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  1. My DCC fitted Umber Terrier arrived today from Dapol. It runs well and there are no visible gaps between the running plate and cab/tanks. However when I hold up a steel rule a curve can be seen towards the front. I have elected to keep the model as its not noticeable at normal viewing distance and doesnt affect its running. When discussing, with the helpful staff at Rails, about cancelling my order, they advised that Dapol are awaiting a new shipment that addresses the running plate issue. Given that Dapol are now not showing any more stock of my version and an underdetermined wait for rep
  2. In over 20 years of Dapol/Hornby, new Hornby and now Dapol/rails terrier production there has only been two in umber. Hopefully the current Rails product has proved popular to warrant a further variant if and when a new batch is done given there is 25 prototypes to choose from.
  3. If you want the current model, Dapol have them available (both ready and fitted). https://www.Dapol.co.uk/shop/oo-gauge/Steam-Locomotives-OOGauge/A1_A1X. Umber seems to be a Cinderella livery for terriers even though there would have been many more of them, I assume, than the "pretty" liveries that are popular with buyers. I certainly looking forward to receiving mine to replace my venerable original umber terrier (its been residing in Dapol's factory since May waiting for a decoder to be fitted and to be delivered to Rails)
  4. Certainly quicker. I am still waiting for my Umber DCC fitted Terrier.
  5. I wonder if this is due to the change to the installation procedure that was referred to in the recent email for DCC fitted examples?
  6. Couldnt agree more. A point often missed by those who want exact prototypes available rtr. I have muddled through building the smallbrook stroudleys and a roxey balloon coach. The only finish I was able to achieve was all over umber (wrong I think for stroudley 4 wheelers- but suited my purposes!). I have not attempted any lining - because I think none was better than it badly applied. Also transfers are difficult to source.
  7. @Oliver Rails Just wondering about the status of the LBSC Umber Terrier DCC fitted. Back in July you said all remaining models were due soon. I have just spoken to your sales line and they say its just been shipped from China! So a bit confused - because I have seen plenty of pictures of the same version on this forum! Fully accept any delay due to the times we are in - just want to set my expectations as to when I might receive the model.
  8. @Oliver Rails any update on when they are going to be delivered to you?
  9. I will keep the faith! I have the LBSC dcc fitted one on order. They are taking longer, presumably because they need to be fitted by Dapol and therefore slowed down by current events.
  10. England, NI from Friday. As of writing not yet announced for Scotland / Wales.
  11. I asked specifically about the dcc fitted versions of the models already released and have just got this response: "Hi, hopefully this month but sadly there are delays with items getting over so it could take a little longer."
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