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  1. No, it doesn't. It simply means I dont like his editorial style.
  2. I take the opposite view. MR is much better now since Ben Jones left and BRM is worse now that he's there.
  3. Press and hold the 'control (ctrl)' key or Laptops can actually right click only using the trackpad. By tapping something using two fingers, your Mac can register this as a right click! To enable this feature, open System Preferences. You can access it from the Apple menu at the top left corner of the screen. When System Preferences has launched, click the “Trackpad" icon. This preference pane has a couple of options. Click the second one, saying “Secondary click". Check the box next to that text and you are done! Hth
  4. Surely, they're building up the excitement aren't they? I do not expect an announcement from them until Warley next month quite frankly. On the recent S stock tube trip I was informed that LTM will be making an announcement about their next limited edition model(s) which did not reference a collaboration with a third party other than the manufacturer concerned obviously. A little bit of patience chaps, we're nearly there...
  5. Gordon, what issues exactly are you having with BT mail? I have the same set up as you with the El Capitan upgrade and it all works fine. Do you have an ipad or iphone that you can receive/send BT mail from? If so, does that work properly?
  6. Tase

    Class 59 in 00

    There's currently quite a few European diesel loco's with smoke effects sold under the ESU brand. So not so new to our continental cousins but something new to us Brits. I hope they can keep the price reasonable however.
  7. This any good Chris? http://www.lanarkshiremodels.com/lanarkshire%20models%20and%20supplies%20website_156.htm I've got a couple of Dave's kits and they are superb.
  8. Hugh, I'll have a set of the NR ones please. Is there a specific date in November when pre-ordering goes live?
  9. Those tunnel pictures are stunning Dave as is the one with the lady holding onto her hat! Also, congratulations on a wonderful feature in October's issue of BRM. Regards
  10. Mine stopped at 22% but all I did was terminate the program and redownload and there were no more problems - it literally downloaded in a couple of minutes. If BRM do look for another provider please DO NOT follow the Railway Modeller route. You only 'own' the magazine whilst you have a valid subscription and when said lapses you lose all back issues.
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