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  1. Are there any plans (or even possible?) for another run of well tanks?
  2. I agree on your points. I certainly think the hattons coaches would do well in N. Whether you agree with them or not. I'd buy some certainly. I currently run repainted and detailed shredded wheet coaches. Whilst not strictly appropriate I think a southern terrier would be purchased to run with the maunsell coaches by a lot of modellers. It's logical to have a matching livery of locomotives and coaches in the range. Like selling LMS coaches but only having br livery locomotives to run with them. There may have been just the one terrier in malachite but they certainly aren't afraid of one off liveries. Certainly they have an odd policy to me. Like the M7, olive green in the first batch and then never again despite a slight tweek to the tooling.
  3. Just curious on this one. How are the liveries chosen on these models? What's the aversion to southern livery on the n gauge terrier? There have been a couple of olive terriers, a black one in the first batch (with unpainted buffer beams! ) and no malachite versions. I would have thought it would make sense to have a southern model in the range at most times, maybe every other batch? I get there are collectors who buy all the odd ball paint jobs and I assume a demand for the MANY LBSCR versions released. But how about having one that matches the nice coaches they make? Surely the collectors would by the southern models as well...
  4. I always thought the boxes with the double yellow stripes always looked rather striking. They looked cool stacked up in the stock box.
  5. Its happened before and bounced back. Remember when farish was bought out? Things dried up almost completely, and what was there had corners cut. Little things like not painting the rear buffer beam red on the tender chassis, or tender pickups disappearing from models that had them previously. Mark my words, N will become the hot commodity again and a boom in new tooling models will follow. Just don't know from who yet
  6. I first got into N gauge when my grandad retired and moved to a nice bungalow in March. I remember he dismantled and sold his 00 layout that I had played with for years. One day I found him with a tiny train set up on the dining room table. A long freight with a farish black five. I couldn't believe how long a train was moving around the few lengths of flex track. My parents soon moved themselves and with no prospect of a 00 train set I looked at N. With some birthday money I went to a local swap meet and came away with a farish 4f, a Worthington's van and a saxa salt wagon. The adventure began! A few months later my grandad arrived with my very own 4x2 layout. I can still remember coming home from school and just setting a train running, the sound of the farish mechanism sending me into a trance. The 4f was later joined by some friends and a minitrix 27. But nothing would compare to the farish duchess of Hamilton I saved up for. It was the first pacific I ever owned. The way it stormed around my little board with a huge five coach train still makes me smile. And strangely the new super detailed model just doesn't do it for me like the old girl with the tiny bogie. Good Times!
  7. Is there a replacement chassis etch available for the old farish four wheeled coaches?
  8. I recently fitted some LCE pockets to some shredded wheat coaches. They do couple nice and closely.
  9. I'll take one! I hoping an N version may come later down the line but for now 00 will do. Got to keep KR in the game if I want something later...
  10. The braces measure out at 1mm on a 4mm drawing. So that 0.5x0.5 will be perfect, thank you.
  11. Hello. I'm looking at a dance hall. The exterior straping and bracing
  12. Hello knowledgeable bods Quick question... When scratch building brake vans what do you use for the angled strapping on the outside of the body? Can you get L shaped brass that small? Or is it a, styrene job?
  13. Has anyone fitted the doors? Any idea what radius that would require?
  14. The Eastern region is the one region I have never modelled personally. But those coaches do look wonderful. I look forward to seeing them in action.
  15. Signed up for an N gauge fell, it's just too ugly to resist... And I would absolutely buy an N gauge leader as a southern modeller!
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