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  1. What a nice model, I'm pleased it's been well received. I used to mod kato chassis to fit farish Poole era models and the transformation was astounding. Most continental stuff run like a dream, looks the part and will negotiate ridiculous curves. UK models are getting there... I don't mind paying continental prices if they come with continental build quality.
  2. I've built quite a few cambrian kits for my layout. They really are a nice kits and go together well. Mine are loaded with hop pockets and have blue Axles. Will I be buying the rtr models? Absolutely! They can serve as empties and live in harmony side by side.
  3. Nice, I wonder if a merchant with the short deflectors or the extra long ones will appear down the line.
  4. No fault of Gibson's just to be absolutely clear. I picked up the kit unbuilt on ebay. When I assembled the wheels I took them to the track to make sure they were rolling true, that's when I saw how far out of gauge they were. I'll hang on to them in the bits box, I have considered a P4 experiment before so maybe this will be a nudge! The kit has an older chassis without the P4 spacers in any event so this one will be for 00. Replacement wheels have been ordered. Thanks for the input chaps
  5. Great catch! Yes, looking at the flanges I think they indeed P4 wheels! Coming from N I didn't notice
  6. Hello. Picked up a kit for a se finecast D1 the other day and it had gibson wheels included. Had a play assembling the wheels and the axles are too long, about 22.6mm on the caliper. I assume these are for EM or P4? Also the bushings are rather long for one connecting rod but these shouldn't be a problem to trim down. I had a look around and I can't find individual axles for sale. Are these available individually or should I just buy a set of romford's?
  7. I'm sure this has been asked but for the four packs, any chance of a pack of four 4 wheeler's and 6 wheeler's?
  8. Not tried another motor as I haven't got a spare X04. Quartering is fine (they are quite forgiving) and it crawls along very slowly. The actual running quality of the model is fine its just an odd vibration noise. That's what has me puzzled. I'll try and detach the motor and test it independently although that may be tricky as it now has a decoder fitted.
  9. If anything I would say its quieter with the body on. It's alright to a certain speed then it gets a distinctive buzz. It also seems more pronounced in one direction.
  10. Hello chaps. I have an old Hornby E2 that has seen some milage. It belonged to my grandfather and Im in the process of giving it an overhaul. Everything has been cleaned out and lubed and it now runs as well as the day she left margate. The only snag is it sounds like a small saw. I'm definitely getting some vibration from the chassis somewhere but I can't pin it down. Now I don't expect it to run silently, but I've certainly seen them quieter. This engine specifically before it was put back in its box in Any thoughts?
  11. You know, looking from outside railway modelling I find the whole duplication thing fascinating. "Too many people making what I want is a problem". It will be just like the generic coaches or other models for many years. Best one gets the money. My other hobby is a game called airsoft. Similar to paintball. You have literally ten manufacturers working on the exact same weapon, churning out the same thing year after year. There's no calling, people buy the one they like. No one acts like they have personal stakes in the company. No one complains there is too much availability of w
  12. Missed out on a 00 guernsey, hopefully an O gauge version comes, around
  13. The B4 must be a contender, upscale that and it would sell.
  14. On the plus side, it is a definite improvement over the first and tweeked version (better chimney). The chassis looks better with the thinner tire walls. The hand rails are also metal this time. The originals had a habit of expanding and going rather wobbly. EDIT: looking at it I suspect the wheels are the same size. Just thinner rims giving more spoke.
  15. The dcc thing is strange but people will work around it. They always do. The most mental thing for me is ONE olive version, the same running number as before! Two pre grouping liveries? But one southern green to match the maunsells. Why do people constantly underestimate how many big 4 loco's to produce. Just look at the hattons P class, try finding a southern livery on that. All companies do it. Farish LMS jubilee?
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