in the far siding with 08410 the barrier vehicle and a few spare sleeper coaches. In the fuel road were: 150129, 150247, 153380, 153318 & 150216 I think another HST was stabled probably inside the shed (shutters were down). This left no room in the depot so 57605 with 4 day coa
  5. A few of my favourites from a walk along the Penzance - Marazion section of coast path taken last Sunday (11th). 57605, 43071, 43146 & 220028 lined up at Longrock depot. Close up of 220028 43125 passing 43127. 150102, 153380 & 153382 passing Ponsandane. 08410 in Slopers Siding just outside Penzance station. 153361 & 153368 heading for St Ives. 43125 arrives at the station from Longrock depot. 43134 at Marazion. 150128 & 150123 at Longrock.
  6. I was working on Wednesday so couldnt see the down working in the sun. However I did see the return working on Thursday. which was overcast, foggy and very cold! Although it did make the photos quite atmospheric, there was some frost too. 70808 waits at the overbridge for a path into the coombe section, as the 0959 service to Looe was working down from LIskeard. The Moorswater viaduct provides the backdrop. Passing Coombe Junction Halt. Stopped between the two ground frames at Coombe for the crew to rejoin the train after resetting Coombe No 2 Ground frame.
  7. Another one from 7th November 150266 crossing the Calstock viaduct with 2G76 1454 Plymouth to Gunnislake.
  8. Not posted anything here for a while. Here is one from yesterday at Calstock with 150265 crossing the Viaduct working 2P84 1145 Gunnislake to Plymouth:
  9. Continued from the previous post, some shots of various trains working the mainline services at Liskeard. 43172 Harry Patch working 1457 London Paddington to Penzance (43174 on the rear) 43161 & 43139 working 1731 Penzance to London Paddington. 153369 & 153325 departing with 1750 Penzance to Plymouth. 221130 with 1008 Edinburgh to Penzance. And at Truro.
  10. Some from a recent trip down the Looe branch, in which the newly refurbished 150247 in GWR green was working the line. I took the 1126 Liskeard to Looe, then the return service as far as St Keyne, walking down the valley to Terras Crossing and back up to Sandplace before catching the 1630 from Sandplace to Looe. I stayed in Looe for an hour and a half on the lovely sunny afternoon, before catching the 1815 back to Liskeard. Liskeard Looe St Keyne ] Landlooe Bridge Causeland Plashford bridge Terras Crossing The
  11. My photo of the Belmond Pullman from Sunday 24th April of it returning to London Victoria. Seen arriving at St Austell.
  12. Here are a few from a recent trip to the Bodmin & Wenford railway during their half price weekend 12th/13th March, I went on the sunday as the weather forecast was better, with clear skies all day! 220008 at Bodmin Parkway with 1S49 0930 Penzance to Glasgow Central. 43012 with 1A83 0948 Penzance to London Paddington 150263 passes 43134 working 1C04 0726 Bristol Temple Meads to Penzance 37142 rounding the curve at Bodmin Parkway. 4247 on the rear, now 100 years old. 4247 at Bodmin General. 4247 at Boscarne Junction. Wit
  13. Not posted here for a while. Here are some photos from a trip to Calstock (and Gunnislake station) from Sunday. 221136 passing 150219 at Truro. 153325 at Plymouth. The first time I have been on a Class 153 on the line, normally its a 150. At Bere Alston, where crew change ends and operate the points before reversing towards Gunnislake, this gives enough time to get out for a photo. 153329 at Calstock. The return service to Plymouth crossing the impressive viaduct at Calstock. The next train to Gunnislake approching Calstock station.
  14. Pacers are still around in the West country, although they usually only operate in Devon based at the Exeter depot and working between Paignton and Exmouth as well as the Barnstaple branch. I believe they are going in the next few years once 158s come back to Devon & Cornwall.
  15. A few from a recent ride on the Looe and Newquay branchlines from 23rd November, on one of the rare sunny days of November 2015! 221131 at Liskeard. 153333 stands at Platform 3 before working the 0959 down to Looe. I was the only passenger on the train from Liskeard until Causeland, where a lady got on. It was a stunning, and cold late Autumn day down the valley, notice the frost in the first photo of the river. 153333 in the sunshine at Looe. I then got back on the train which was the 1030 back to Liskeard. 43021 arrives at Liske
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