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  1. Grey version arrived this morning. (My home office is conveniently adjacent to my railway, so have snuck it out of its box) Looking forward to playtime later on.
  2. Very pleased with mine, including the tender connection as already commented. My cab roof fell off - so I will use it as an opportunity to fit the crew before I glue it back on. Need to decide whether my Adams keeps its 488 address.
  3. SECR liveries ordered. A matching brake van would be well received.
  4. Speculating further and at the risk of straying further off topic, if fences are mended with Bachmann, might we then see Hatton's products reappear in the EFE range?
  5. I ordered my terrier through Dapol and got an email on order and another on dispatch. Hope you resolve your issue!
  6. Some sound fitted versions still available from Dapol. https://www.Dapol.co.uk/shop/oo-gauge/Steam-Locomotives-OOGauge/A1_A1X
  7. I can see that now, I should have paid more attention to the photo I was following, rather than where I removed the Hornby ones.
  8. thanks, presumably angled away from the door? Should be easy enough to bend.
  9. I did have ago at bending wire, but gave it up - I think a jig would be the answer. I then unearthed a part used etch with enough handles for this job.
  10. My conversion to a LBSCR departmental van (inspiration from here) - new spoked wheels (dont count the spokes!) - convert to gas lighting. Tanks from brass tube, gas lanterns are midland - but I think similar enough - add roxey handles to selected doors (the others being locked out). A very fiddly job, would welcome tips, as I still have the other side to do. - paint and transfers - foot boards. reposition Hornby supplied (albeit incorrect length) and added the missing lower one made from plasticard and wire.
  11. If this is not a wind up, then will we be waiting until 2023 (the 70 anniversary of the film release) for their release?
  12. Now with easy on and off. Latching Reed switches available from layouts4u.net
  13. in anticipation of this being a faff, I have ordered a latching magnetic reed switch to have a go at the magic wand method of turning on and off. My own is making its way from Cornwall currently, I will post my success or otherwise in this thread.
  14. Quite right - I don't know why I thought they were out of stock! Sound decoder is a Loksound 4 and the sound file is from http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/. I am afraid I cant remember where the speaker came from as I already had it. The 8 pin socket is Laisdcc 860002 DCC NEM652 8-Pin socket with hard wiring solder tabs adaptor PCB - I expect they also do a 21 pin as well.
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