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  1. Signed up for an N gauge fell, it's just too ugly to resist... And I would absolutely buy an N gauge leader as a southern modeller!
  2. Has there been any official word on the possibility of an N gauge version of either of these vans? Even a get stuffed would be alright, just takes the speculation out of it. Thanks
  3. The side steps on one of mine are broken. What's the best glue to use on the cast frame? Can't send it back. Super glue doesn't seem to want to know on this stuff.
  4. The price increases and delays do not help N as a scale. I have been an avid N gauge modeller since about 1997. If I was to start again tomorrow I would model in 00. This is based on what is available in the shops, what's available second hand and the prices of the models. Its all very well saying you can fit so much more into the same space but you do need stuff to fill it and the money to pay for it... I do wonder how many new modellers are put off N based on a perceived limited range of models.
  5. Restaurant vehicles make more sense in N due to the availability to run longer trains on layouts. That said, some K type pullman's in N would open up a new range of coaches and let you drop one in in a train of maunsell's.
  6. I think it's a bit early to worry about Bachmann pulling away from N. Especially with this new three months notice policy. There could be a dozen new items in R&D and tooling, you just won't hear about them until they are nearly ready. The problem is until everything catches up to the new time scale there will be a news dead spot.
  7. Wow, not even a single relivery.
  8. One thing that's interesting... According the their website there are 386 items available from Bachmann, and 386 items available from Graham Farish. Perhaps N isn't quit as bleak as it appears.
  9. Looks like the secr c class is gone. Just the black ones left
  10. Are those the final wheels? Solid one's? In any event that will be the first "british" 0-4-0 in N I believe.
  11. I did wonder, two flangless axles hanging out on a curve might look odd.
  12. Doe anyone know if the rear truck will be fixed or able to swing?
  13. Good god! That's a hefty list! Tim plate O gauge, big ticket lner items, apt and a variety of other stuff. They certainly have balls... The 91 makes perfect sense to me. Over the last few years they have released special pretty power cars on their own for collectors who have snapped them up. Perhaps they will cycle through them again. Cavex have nothing to worry about if they have the superior model and they are at the moment the only people offering a complete train in any event...
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