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  1. Not tried another motor as I haven't got a spare X04. Quartering is fine (they are quite forgiving) and it crawls along very slowly. The actual running quality of the model is fine its just an odd vibration noise. That's what has me puzzled. I'll try and detach the motor and test it independently although that may be tricky as it now has a decoder fitted.
  2. If anything I would say its quieter with the body on. It's alright to a certain speed then it gets a distinctive buzz. It also seems more pronounced in one direction.
  3. Hello chaps. I have an old Hornby E2 that has seen some milage. It belonged to my grandfather and Im in the process of giving it an overhaul. Everything has been cleaned out and lubed and it now runs as well as the day she left margate. The only snag is it sounds like a small saw. I'm definitely getting some vibration from the chassis somewhere but I can't pin it down. Now I don't expect it to run silently, but I've certainly seen them quieter. This engine specifically before it was put back in its box in Any thoughts?
  4. You know, looking from outside railway modelling I find the whole duplication thing fascinating. "Too many people making what I want is a problem". It will be just like the generic coaches or other models for many years. Best one gets the money. My other hobby is a game called airsoft. Similar to paintball. You have literally ten manufacturers working on the exact same weapon, churning out the same thing year after year. There's no calling, people buy the one they like. No one acts like they have personal stakes in the company. No one complains there is too much availability of w
  5. Missed out on a 00 guernsey, hopefully an O gauge version comes, around
  6. The B4 must be a contender, upscale that and it would sell.
  7. On the plus side, it is a definite improvement over the first and tweeked version (better chimney). The chassis looks better with the thinner tire walls. The hand rails are also metal this time. The originals had a habit of expanding and going rather wobbly. EDIT: looking at it I suspect the wheels are the same size. Just thinner rims giving more spoke.
  8. The dcc thing is strange but people will work around it. They always do. The most mental thing for me is ONE olive version, the same running number as before! Two pre grouping liveries? But one southern green to match the maunsells. Why do people constantly underestimate how many big 4 loco's to produce. Just look at the hattons P class, try finding a southern livery on that. All companies do it. Farish LMS jubilee?
  9. How will the sound file be produced? Does anyone know how it should actually sound?
  10. Not about buying more stuff, it's about building more stuff. Let's say I want to build a locomotive, I don't know, a H class. Perhaps a 3D printed body is available. Now where do I order wheels? Chop up an existing chassis? In 00 I can build an obscure prototype from a kit, order the correct wheels, transfers etc... In N you are far more limited so rtr is a big factor in modelling subjects. And it's just not there right now.
  11. Honestly, I've gone back to 00. The situation wouldn't be as bad if N had the same sort of kit support for locomotives and rolling stock, but that's not practical. When you are forced to rely solely on rtr it's no good if it's not in the shops in the first place.
  12. Hello, after a bit of advice. I'm currently dcc fitting an old Hornby E2. The model has been fitted with a seuth 22 smoke unit for a bit of fun. All installed and it's working but the smoke unit is dead. A quick read of the decoder tells me it's a Hornby unit that apparently doesn't have the grunt for that. Is there a particular decoder that works especially well for older models that also has the output power for a smoke unit? And possibly the ability to add stay alive? I last played with dcc about... Too many years ago, and now there's so many decoders it's rather c
  13. Looking at them side by side the underframe really stands out on the hattons model. I wonder if they might consider a train pack with a P class... Please hattons... Southern green...
  14. I'm hoping for another olive model as I'm after one. I would also buy a SECR goods green model that I don't think has been done yet. Toying with rebranding a ROD one as the livery looks very similar based on the pictures from the bluebell website. A rerun or SECR grey would also be on my shopping list.
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