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  1. article here https://www.railengineer.co.uk/2019/06/10/ato-exploiting-the-technology/
  2. Like this. right at the bottom of the access steps
  3. I like your idea for the open access operator.
  4. Very saddened by this. i still feel safer walking along the cess than the odd time I’ve had to wait for recovery beside my car on a dual carriageway . thankfully I very rarely have to either cross lines or work in the 4 foot
  5. i'm after late 1980s vehicles. these photos are great
  6. ess1uk

    Wadenhoe Road

    Great work. love the back scene remember going to Lilford Hall as a kid when they had animals there.
  7. yes but the track bed is non existent and given the road that now runs on parts of it is sinking into the fens then it would be a MAJOR job to rebuild the rail link, however much it may be needed.
  8. i hope to see you all shame Mick cant make it
  9. Anything happening down at the junction?
  10. Run that on a layout and see what was said!
  11. my info was from here https://www.railengineer.co.uk/2015/10/15/london-underground-sub-surface-re-signalling/ and from when i worked for Thales on the Connect Project.
  12. if i remember correctly Thales and Alcatel did some deal where they swapped bits of their companies around so they could both win work more easily so yes the kit may well be Alcatel/Thales
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