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    4mm railway kit and scratch building - which I enjoy for the challenge and satisfaction it provides, as well as the research involved in modelling the LNWR.

    I enjoy blues/rock, good food (but not too much of it) good wine and English beer, as well as maintaining and enjoying our 1973 MGB roadster (weather permitting).

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  1. Hi Jol. I am building a rake of LNWR carriages and I can’t get purple lake paint here in Canada. Would you know the correct mixture for purple lake or the plum. Also I’m at a loss for the correct lining   I’m building the ratio models the 50ft arc roof type. Any help would be appreciated.  Keith 

    1. Scottish Modeller

      Scottish Modeller

      Hi all,


      There was an almost precise match in the range of car paints for LNWR Purple Lake.


      Daewoo had this in their range but I think it went into the Chevrolet range of colours and may be discontinued.


      I've been looking for the remains of my tin but must have thrown it away.


      Cant find it on the Daewoo listing but will keep looking.



      Phil H


      Edit to add - Colour was Daewoo Dark Red which gave a purple/brown finish over Red primer.


      Check for equivalent here:-



    2. Jol Wilkinson

      Jol Wilkinson

      I don't think I can help at the moment.


      My collection of LNWR reference books is still packed after a house move and the construction of the new workshop building is on hold owing to the pandemic, so I won't be able to sort them out for some time.


      An enquiry to the LNWR Society might produce an answer;




      I originally used Phoenix Precision Paints LNWR Coach Plum and later had some cellulose paint matched to that for spraying with an airbrush. I have never used any car paint aerosols other than primers or satin/matt black so don't know what might match.

    3. oo modeller

      oo modeller

      Hi Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve looked at the car paint range but still no joy. Keith 

  2. Presumably sent by courier as acid is a prohibited product for sending by mail. Not that that stops some Ebay traders.
  3. David, this has been under discussion on the S4 Forum. As is the wheels are probably too wide to fit into splashers or behind outside valve gear if set to P4 B2B. IIRC the width of the wheel/tyre is also too wide to enable the front to be turned down to get a more suitable tyre width without affecting the front of the spokes. Jol
  4. It depends on your definition of affordable. Most of the Small Supplier"specialist" kit producers of Victorian or Edwardian vans or wagons tend to manufacture in etched brass or cast resin which is invariably more expensive (Bill Bedford/Mousa Models, Roxey, London Road Models and others). Plastic moulded kits are much cheaper but the range is, as you have found, much more limited.
  5. Hi Tony, I use LRM hornguides/bearings for the two front axles and then use some PB wires that are soldered to a suitable location on the frames - a spacer or a piece of pcb - to act as springs onto the bearings. Wire about 25mm long seems to give sufficient spring load to keep the wheels on the rails. The rear axle is "rigid" and I have used PB wire pickups om several; locos , which has worked well. Edited to add that I use this approach is for tenders that have the front end "resting" on the loco drag beam, to increase adhesive weight. This is particularly worthwhile for small pre-group 2-4-0s and 4-4-0s. I can' t provide a photo as all the locos and stock are in store (with Richard M). The build for the new workshop was due to start on Monday next, but that has been postponed owing to the current crisis, so I don't know when I will be able to unpack the modelling tools, etc. Jol
  6. Mike, well done and good luck. We are now finding that, having moved on 5th March, sorting out those things an older (late 1920's) house needs is getting rather difficult. Whether it is sourcing stuff for DIY without visiting B&Q, etc. or getting a trade in for a professional job (e.g. new flooring in the hallway). So far we are still waiting for BT to connect our landline and internet connection) but they haven't yet come up with a Covid19 excuse to delay it further. Jol
  7. Thanks Steve, I believe John will continue to process mail orders as long as possible, as many of our Small Suppliers will do. Post Offices remain open, although it may be sensible to limit visits to once a week for all those dispatching orders. John thanks, we have plenty do do to keep us occupied (the house is sound but has lacked a bit of routine maintenance). Some of the bigger jobs that required getting a tradesman in are obviously held up. Today's bad news is that the start of the build for the new workshop in the garden has been put on hold indefinitely. We could have worked around that as the builders wouldn't need access to the house and are pretty self sufficient, but all their suppliers have closed down. Besides, the Government doesn't regard their type of work (Cedar clad garden offices, etc.) as essential, which I can't say I agree with. Jol
  8. Just to clarify matters, I am not involved with the production side of LRM. I have helped John Redrup out for many years on an unpaid basis with marketing/promoting his business, designing kits,helping at shows, etc. (something I believe also happens with many small suppliers who have part time supporters). Living about 100 miles from Watford (where John lives) would make helping out even more rather difficult. For those reasons I can't say whether a chassis etch is available separately for the L&Y 7F. It isn't listed as such on the website or in the price-list.It will rather depend on how the artwork was set out (some of the earlier George Norton kits in the range aren't laid out in the most logical way). Fittings on the other hand are usually available, as these are produced in house (cast whitemetal) or bought in (brass and n/s) so are usually available as separate items. An email to John via the contact button on the website will get an answer, usually quite quickly. http://www.londonroadmodels.co.uk/ or by the email address; [email protected] Having recently moved and needing to sort out the new (to us) house) to Madam's requirements and carry out some much needed updates, as well as commissioning a new workshop, planning a new layout around the part of London Road I still own (the original terminus has gone back into John's hands) as well as the impact on all our lives by the Coronavirus pandemic, I don't think I'll have much time to be helping out more at LRM for a while. Edited to add that I also act as John's "anti -social media" voice as he prefers to spend his time on production, distribution,product development etc. (to use big business terminology).
  9. LRM will shortly be releasing a new 4mm kit for the LNWR Ramsbottom 4ft Shunter 0-4-0 Saddle Tank. Details will appear on the LRM Website -http://www.londonroadmodels.co.uk The home page also has details of a revision to postal charges during the Coronavirus outbreak, to support customers who are now unable to buy at the shows that LRM usually attend. Orders up to £30 will still be subject to a £2.00 P&P charge, orders over £30 will be sent post free.
  10. An interesting model. Looks like AG milled brass frames with a Portescap, Romford diving wheels but "odd" bogie and truck wheels (early cast mazak Jackson?). The body looks good although the roof vent/hatch looks strange.
  11. Steve, on behalf of John at LRM, I am sure he won't mind the photo appearing here on RMweb. I would like to credit the original photo but I can't recall who was the builder of the MGNR 4-4-0 or 0-6-0. My main pc with my "modelling files" is boxed after a house move and still waiting for BT to provide a connection Jol
  12. For reference, that is a MGNR 4-4-0 Class C, from the MR 1808 Class design. The model was built from a London Road Models MR 1808 kit. The photo was supplied by the builder (he also made a MGNR version of the LRM GNR J6 0-6-0). The photos were given to LRM and used in some PR, the MGNR 0-6-0 can be seen on the LRM website.
  13. Fewer new kits may be appearing but perhaps that is because, in part, many loco classes have already been produced, by several manufacturers in some cases. The Aircraft/Military comparison is interesting. I suggest that those two hobbies have a much stronger kit building sector, so that may partly explain the difference compared to the very RTR focused model railway hobby (in 4mm at least). A/M also. AFAIK, still features static models and dioramas, whereas many railway modellers are more interested in "operation" or at least moving models. A proportion of RTR model buyers also, judging by Tony's comments from his show loco clinic, seem quite unable to handle any basic repairs so the idea of "improving" an RTR model would be beyond their capabilities. There is also the question of "devaluing" a model by doing anything to it - the Mint and Boxed concept of modelling. I remain convinced that the hobby is increasingly splitting into two sectors, buying RTR locos, stock, track, etc. and concentrating on the scenic modelling and operating aspect or enjoying all aspects of model making to put your own stamp on what you do/achieve. I prefer the latter as it frees me to model a period and railway that I couldn't do if I relied on what is available RTR.
  14. Yes it is, from the super photos you kindly took when London Road appeared at York MRS in 2018. I used the Barry Norman photo as it was more close up to show Ian Rathbone's painting and lining. Your photos capture the loco and train excellently in the overall context of the layout.
  15. Odd though how people who don't use P4 standards or aren't a member of the Scalefour Society know so much about it. As a member of both the S4Society and the EMGS (but not through indecisiveness) I can't say I have noticed a difference in the hygiene standards. It is usually at the "all scale" exhibitions that it becomes apparent, along with the rucksacks.
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