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  1. one down still after some more if anyone has any
  2. Hi All, After 2 possibly 3 class 31 TTS sound decoders.....scoured the web can't find any apart from 1 seriously overpriced (£75) decoder on eBay wondered of anyone here had any they would be prepared to sell?
  3. With Steves help I found out that if you log in to world of railways, you can retrieve you subscription number from My Account/My Subscriptions there you can get your account code which you can use in exact editions to access your digital subscription.
  4. indeed, I'm after some class 31 decoders they seem to be very difficult to get hold of at the mo!
  5. ESU are quite good with repairs, I've sent several decoders to them for repairs. Id recommend sending it to them it will be far cheaper than the current £600 price tag for a new ECoS, id go through SWD and then at least you have a "middleman" in the uk. But ESU to send you emails as per the the issue and how much its going to cost when they have looked at it.
  6. https://www.flair-rail.co.uk/shop/model-railway-digital-controllers/Hornby-tts-sound-decoder-class-08 flair rail apparently have them in stock....\\
  7. yes there is either an internal short or the decoder has failed... the high pitched squeal is emitted by locomotives "not fitted" with a decoder on dcc track, however I have known Bachmann locos do it when there was a short across the 8pin socket, this eventually burns the decoder out...id suggest popping the top off looking for any shorts and or....from your description though it looks like the decoder might have failed,
  8. Thats a quirk of tts chips russ, if you go to a low speedstep a bug causes the brake release to play twice...
  9. ive lost more hours than I care to mention trying to figure this out I've got a Bachmann peak that's notorious for it!!!
  10. they knew where the cotswolds were.... hit bourton model centre on the 3rd https://uk.yahoo.com/news/model-railway-engines-carriages-stolen-160517370.html
  11. All refurbished class 26 doors were wooden, they just had a fibreglass skin, the fibreglass was likely punctured, and replaced with a sheet of ply, if wouldn't have been draughty as there was a 3/4" plywood inner skin.
  12. Differences in design yes but EE electrical kit generally has a number of weak points not experienced by other electrical suppliers, EEs were particularly sensitive to high power shut offs, as can be seen by MODs fitted to 37s and some 20s (which delay power TM contactor separation) they are also far less tolerant of moisture due to the methods of banding in use, which also makes them particularly prone to dirt ingestion, the plus side is a EE generator can be often "cleaned" back into working use with noxious chemicals but another supplier (brush/CP) if the generator/TM has died then cleaning normally has no effect..... but......in defence of the EE kit this problem was exasperated massively by the fan clutch mod fitted to class 37s.... EE Electrics are insanely crude compared with other kit as well...Just ask any fitter who has had to change brushes on an EE motor compared with a Crompton Parkinson motor... but EE kit also was either under rated for the demands on it....or too clever for its own good as previously mentioned....the dreaded KV10
  13. So that's correct and then if you rotate the turnout after mirroring it corrects the issue well that's how I managed to get round the issue of turnouts not switching the way they show on the screen.
  14. The ECoS allows you to "mirror" the point which will change it to the orientation you require, without affecting the decoder operation or settings ill try and get you a picture of the button tonight.
  15. The switch on an AT PSU is on the high voltage input side so you are at the mercy of the 13amp fuse sat in the plug so an earth wire would be by far the safest and most switches were shrink wrapped but you hit the nail on the head in your earlier post where you said generally AT PSUs are now at a minimum 20 years old....but remember the electrical standards they abided to are 20 years old to....
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