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  1. For NEM Kadees , you can lower the existing coupling pocket to the correct height with a piece of plasticard (cant remember the thickness I used). Successfully did two wagons and verified with a height guage.
  2. Seems to be lower than the average after a quick google, with some optimistic sellers on ebay hoping for over £150. I bought the same model from Kernow in 2017 for £79.99. Sir Archibald Sinclair is getting towards a better price (a nice to have rather than must have for me).
  3. Depends on your definition of Edwardian, Often the years after his death to the start of ww1 are included in this period.
  4. second that. Also not forgetting the E1 in the pipeline from Model Rail
  5. My pair weathered and having an outing on our club layout. I bought a couple of of Paul Bartlett's photos to use as inspiration. Hopefully their filthy state captured!
  6. either way, it means I dont have to try and drill it out!
  7. Looking at the photo JSpencer posted shows the barrel sealed with something?
  8. One irritation is the coupling pocket height, which seems to be the height formally used by Bachmann. No problem with tension lock as they are supplied with cranked versions, however nem kaydees are too high. So a little fiddling required.
  9. Same here! Extremely pleased with the two i bought. Next is weathering. Well done, once again, to Kernow.
  10. Hoping they will arrive in time for our club's China Clay themed layout next outing in Mid August.
  11. Same source and type for my mine and its always worked fine for me. Bought from their stand at Ally Pally show (where they had their D601 running happily) I did adopt some of the settings that were supplied by Kernow for I think a slightly improved set off sound.
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