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  1. TPS I believe stands for Tilted Plate Seperator, a device developed by Derby RTC in the 1970s for the removal of oil from waste water emanating from the depot. They were fabricated from plate steel and wire mesh. They were generally placed on the outfall from the depot. Another example can be seen from the observation deck of the NRM in York. Brian
  2. I would recommend you send an email to A&H Models ([email protected]). They were very helpful when I upgraded to Windows 10 and were able to provide drivers and instructions. Brian
  3. 200 miles to Edinburgh. Located about 5 miles north of York adjacent to Bridge 14, Overton
  4. it would appear that I am the 'culprit'. This comes as a suprise to me as I had no intention of commenting. My apologies if I have caused consternation or offence. I assure you that none was intended. Brian
  5. Truly devastating news. My thoughts are with Mr Shakespeare and his family. Don't give in! I was diagnosed with a form of in curable cancer exactly 1 year ago. Regular reading of Tetley's achievements together with the work of others of this parish have helped me enormously . There is always hope. Brian
  6. I think that it is York, possibly the site of the old South Roundhouse!
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