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  1. I get where you're coming from but I think that's a little unfair. It's basically a reissue with a tweeked chassis, and that was only because it could be quite feeble. The new chassis is trying to squeeze more weight into an existing body. Like the previous releases if you want to dcc fit it then you can find a way. Im not saying that's ideal, they are just working with what they already have. The Bulleid will be a new model from the ground up with the chassis contained within the locomotive. I don't mind them taking their time to get it right first time.
  2. I'm more interested in the chassis side of things. It will be the first of a new breed of n gauge chassis (apparently) and the bench mark for everything to follow. So whatever region you model its worth keeping an eye on. With the new pullman's coming these two should go together very well.
  3. Bravo! About time we had some proper pullman's in N gauge. What sort of price point are we looking at?
  4. I know that's a large sum of money, especially for a model train... But if the second batch is approved and arrives a couple of years later who knows what it will cost! Look at how HST power cars went all of a sudden. Something to consider perhaps.
  5. Wow... That's a swing and a miss... They have done some stupidly complicated liveries on 66's without issue. That can't be a final version surely.
  6. A duplication of subject? Yes. A duplication of quality? Hell no! That looks an impressive model indeed. Now Dapol... If you have some time on your hands, how about those Bulleid Pacific's...
  7. I believe the cad work is void. After that came out they changed the chassis specifications and said they would rework it.
  8. I hope this means Hornby will FINALLY produce an adams radial in olive green! I don't understand why they have shyed away from that one, literally every other version is a duplication, can't be that surely. And they do that livery so well.
  9. I'm probably in the minority here but I much preferred the older yearly announcement of items to be produced, even if they were a long way off. I think they were better for everyone all round not just the company announcing things. Let's say for argument's sake today farish announced an adams radial. It won't be available until 2024 but it coming. I guarantee people would start sketching up that lyme regis branch they've always wanted and start building the layout ready for the new locomotive... But in the meantime what to do? Perhaps I'll have to buy a 3mt to fill in until it arrives. Better get onto Dapol and buy a couple of coaches. Mr Peco can supply me with some track... You watch them shrink Ray the 7f and see how many S&D layouts kick off on an act of faith. Again bolstered by purchases of other items of rolling stock ready for when it arrives.
  10. There is also a dcc fitted option
  11. Woops, yes dcc supplies. Was ordering bits from dcc concepts at the time. Nice one, don't know how I missed that!
  12. Anyone know where I can get a set of rear glazing? I have a spectacle missing. Dapol said DCC concepts, but it appears to be the only thing they don't list as spares.
  13. I think there is still scope for hattons to produce more before hand. Even if just bundled with their genesis coaches. Secr goods green hasn't been covered yet. Another olive model should be a sure seller and another bluebell would be a win.
  14. Can anyone tell me how long the ROD livery survived after the war? Could it have made it until grouping?
  15. What a nice model, I'm pleased it's been well received. I used to mod kato chassis to fit farish Poole era models and the transformation was astounding. Most continental stuff run like a dream, looks the part and will negotiate ridiculous curves. UK models are getting there... I don't mind paying continental prices if they come with continental build quality.
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